Does your device "Coil whining"?


Hey there,

in quiet situations like learning, reading or something like else i am able to hear my “noiseless” device.
My device has/does coil whining. In idle, under full load. Everytime. Its annoying.

Made somebody the same experience? Is this normal at 2 in 1 Tablets without fans?

I own the i7 500Gb Limited bird.


Very very slight, and less so than my previous two laptops which did this when connecting to Wi-Fi.


No sound from mine over pas 2 months or so


in my case, its hearable, if you sit 30cm away from the V, in a room with 10 talking persons.

And sometimes it diessapear if i restart the device.


I had it today while charging (it was already fully loaded) and light usage of the V.


Not heard it in over 6 devices I’ve now had my hands on.

I did hear it on a charging V when I put my ear directly against the metal housing - but if you do that on a regular basis I’d like to ask about your use-case :smiley:


On my V it is definately hearable even from a little distance. So much for the “silent” device.


None for me. Haven’t heard a thing so far. (owned it for less than a week)


For me, it depends on the power settings. See my note here:


Oh yeas, this could be. I use my v 90% while charging.


I hear it too from time to time depending on the cpu load when I am at +/- 60cm from the V but it is very faint.
But if you put your hear almost next to the connector, it is permanent.

Things I have noticed :

  • I have a mouse and the noise is bigger when you move it
  • open the task manager, go to Performance, look at the CPU section, each time there is a refresh in the CPU graph, there is a spike in the noise. Try changing the update speed to high or to low and you will see the difference.

When I am working at home, it is in a quiet room with no music, almost in silence so you can hear the whining but at work, there is always noise so I don’t hear it.


And I thought it was just me … I also can also hear my device, it’s especially “loud” during heavy disk IO.

Just curious if anything can be done about it???.. it sounds like the noise that you hear from high power lines, but obviously very faint.


I may have to do a hearing test, everybody hears this without me ? :thinking:


None here too, on my 8th day with V.


In my case - This was the “coil whining”. With you solution i was able to reduce the noises to a minimum, which is not annoying me. Thank you!


Only got it when I’m charging my V