Does V live up to our expectations? Pictures from China


Warm greetings from China!

Time to deliver to you guys once again material that no other company will give you!

Last week majority of our team has came down to China to make the final adjustments to our device such as material finishing, color matching of all the housing elements and all of the other important details. In this trip we had our Helsinki team and guys from Propeller Design Sweden meeting our key suppliers, bonding and making your (and ours :slight_smile: ) V the best!

I was extremely worried before the trip that what if our V woud not live up to community expectations. What if we are too small to create a device that outperforms flagships of the industry. What is we fail to create a truly beautiful product. What if the build quality is not top notch.

I really couldn’t sleep couple of nights before the trip as you have all put so much trust in our team and project and the idea of under delivering on any aspect of the V. :disappointed_relieved:

Now after spending 1 week in Shenzhen here with guys and using V A LOT I have only one thing to say!

:fire:V is UNBEATABLE! :fire:
It is simply the amazing on all fronts. I know that I might be sounding a like a jerk praising our (community + eve folks) product. But really. Device blows my mind!

It delivers on each and every aspect starting from one of the brightest Laptop displays I’ve seen with eye melting colors to the most beautiful aluminum enclosures with ecstatic finish and unique color.

Now after this trip I can say that I am VERY VERY VERY hyped about shipping V’s to you. And can´t wait to hear your impressions of the device that took us 12 month to develop!

Now it’s time to cut all the bull and show you what we have been doing here in China past week. But before that I would like to let you what content is coming soon.

  • A lot of videos showing the manufacturing process.
    We took some videos but unfortunately Vimeo and Youtube are banned by the Great Chinese Firewall so we will post them once we are back to Finland.
  • Videos of how V performs in benchmarks.
    We have already started performing some if the benchmarks you guys requested and will upload them around the same time as videos
  • Send out prototypes to community members.
    We will send out prototypes to Challenge winners for testing same week we leave to Finland.

So ok now some pictures of the great week we had. Uncensored, pure reality. Stuff you can’t see elsewhere.

Keyboard Factory

Our team headed there to o through details of our keyboard and revise the prototype. Also we wanted to follow up on the final keyboard tooling progress.

First guys from our team from left to right. Archer, our project manager. @Mike, Me, Jessica our Industrial designer from @Propeller Lenny who covers their China operations, and @riku taking pictures. For those who don’t remember Propeller here is their website:)

We are talking about Alcantara here:) Choosing the right shade.

Making sure that pogobar is strong enough and will withstand constant twisting.

@Mike and Archer are discussing where to place RGB color switch of the keyboard button

This is how the keyboard assembly line looks like just before the holidays. Factory was almost empty already. 70% of employees left already

Me doing something with V :slight_smile:

This is how the tools for injection molding look like. We made a very detailed video of how they work and how V keyboard is actually produced. It took us a long time since the tooling kickoff to refine the tools to the level we are happy with them.

Here the final adjustment to our tool is made (tooling for key caps). After that keyboard i ready for mass production. In the video you will learn how this machine works.

Stress testing machine that keeps pressing the keyboard buttons for weeks. This is to ensure durability of the keyboard module.

Making final adjustments to scissors mechanism tool.

V with Microfiber keyboard. (Alcantara will be even more gorgeous :slight_smile: Ignore the intel sticker and protective film on the V :slight_smile: Also notice how well the screen bezel matches with the display making V front look seamless when display is off.

Archer sends his regard to community

CEO of our development and manufacturing partner with guys from Microsoft pleasantly surprised by unique feel of Alcantara.

Jessica is selecting finish of V enclosure.

On the right is Vs back (doesn’t have anti fingerprint coating applied yet) on the left is internal structure of the rear case. On the top is block of aluminum from which V comes from.

V packaging in progress

Guess what it is?

  • Church
  • Chapel
  • Shopping Mall

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Answer is here:

Yeah guys its a shopping mall in china nearby our hotel :slight_smile:

Betty from packaging factory presets her thoughts on how to make unboxing experience unforgettable.

A cute pup @ packaging factory

@riku 's Soup for dinner :smile:

V on the left boasts a kickstand in comparison to the Samsung Tab Pro S on the right :slight_smile:

V’s display is quite bright :slight_smile:


Awesome work guys, it’s been tough on y’all! Can’t wait for the videos, insiders’ impressions of the prototypes and the actual V itself the next couple of months are gonna be tough to endure…Keep up the good work!

By the way, can I ask if there are going to be markings on the side of the V labelling which port is the USB-C port and which one is the Thunderbolt 3 one? Or is there some way to tell already?


thank youuuu for the report… i really enjoyed it all the photos… really nice experience there :slight_smile:


Awesome. Really looking forward to more info coming down and the real device in my hands.

Can’t you just use a VPN connection to bypass the firewall? Or do they also block encrypted connections?


Alcantara …was there an upgradable option for it ? Would there be an option for upgrade?


Keyboard travel like good. But is the layout fixed?

  • Can’t see any home/end keys. Pleeeease put it on the arrow keys, additional imprinting on the keys wouldn’t be necessary for me.
  • On ISO keyboard we need a second Alt key (Alt Gr) where there is currently the menu key. (1) Will we loose the right Ctrl key and get a menu key? (2) Or will we get Alt and Ctrl? (3) Best solution would be Alt and Ctrl with the menu function via Fn combination on right Ctrl key.

There was another keyboard in one of the pictures with dedicated home/end keys. Guess that’s not the the V will be using?


Yeah there was an option in the campaign :slight_smile: And hyper early birds came with it by default.

And @hellBENder I think the best option would be Alt and Fn. I’ve never touched that right Ctrl key in my life :neutral_face: Fn would provide easy access to the Fn functions on arrow keys, whereas Ctrl would rarely be touched. There are relatively few Ctrl combinations on the right side of the keyboard…
And where did you see dedicated home/end keys? I didn’t…


In my opinion, the USB Type-A port should be colored grey or black, instead of blue.

And btw, whos got the baby hands?


Bottom left in this picture, it also has three additional keys in the function row:


This picture, the keyboard on the left had dedicated home/end keys above the right/left key.

They seem to have cancelled the 2nd Fn key, at least in the pictures that were shown. So I just wanted to add some thoughts how to get the most out of the two keys to the right of the spacebar.

I could also live with Alt (Alt Gr on ISO) and 2nd Fn, if the menu key is available as Fn key combination, maybe Fn + right Alt (Alt Gr). I also never use the right Ctrl key. Don’t know why, I even used the left one for something like Ctrl+P.


Seriously guys…who told you that is a shopping mall???..

That is actually a catholic church…

And @pauliunas, pretty sure they were told the wrong thing…,113.9077871,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xafe5ad10b4ceca58!8m2!3d22.5844425!4d113.9101003


To get the most out of those 2 keys we should put Fn back there, because that way we get 3 keys instead of 2 :wink: 3rd key is Fn+Alt, which can act as a menu button.


Sorry man, but I’m in Canada and there are a whole bunch of converted churches that are now shops/markets/apartments. No need for that comment at all…


Some adds from my PC:

Me emphasizing the mechanical performance targets and discussing the magnet docking mechanism with the keyboard supplier’s representative.

Jessica evaluating the finish of the keycaps. We actually spent quite a lot of time in discussing touch and feel as these are one of the most important factors of a complete, premium user experience :blush:

Yes guys, its really wireless!!! No more holding a heating, noisy bulky object in your laps to type a couple of words :wink:

26th Dec - 1st Jan 2017

Me & Jessica ventured to a neighboring city from Shenzhen to select & match colors to ensure an enticing visual experience. Originally budgeted time for this task was 3 full working days.

We headed straight to our anodizing contractor, spending some time evaluating the second anodizing sample and adjusting the colors of the V’s aluminum Chassis.

Engineer’s enjoying a V’s prototype to the right.

We used a light room machine with various color temperatures to get an accurate picture of how the chassis’ color will look like in real life.

Final verdict:
We would combine black nano-injection color from a Japanese supplier to a little darker chassis color, minimizing the original blue tint we saw in the first round’s chassis making sure the color would come out as intended in our designs.

Next we headed from the meeting and design areas to where the magic happens at our anodizing partner.

For the new people here in our community: yes dudes, this is what a typical factory looks like. How clean the floor is, doesn’t affect the coloring process in the tanks :slight_smile:

Pic above:
V housings getting bathed in an anodizing tank

Signing the approved color of nano-injencted plastic part for the Wi-Fi antenna, housed in the single block of aluminum. The CNC machine cuts the housing around the plastic part. After that the chips are recycled and remelted to be used in lower end metal parts (or cheaper tablets, for example). We use only virgin materials to ensure the highest quality.

We enjoyed a big surprise
As I wrote above, we scheduled 3 full days for this process. Typically color matching can take ages since the end result depends on multiple different steps. The result can be only a few extra drops of chemicals away, but one can only know trough trial and error.

Luckily, after receiving instructions to reduce blue and purple tint, the engineer came back with the perfect result. We were able to lock in the part right then and there.

Signed golden sample of the nano-injection plastic. In manufacturing “Golden Sample” means an approved prototype that a buyer approves as basis for mass production. Production folks can quickly refer back to the golden sample to see whether the parts produced afterwards match the specification.

After we were finished with the anodizing and plastic color sampling, we headed back to Shenzhen to meet @riku (second from right) in Shekou, where he had just arrived by taking a ferry straight after landing to Hong Kong. In the picture below, also me, @Thor and Jessica, our sr. Indurstrial designer.


It will be colored black. :slight_smile:



Here you go:

Thunderbolt 2


You can see, that these two ports have different form factors :smile:


I’m very interested in the final keyboard design as well. @Konstantinos @Mike, have you guys finalized the design? There’s been a lot of discussion in the community about the best design.

Particularly I think the community would be interested in:

  1. Can we lock the function key
  2. Where and how do we access important keys such as home/pos1, pg up, pg down, insert, end, and home (i.e. where are they on the keyboard).

Personally, I also noticed the pogo pins do stick out a bit, similar to the indiegogo mock-up. Is that the final design? I believe people were worried that it would get caught / damaged easily in that form.

Finally, it would be great to hear some comments on battery life now that you’ve had a chance to test it with some software, as for me, this is one of the main selling points!


Thunderbolt 3:

The picture that you showed was Thunderbolt 2 :slight_smile:


…those are thunderbolt 2 mate…they use the interface of mini display port.

Thunderbolt 3 on the other hand utilizes USB type c interface