Does the V anti-reflective coating make a difference? Have a look at these pictures


Very little has been said about the anti-reflective (AR) coating on the V in the reviews on-line. Given the screen is glossy (so it is reflective), I also felt that perhaps it didn’t make any difference. But when compared with the surface pro 4 in sunlight (SP4 on the right)…

Let’s swap them around in case to confirm it’s not the position…

Note that neither screen has a screen protector. Both are on maximum brightness.

The above picture does make the V screen look a little dark, but this is what it looks like face on:

And again, swapped:

So, even though, in my case, the SP4 is slightly brighter in direct sunlight, the V is much easier to read. Also, the pinkiness that you can see in the picture seems to be produced mainly by the camera - it’s not that visible to the naked eye.

Little pre-update
Amazing Screen in Sunlight

Thanks for taking the time with these pictures, Phil. Interesting.