Does Eve have plans to donate proceeds to charity?

Hi everyone, I am a big fan of crowdsourcing companies which can rise form the harshest financial environments. This makes me believe that such company is more aware about the role of having profit excusing the means of doing it.

Eve is unique for me, and I love all their approach and how they’re dealing with problems and how they manage to survive with, I’d assume (due to better prices) , very low profit in comparison with other great companies.

However I would pay more for a product developed by a company whose a part of profit is redirected to some social aids (non-profit organisation) as for me, creating workplaces is now nothing special.

My question is , for the Eve’s management board, are there any future plans for implementing such thing in the future?

I dare to speak for the team here - in the near future we won’t offer something like Humble Bundle does where X % of the sales price goes to charity - if you still want to give money to a charity, feel free to look up the difference between a V and e.g. a SP (2017) and give a charity of your choice a part of the money you’re saving with getting a V :slight_smile:


you do know there is NO such thing as non profit charity.
pretty much MOST of your donation is either corrupted or give as bonus for the upper management.
even church is as corrupted like that…

i would prefer to by cheaper V than throwing my money for some scammer charity

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I was about to post this almost the same thing.

These charity donations are complete “scams”. Most of your donation amount goes to upkeep the organisation and the rest, maybe, might end up to the real target.

While I personally can see that there are quite a bunch of scummy charities out there, there are sites like that help find decent charities and even light up how much % of the expenses were for fulfilling their programs - and usually over 85% is considered ‘top’ :slight_smile: