Docking station for V and other devices


Hi Community,

can anybody recommend a suitable docking station for the V and other devices?
I would like to transform the tablet etc. to a desktop PC. Also required is a Ethernet port.

Or when would the Donald Dock be available approximately?



Donald Dock will soonest be available in 4-5 months, I expect it later.

I personally own a dodocool 7-in-1 usb-c hub and I don’t expect any problems with that… it already worked quite well with a current macbook pro.
It has HDMI, VGA, 3x USB A, Ethernet, USB-C-input for charging. I’m not sure if you could use HDMI and VGA at the same time, but if you’re interested i’ll try to test it somehow.


Thanks! No need for testing right now :wink:


I am also waiting to see what comes out of the Donald Dock project because I am going to be using my V for work. I have ordered a Plugable USC-C dock to start.


I am using this one with my V.


I have a cheap Aukey one from Amazon. And waiting for my Chocolate Hub2 to ship.


Bought it on Black Friday for £54 on
works great