Do you need full Windows/Linux on your smartphone? (Discussion about smartphone operating systems)


There’s also Remix OS for mobile coming. It has ability to connect smartphone to external display and work as on desktop. Old idea, but in that case it can work IMO.

Remix OS is simply Android ROM but adapted to use as desktop like OS. Of course it will only be useful for basic tasks like office suite work, browsing, writing, watching videos. And let’s get serious, no one will ever use their phone as PC, if we could to get PC spec in phone form factor it could work in way that phone is “computation module” for PC if it’s get connected to external docking station or display.


Yeah and thats, why i think that we dont really need (it would be great though) a full desktop OS running on our smartphone. [quote=“grimor, post:21, topic:6275”]
There’s also Remix OS for mobile coming

That sounds great. However i think that i would never use Jide or Continuum anyways, because i want to code on the go and i need a solid keyboard.

However people like police officers, teachers or vendors could benefit from it.
See this article


Are you talking about Windows or Windows Mobile/Phone?


Full Windows (20 chars)

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