Do you believe?



Community Digest 28.05

Ok, so I was going to reply with a snarky post about The X-Files poster.
Instead, thanks to Cortana, I’ve got this:


We are the ones,
who stay awake,
While the world sleeps,
Because - we still believe \m/


ups… BE-LIE-VE

just kiddin… of course I am BELI-“EVE” :smiley:


if you did the V a different colour or case you’d emphasise the brand and the product :slight_smile:


I had a second idea on this. What if we made an X-Files esq poster that, instead of saying “I want to believe.” says “We Believe”, and has the Eve logo hovering in the air instead of the UFO from the original poster?

I’m not good with photo editing programs, else I’d make one.

Edit: Here’s the poster I’m thinking of, for reference:


or the V could flicker instead of the date…


Oooh I like that idea!


One should change the text in your pic to