Do we have Graphic Designers here?


Hello Guys!

As you know Indiegogo campaign has been explosive! And now there is a lot of visual material we need to prepare for Campaign, subscribers, website, community, etc:)

Do we have any graphic designers in the community? We are looking for an addition to our team:)



My sister in law is a graphic designer. I have asked her :+1:


Well I’ve got no qualifications but I love graphic design :innocent: What do you need exactly?


I’m a freelance graphic designer/web designer/web dev, I just don’t have formal qualifications.


@jimimatthews @oranje I think it would be useful if you could show some examples of your previous job :slight_smile: IMO design is not the area where you need to show a diploma or something… it’s more important to have… “a good taste” (whatever that means haha)


I’m a graphic designer, Konstantinos. What kind of things are you looking for?

I’ve worked in print and digital, currently I fill a multi-threaded position with a sign making printshop in my hometown in Canada.


Oh! So many of you are here:)

Basically right now we need help with these 2:

And the timeline:


Graphical design / industrial designer here. Feel free to contact med I can see what I can do:-)


Yup, I am too. 20 years designing video games, (from designing user interface to art directing) now doing contract work in graphic design/ corporate IDs, etc.

here’s my design website missing the last few pieces (a logo for a non profit, and some business cards/ stationary/ etc)


Wow guys! Really so many of you here! What do you think wold be the right way to proceed? Should crowd design some page sections and then see how it goes? :slight_smile:

These 2 also need fixing :slight_smile:


Well, it wouldn’t take much to fix these images/info panels up, and they’ll spruce up the Indiegogo campaign. That could easily be accomplished in a thread, or you guys could call for some examples and choose from them, etc.

If you’re seriously looking for a graphic designer to join the team, you should treat it like any other needed hire, I think.


Ok I’m not a designer, but I guess most people looking at the campaign aren’t professional designers either, and they would ask the same question:
what’s wrong with them?


Heh, well they’re very informative, but let’s say they may lack a bit of the flair that the rest of the presentation has?

Also the list of 19 points in the timeline is actually like 26 points, more than a few double numbers =).

I haven’t looked at the comparison to the other devices images yet though.


Well, for starters, they are not all the same width! lol


If you mouse over, they are both 2070 pixels wide. It’s just that our forum software has limited image height, so since they’re of different height, one of them is scaled down. In the campaign page, the width is equal.


I’d have to agree here - There is a big difference between sprucing up a few panels pro bono, and adding a designer to the team.


In the columns, there are a few things that bop up and down, not perfectly consistent with the info.

Couple of small grammar points. Nothing major, I would say.


To respond to an earlier question a bit more though, Pauliunas, you’re right many people wouldn’t give it a second glance.

It is surprising how important it is, though.

If you met a businessman who offered you his business card, and it was obviously crooked, or printed badly on flimsy photocopy paper, or had spelled the name of the business wrong, well that’s not a good sign, is it?

Sometimes design is good because you don’t notice it. Consistency and a good visual representation of information does far more than most people think. There are shortcuts to displaying information that make it easier for you to take it in effortlessly.

Think of a nicely done article in a magazine vs. just a block of text with no spacing or punctuation. They could say the same thing, but one is a pleasure to read and the other a nightmare =)


So relevant