//////dlO yaW sdnE ereH/////////



Community Digest 28.05

First - well…what?


Maybe he broke something :upside_down_face:

But seems like the teasing-master is back and I’m weirdly hyped about that date :thinking: (seems to be the day before computex starts)


put this on wccftech.com i want to see the reaction of the ppl. that would be glorious.


Tell us nooow! I seriously can’t take all this teasing! :smile:



daheck ^^
for the sake of 20 chars I’ll repeat:
daheck ^^


Could it be, that @Konstantinos left his cat alone at home with his V? :wink:


I am wondering how long he was holding back this gif?


meeow meeow meeow

meeow meeow

meeow :cat:


hmm…1st batch may 29th 2017? :no_mouth:


Ooo I like that guess :scream:


I’m hoping for some GPS or 4G news too! :smiley:


Sometimes such teases are really mean!!!
I assume it’ll be the new website and startup of the online shop :slight_smile:


My guess: the web store will open to the public


A bit too out there

I got it, the image is OLD WAY ENDS HERE backwards, but I don’t think it will be figured out by many

I am also not sure what the static over the face is supposed to signify, I am sure it has some meaning but I think it was lost in the translation

What is significant with May 29, 2017, is that the official ship date, that is all I can figure out as a landmark but I could be wrong (I sincerely hope not)



If it is the shipping date it would be amazing!!
The static seems to be a distorted V…(with some fantasy :slight_smile: )


Surely ‘the old way’ is the way of big OEMs’ manufacturing devices (top down), with Eve being the ‘new way’ (bottom up) :smile:


This is a pretty good guess


Well, it must be something related to the launch. They need to have something to show in Computex :slight_smile: