Discussion: is LTE an important feature or not?


Well you don’t want it that much then, do you?


Yes, but it is an additional device with an additional battery that you have to keep track of.

I got a slightly different option: https://www.amazon.co.uk/LinkStable-Unlocked-LTE-WiFi-Dongle/dp/B0714ND3MK

It is not as convenient as an integrated LTE, but it works. At least I don’t have to think about another battery.

Not needed if you have a service that allows for multiple cards. I have one service but 3 SIM cards for it.


The price of the tech itself needs to be considered alongside the extra costs of more models, more storage, extra stuff to support etc etc. That will be a much greater addition for Eve than for Apple, who are set up to deal with many many more product lines and whose volumes are immense.


That even further strenghtens my point :slight_smile: I really don’t know what the difference would be like, so I just took a number off the top of my head. I just wanted to say that even if it costs more than an external device, it’s still worth it IMO.


I have a 12 GB LTE plan for 90 days with Public Mobile for 120$. AND THAT’S THE PROMO OFFER, usually it’s 200$ around for that. O’ Canada!


I have that plan too - it is far and away the best plan out there (for canada) . The fact is though, the equivalent of 40 a month for 4 gb and only unlimited province wide calling is still WAY more than many places. (even with the 2 auto renew bonus)


Another issue why tethering is an absolute nogo for me:
My my phone/carrier I cannot use internet and voice at the same time.
So during the time I am tethering there I cannot be reached/call anybody.
I quite often am in conferences over normal voice 2G network with a screensharing on the laptop in parallel.
This is not possible over tethering. And even it LTE/2G would be supported in parallel.
It is really inconvenient using the mobile with cable connected for calling.


If there is a place for SIM-card in device, you aren’t (for example) reliant of WiFi while travelling…


I’m using LTE on my iPad or I tether, whichever is appropriate at the time for me. Its ggreat to have that choice.

My provider is Vodafone Australis, and roaming costs are so cheap when I travel, which is often.

My cost is only AUD$45/month for unlimited calls and text. They also allow me 10Gb of data with each SIM and I can share the data between them.

What I’d love to know is, if it is possible build an LTE tablet style device to make and receive calls from as well, not just use for data?

This would be the ultimate for me.
In fact my provider already let’s me tether, make calls and browse the web simultaneously.


I’m an airline Captain, regularly trotting around Europe. 4G/LTE (as I have on my iPad) would be a huge benefit to me.

I’m currently reviewing options around a MiFi LTE solution


Hi @Robbie_McFarlane,
I`m looking for a solution for my soon arriving V :wink:
Thought about Netgear AirCard AC785 AirCard . Witch is your prev.?


@Michael_Pietsch1, I have been considering either of these, or similar.


It says that thread is closed so I’ll just say what I need in a reply.
I really want a device with a super quick and accurate pen so I can scribble notes in class, a screen that makes me cry tears of joy (ideally OLED) for media and sitting outdoors on campus, a battery life that grants me freedom away from power outlets, speed that can handle medium usage and play light to medium games, a build quality to last me forever.
I try to use my devices till the age starts showing and upgrade if I can but that’s usually not the case and I’m stuck with them for longer than I’d want to be. Once I get something new I retire them to my parents, they mostly use them for media consumption and leave em plugged in stationary at one spot in the house.


Having LTE feature in the V will be fantastic, but there will be a compatibility issue. Currently, V will be shipped all around the world, but the LTE formats differ by regions.

Anyway, the unlimited data plan is pricey here, and there is no real ‘unlimited’ LTE plan (after 22GB, the speed will decrease :worried: )


There are hundreds of posts about this “problem”. We’ve seen and discussed a lot of possible devices (Routers or Phones) to offer LTE to the V.


I haven’t seen speeds like that on my phone, like, ever.


Are you on 2G? :confused:


I’m on 3G, but the speeds are pitiful xD


I have unlimited lte in all Sweden and have about 30-40 Mbit/s most of the time. (If I use more than 100gb in one day I have to send them a text for more) In the rest of EU I have 30 GB data to use every month. With one card for the phone and one data card for router, tablet or whatever. For as much as ~49$ a month. In my job I have to drive to different location, most of the time without wifi spots to find. If I could just plug that card in my “computer” I would easy pay 200$ extra for that. Just to avoid the whole hotspot thing. But that’s just me.



i am new here and i am reading across the Community and found this topic.

There are different opinions here and a lot of reason why u should have lte or not. But when all eve models would get an upgrade with lte You don’t have to use it.

So the people who want to use it can use it. me included, i would use it. All people who don’t want to use it, in that case dont’ use it. So no extra cost, no battery usage. And you have always the option with the WiFi Hotspot of your phone.

LTE is in my opinion a must have for high end products of these kind of portable devices. If there is now WiFi and you are calling someone and using the wifi hotspot. Some Phones are stopping the internet connection during the call.