Discussion: is LTE an important feature or not?


first of all i don’ t need LTE in future at all . reasons:

  • it will cost you more that will make less affordable to some people .

  • it will make less portable as we have to used calling service in such big eve rather than phone as your sim card is present in your eve that will force you to use it when you recevied call from someone.

  • one guy posted that they need LTE specially for wifi as mobile internet hotspot drain battery . well i think thats true but it will also applicable to eve if LTE is present in it . because .there are some times when we need internet in phones , laptop , kindle and also to our friends and family members devices at that time you finally create hotspot in eve as people don’t buy special internet packs for each and every devices.

  • to solve mobile internet drain problem i found information on internet that you can share phone internet to eve by three methods 1- using popular hotspot , 2- using usb tethering 3 - bluetooth tethering . well you can see there lots of ways to share internet to eve and 2 option that is usb method will solve battery drain problem instead it will charge your phone.

  • you have to spend extra money for dedicated internet packs and sim cards for eve which is not bearable to someone

what is the advantage of LTE ?

only advantage is that it will have fully dedicated internet .only few people will find it as useful if they have only eve and if they don’t use phones which is likely impossible today or may be they don’t know above way to share their internet from phone to so many devices simultaeously.

please comment below why you need or don’t LTE in future at all.


Sorry but it seems your reasoning is plainly based on “I don’t need it” and “it will cost more”.

Truth is that LTE is a great addition and in the end the cost for it is really,really small.


well how much it cost around ?


The biggest portion of the cost will be the certification (not the parts within the product anymore).
Certification though will be required per region, thus there is no clear single number that can be provided as it depends on where you will offer LTE (number of bands).

You can find a little more information on it here: http://www.intertek.com/wireless/4g-lte-certification/


if cost of LTE is small something like less than 50 dollar then it is not a problem to have it


Apple charges about $100 for LTE + GPS functionality.


well if LTE function charge more than 50 dollar then its not good option as it is not that important than other upgrades.


in my case LTE cost 10€ once for the additional sim. No further cost then. A pick my additional sim out of my surface, so no cost at all for me


That’s “Apple price” - they do charge $129 for pencil too (EVE charges $29 for pencil - so do your math).


I don’t get the reason behind LTE in tablets and computers. Just teather your phone and your good to go, saves you $120 a year on most US carriers and I’m sure it’s the same abroad. Not to mention the LTE enabled devices have a higher price tag to start with! So just grab a charging cable for power and use your phone :stuck_out_tongue:


As I already wrote in the other topic. For me LTE is an absolute must. It is just inconvenient to have the phone tethered of you rely on mobile connection. I have my Laptop in LTE 90% of all use cases and do not want to use a phone every single time.
USA might be a different story, you have a good availability of Free Wifi there as far as I know, and on the other hand cannot use your mobile contract with multiple devices (here I can have up to three SIM cards with my mobile contract).
Same argument would be against built in camera. You can always use your mobile, so save the money.
And I do want to be online if I use my computer, not want to have to contact it to another device every time.
I would never again buy a laptop or even more tablet without LTE support.


If it was free in the US I would use it more often. Low data caps, shitty unlimited data plans, and good access to public WiFi do lead us in the US to avoid LTE devices vs their cheaper WiFi models. I see your point, most device manufacturers have 2 models WiFi only and LTE for a higher price, I think if Eve did that we’d all win. Just won’t want to get stuck paying an extra $100 for LTE is all.


I don’t need LTE but it would be very useful. Where I work the cellular coverage does not allow data transmission while I’m on a phone call. Rather than paying the extra money to have a separate hotspot I could spend that money on connecting the V to my cellular plan…assuming it will work with my carrier. It’s also one less device I have to carry and keep charged. However, you are correct about there being a lot of options for connecting and I think the coverage in my area will be updated to 4G service soon with VOLTE coming in the near future. So ya, probably not a feature that is necessary for very many people but I would not go so far as to say that it isn’t useful or relevant.


The simple reason why I didn’t buy it. No LTE


this is not a “I’m walking around, surfing in the internet and shooting some pictures to show the people that i have a tablet” device like IPad or the Android featherweights. This is a working machine to use it for work. I’m working for 2,5 years now with my SP3 at the office and everywhere in Southern Germany taking the device with me 25.000km on the road per year. There was never a problem to connect it to my phone for using the internet. And there were only two moments when i missed LTE: because the was no connection available. But I survived… And: if you have problems with battery drain at your phone when having a connection to the Tablet, you can load your phone with the never-ending power of the V.


I use LTE on my iPad all the time. Whilst I don’t see that the V will replace my iPad in daily use, I can see that LTE would be useful for me. That being said, I always carry my phone or iPad round, so could just share the connection there if I need it, but it’s just that one step extra to get the machine working, which will mean I will feel less up to using it for quick things.

That being said, Windows is not really designed for low network power consumption the way an iOS or android device is. so maybe always-on LTE would be a battery drain and bandwidth hog, in which case, it’d still be an extra step to deliberately tun it on and off…


Two key reasons I would love LTE in a tablet like this:

  1. Using a cell phone hotspot wastes battery on my phone, and is just one more thing to have to secure - a direct tower connection is (theoretically) more secure.
  2. I work in a place that doesn’t allow me to use a cellular hotspot, but would like to be able to use V on my lunch break sometimes.

I can come up with other reasons, but these are the top concerns.

Edit: One more REALLY BIG key reason - GPS!!


What about a 4G USB Dongle? It’s small, relatively cheap, and the V has plenty of ports so you still have 3 ports free. That’s what I use with my laptop.


@Phil I’ve been looking for one, or more precisely, a Wi-Fi card I could use as both a hotspot and USB link, but they appear to have gone nearly extinct in the US. There is only 1 company i found making them for GSM networks, and the model is over a year old. It doesn’t appear to support the latest LTE bands.

I’m also holding off for a bit longer due to price.


I think LTE is a good idea for those who need it for work (especially for on the road workers.) However, without any data to back me up (too lazy to look up.) I believe that it’s a small minority that requires LTE. For people who say just tether your phone to it. If you go beyond your data cap because of your job, your job isn’t going to pay for it. Which is why company provided tablets or BYOD tablets with LTE are required. So that the company can keep tabs on the account and pay for the usage, since you’re using the data for work.

Ultimately if adding an LTE slot doesn’t cost too much. Just add it in, but if we’re talking about 30$ or more to add it in, the it’s best not to have it.