Discussion: is LTE an important feature or not?


Just thought I would put in my two cents, LTE is really not that important, I have Wifi available pretty much everywhere plus if I really need LTE I could always link to my cellphone for LTE service. I really don’t want to give AT&T another $10 for the occasional use of LTE.

If I put the important things to me:
1: The screen has to be exceptional
2: A port extender to connect to an external screen and keyboard when available - The extender stays stationary, the V moves
3 - An output for presentation mode, I know the port replication is there on thunderbolt
4 - A swappable hard disk, memory and disk not soldered in, this is for field upgradable capabilities at some time in the future. It would really be nice if the CPU was field upgradable as well so when the V8 of the chip is available, it could be field swapped in

That’s it really


Hi @mcalbala! :slight_smile:

That’s some great insight by your opinion! I’ve really liked seeing your reasoning what you like the most / dislike the most and spun that into it’s own little thread :slight_smile:


Would be neat seeing your opinion over there as well :wink:

(Just my personal 2 cents)


Thank you guys - I am very curious as well to see if I am the lone wolf or if others have similar opinions


Just thought I’d let you know that RAM and SSD are soldered in the V. I don’t like it either, especially the SSD since i see absolutely no reason to solder that on.


I think it really depends on where you live :slight_smile:
Here you can get a data-only unlimited plan for 6eur/month, it’s just limited to 10Mbps. But that’s already quite good. And it’s actually cheaper than extending your phone plan :slight_smile:
Here are some links:

As you can see, by extending your phone plan by the same amount, you only get 4GB. That is… nothing when using on a computer :slight_smile:


You live in the great country - check Canadian prices …


I know, I know… I’m just saying that this feature has potential. It all depends on what prices you have. But have you looked into data-only plans? It’s possible that they’re still cheaper than phone plans.


Totally agree with OP here. While some people may be able to get good deals on LTE, a large majority of people can’t… I’m always carrying my phone with me, and I have a very nice contract on it.

I’m alright with there being an LTE option if enough people want it, but the one thing I don’t want is for it to be made a permanent addition. I ain’t paying extra for something I’ll never use.

Follow Apple’s and many other manufacturers examples. Give a wifi only and LTE option; they’ll both sell well if they’re priced correctly!


I agree with paulinus. I will choose to by LTE. In my Place (Germany:de:) I dont pay no cent more if I use one or two or ... sims.


$10 a month, which comes allows me to use my collective data allotment. But I can also tether to my phone ,which makes my phone look like a wifi hotspot, albeit only LTE. But it serves the same purpose, doesn’t degrade anything and doesn’t give AT&T another $10 every month because there is another device in the account.


Ok, but then you have to buy an unlimited plan for your phone. An alternative would be to have 1GB/month on your phone account, saving you (let’s say) $15, and then having a separate SIM card, can be from a different operator, for network only (let’s say $10). You still save $5 and you get rid of the download limit at the same time :slight_smile:


I have a shared 15 GB plan, the SIM in my car, my phone, my wife’s phone and my daughter’s phone collectively share in that 15 GB. The non phone connections are $10 each. I get no additional bandwidth, only permission to use another device. But tethering also serves the same purpose and costs nothing.


Well, you can always use another operator for data.


In other countries, data only contracts do not necessarily come at reasonable prices. Plus adding a contract where you have a family plan already that most probably covers all the data you need (e.g. you might get 15GB, whether you use it up or not, but no smaller version is available) adds costs without needing it.
I agree that LTE for some is not important in a tablet/2-in-1… and I include myself here (wherever I need it, I have Wifi, and if I don’t but it’s urgent and my phone is too small I can tether.


Well, I wouldn’t be able to live with 15GB on my computer :slight_smile: but if I had a separate SIM card for it, I’d gladly pay some extra per month to have unlimited data on it. I know I know, it depends on the country. But there are lots of countries where this is important.


That’s 15 GB of LTE, plus unlimited Wifi where it is available.


Yeah I heard you. But that’s like… nothing :slight_smile:


Fortunate you that you life in a country where you get more from your providers… but let me tell you, it startet unlimited in some other countries too, now they are reducing / capping it. In the US e.g. they cut the cord for my internet (via cable) after 1TB of downloads per month - and here we are talking the real in-home stuff. I’m hoping there’s enough competition that for LTE/5G it goes in the other direction and they jack up the contained data volumes.


Ok, I already know how shitty American internet is. But I was saying that US is not the only country in the world… There are lots of cases where LTE is useful :slight_smile:


lol if you think it’s bad in America, you should see Canada! There are many parts of Canada still using dial-up! (mostly remote northern communities) The CRTC (the group that regulates broadcasting and telecom) has just declared broadband a “basic” service, so hopefully all those poor sods on 56K dialup will finally be able to use the internet within the next 10-15 years.