[DISCUSSION] External PCIe accessory ("Eve Core")

Grettings! :slight_smile:

As it has sprung up quite a bunch of times now and a good portion of the community is interested in it, I think it’s time to make a discussion for an external PCIe accessory! ( [Link to the interest poll here, thanks to Ervin for creating it!] (http://eve.community/t/accessory-poll-external-pcie-accessory-for-egpu-and-similiar/987) )

So, here we can have some disucssion regarding this potential accessory - what we’d like to spend on it, what we want to have in it. Should it have a powerful PSU or rather a small one? Thicker and heavier with support for larger PCIe cards or a small profile one?

Just discuss away regarding this potential accessory - if enough people want it and give Eve their input on it, I’m sure we can make it happen! :smiley:

Why make a new thread? No offense Sir.
Because the old one was inactive?

I think we should make new thread, because I can think about 3 options how pcie adapter/external graphics can be made:

  • Very portable (like ACER graphics dock) (maybe even with possibility to be powered by PF)
  • DIY
  • Desktop (like Razer Core)
  • “No” option

I’m very sorry if I did oversee a thread there, but I could not find a discussion for a eGPU up to now. We had the interest poll from Ervin, but no discussion and we had some ideas and stuff in various other threads so I wanted to bring them together a bit :smiley:

@TAImatem: You mean a new poll? I’d first say let’s gather some ideas and then make an informed poll where we can also give some benefits and disadvantages of the various solutions :slight_smile: Because informing everyone makes sure no one gets a wrong idea with such a poll and we don’t want uninformed opinons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s the average fps of a 500$ R9 Nano with the Razer Stealth at 1440p. True, it has an i7, but since it is thin, it will also suffer from throttling. And I know that these aren’t the latest games.
Hopefully our Core M produces at least 70% of the above results.
Here’s Anandtech’s review, for comparison:
I posted this a while back on another thread.

We could get similar performance from a 300$ Polaris GPU (maybe).
But we need to test this EVE Core and the PF with multiple GPU configurations to see which setup gives us real bang for our buck, as CPU bottlenecking is an issue here. If EVE- Tech sends me the hardware, I don’t mind testing :stuck_out_tongue:

razer stealth uses ULV processor, so difference won’t be really dramatic, so ≥70% processing power under real-life load looks easily achievable, difference in games probably will be much smaller (since, as I said multiple times, DX12/Vulkan powered games without any heavy AI, scripts load, don’t require much processor power, so TDP-up M5 + decent eGPU will be fine)
EVE will probably buy razer stealth+core for internal testing
PS check page code for hidden thing :wink:

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Please don’t spend $500 on a GPU for a Core M. For example GTX950 is way more than enough.

"Having already established that even 2 CPU cores is enough to keep Star Swarm fed on anything less than a GTX 980, the results are much the same here for our 2 core configuration. "

this is for desktop CPUs. Not sure about mobile ones.

@pauliunas I know. I’ll go for maybe a 750 Ti.

Polaris 10 will be ~300$ (maybe even less) and very close to 980ti in performance
Polaris 11 probably will be ~200$ (maybe even 150$) and > 1.5x more powerful than 950
I doubt AMD will use Intel’s ULV marketing

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Paul raises the issue of CPU bottlenecking, which is quite serious.
Don’t argue with him without hardcore evidence, I already got roasted a while back for my incompetence :grinning:

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I’d get whatever I can get with 4GB RAM in my budget, because games have been using more and more memory lately. Probably due to the new consoles having shared memory. There is a Gigabyte model of 750Ti with 4Gb, costs $150 :slight_smile: But I’ll probably just peel out the 660 out of my desktop, because I already have it here :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not that hard to put it back in when I need more horsepower, considering that I save $150 that way…

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most games use gpu for physics, dx12/mantle/vulkan(which is actually mantle optimized for NVidia and Intel) reduces CPU usage for draw calls dramatically (almostly 5-10 times), so it’s almostly only AI and scripts left to calculate
IMO if PF will be capable of average ~2GHz it will be fine (for example my heavily modded Skyrim with lot of scripts running in background uses ~80% most of the time on my 2.6GHz 3rd gen i5 (2/4(ht) cores))


That’s a 15W CPU, compared to the 4.5W of the Core M, or 7W with TDP-up.
So it’s definitely not as good as an i5 for gaming, as the Core M can’t maintain it’s peak performance for a long time interval. Comparable in less intensive tasks, though.

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I think it’s not so hard to get average above 2GHz with tdp-up and good heat dissipation

Depends on that cooling solution EVE will use.

@iKirin as I have said in other posts, I would like the Eve Core to be like a docking station. By this I will mean that the case shouldn’t only provide an external GPU connection (double-wide, full-length, PCIe x16) but also other connections like at least one 1GB port, a few USB3 ports (at least 4), audio output if possible.
I would like the case to also have a kensington port, the port when locked should disallow the opening of the case (so it would be impossible to remove the GPU card)

The power supply for the case should be of good quality and provide enough power for a high perf video card and at the same time power hungry usb connected devices.
The power if possible should be serviceable. By this I mean that the power should be user replaceable without the need to tear down the case (for example like a hotplug power in a server)


Not sure if many people need that, because it can all be achieved with a USB hub and an ethernet adapter. But in this adapter, that would probably increase the price and add unnecessary features for some users.

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I like the Kensington lock idea. Would help a lot in college.
And won’t all the extra stuff just add to the cost?
Konstantinos mentioned creating a ‘ThunderBank’, a powerbank with all the ports you need.
I think a basic eGPU enclosure sold for as cheap as possible, will attract more people.


For some it may be overkill to have this, for some it may not.
I don’t want to have to plug all sort of cables in the tablet when I get home or at work and I also want to have a clean desk. One cable from the tablet to the ‘Eve Core’ has Peter said should be enough.

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ok but how will you connect the powerbank and the eGPU case ? through the TB.
So you are going to start daisy chaining the devices ?