Disconnecting during inactivity

I recall there being something posted that they had to tweak the timings due to HDMI bandwidth. However, that doesn’t really make sense because HDMI 2.1 should have more than enough bandwidth.

The only way it makes any sense is if they were working with a limited HDMI bandwidth, such as those available on the PS5 or XSX. But they can’t do more than 120Hz.

Maybe Eve need to revisit the need for custom timings.

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Because the wiki is wrong :slight_smile:

It ignores v+hblank periods part of standard timings, which increase the pixel count to 4400 x 2250. That increases the bandwidth requirements to 46gbp/s which is beyond the data rate for HDMI 2.1. By using custom timings, you reduce the v+hblank periods and thus reduce the pixel count and bandwidth requirements.


I’ve been running the display at 120hz for several days now and haven’t seen the screen tearing thing happen in that time, so it does seem to be related to 144hz mode.

I don’t consider “running it at 120hz” to be an acceptable solution of course, since it’s marketed as 144hz, but at least it’s helping for the moment while waiting to hear back from support (over a week since they replied last now…)

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I am having this issue with my xbox series x. I have to power cycle the monitor to straighten things out. HDMI 2.1

It definitely sounds like there’s a strange issue with HDMI 2.1. Hopefully it’s fixable, and maybe the upcoming 103 firmware will help.

Here is an example of what I am dealing with

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It’s now been over 2 weeks since I heard from support last. Starting to feel pretty abandoned on this issue…


I feel you, Advo. My last contact from support was the auto response on Aug. 10th telling me “We will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Interesting - Aug. 10th is the last time I heard from support as well. Did the support staff all take a vacation at the same time on Aug. 11th?

It’s now Sept. 10th. It’s been exactly 1 month since I heard back from support. I’ve sent a couple of emails in that time asking for an update on the issue, but haven’t heard anything from them.

I can’t currently recommend this monitor purely on the abysmal lack of support, which is unfortunate, since it looks really good when it actually works…

Coincidentally, I just received a response from support yesterday. I am including the full text of what support offered.

“I recommend performing standard troubleshooting before proceeding with the following steps (unplug the monitor, wait at least 5 seconds between unplug and replug + load the factory default settings into the OSD menu).”

This response, a full month after submitting my support ticket, is totally inadequate and unhelpful. I agree with Advo, I will not recommend Eve to others, and I will not be buying any further products from Eve based on their deliberate suppression of candid feedback and open discussion of product issues and the truly awful support experience.


I would have even been fine with an email reply saying something like, “These are known issues which will be addressed in an upcoming firmware update”. Just knowing something is being done would be enough.

But no reply at all makes me feel like nothing is being done and they don’t care/have no plan to address it.