Disappointing performance by the team


Whilst I understand the frustration of many for the delays, we all have to remember that EVE is a business - with overheads, salaries and bills to pay just like anyone else. The delays means we have to wait for a device, but for EVE means delaying their next payday. They need this device on the open market and selling so they can start to turn a profit.

And so do we! If they were to fail as a business now, unless you had your V in your hand, you would like likely loose everything.

So I’m good with this; production is ramping up, shipping is commencing of batch #1, and things look good right now. It probably is time to cash in on the hype and get selling.


I am just curious how can you argue someone’s feeling that something is disappointing is not factual… because after all, something is disappointing is just about the observer’s expectation (based on the definition of Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/disappointing.)

(And just as a side note:, as you said later, the delay is at least partly attributable to EVE team, factually. As someone who stands on the other end of a contract, I think we are at least entitled to express our frustration, when the contract is not perfectly fulfilled. Not to say that as far as I can see, most of such expressions in recent posts are in a very civilized way. It just confuses me so much why so many backers (I assume) here work so hard to defend the company and try to self-censor the expression of frustration. Loving something and criticizing something are not contrasted, are they?)


You answered your own questions “someone’s feeling”, this is what I will avoid while judging anyone in my life personally or professionally, my feelings of @Team, not able to deliver as per my feelings is not a valid argument, myself and EVE when I invested my hard earned money, signed a contract (agreement here) with full consent and clear known fact that it is a crowd funded project with bunch of nuckleheads, with an audacity to work their asses out and deliver a product which now every one is comparing to a billion dollars product of an already established firm (MS), instead of cribbing and wetting out my flustration, I would rather be an positive and optimistic person to back them up and most importantly when Chips are down, again as a sensible person knowing what is exactly happening and not commenting on dishonest and unsupported claims, so, I don’t buy the attitude of being cry baby, at the same time If I am unhappy I will throw my towel on their face, as I did to the naming of child man racist lab name given to the dock station.


Well spoken mate​:clap::clap::clap: that is so true.


Aptly put. Well said


Still, your argumentation about “known risk” and being held responsible for that is a very western argument.
It is not valid in many other countries.
Example: having a water cut, without any notice without anyone knowing when it will come back is part of ‘normal life’ in many countries. One just waits until it comes back. :thinking:
Export one’s society values and value linked conclusions straight to another culture is always prone to errors.
When one finds a helicopter parked on a highway with the crew and passengers at the roadside easing their urinary urges will reach the newspapers in capital letters in many countries.
Elsewhere it is considered as an not important fact, everyone knows there is no toilet in those things (true example, I was with that helicopter :scream:)

Yesterday the electricity went off here (only for an hour), today is the second day without water. after three days the electricity company will pay a small add in the local newspaper saying they are sorry for the discomfort they unwillingly caused.
Tomorrow all can be OK for two months, but who knows :roll_eyes:

Communication wise the whole Eve story has a number of learning points, for the @team as well for us community members.
That is overly well known and discussed in many many posts.
I just wait, the V will arrive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I think you’re right. Let’s just wait!

My feeling about the recent news releases, is that the Team is learning from their mistakes and now they are not letting anyone know exactly when the boxes are being shipped or where they are.

I hope they are just getting on with it, and moving forward and not worrying about a few people who insist they must always know, and feel they have some special right to know.

I suspect they already have been shipped, and in the next few days we will see members posting and saying they’ve received their “tracking Numbers” or their V has arrived.

I now know that my V will arrive some time in the next few weeks or I might even go to Shenzhen and pick it up on my way through China in the next month. Depends on how mine and their schedules pan out. It’s really no big deal or life changer for me.


Second batch people see all this from a bit of distance, but for first batch people it is already under their skin. :disappointed_relieved:


Wait, I thought it was a play on word of “Donald Duck”? I did join the community after the name was decided, though.


Feeling kinda of bad for the other Donalds of the world


@razaknk u seen very cold hearted… do you not have a sense of humor?


It was called after Donald Duck!

Some people tar everybody with the same brush so to speak, because they have something in common.


TRUE!!! I rest my case with this fact, and yes, it’s painting everyone who has this name in the same brush as of today’s world order bigots is concerned I will stand by it, till the last breath. I am not eluding to any duck or tom & Dick who holds the same name lets not pretend and bring red herring that I am talking about anyone else here. The message is loud and clear, stop patronizing the bigot, the racist, and the child-man. If anyone agrees to this name as a duck, then so be it, but it still represents the moron of today, and I don’t want to see this moron name being repeated in this community too, and elsewhere his shit is everywhere a laughing stock.

Please don’t reply to this also, as I have already promised not to talk about this moron henceforth. As it brings lots of negative energy and spoils my day.


Well played, sir👏 202020


I though I was a HEB and just received my V. Just label me as grateful but puzzled. Now that I have it in hand, my gratitude now’s no bounds and I look forward to the future. My thanks and warmest regards to everyone that made this miracle possible. Everything, if there is anything, is forgiven.