Disappointing performance by the team


Received your email last week about pricing and the anticipated sales cycle for Eve V’s. While that’s exciting, your backers who were originally promised an incredible device back in April of 2017 still wait. Cryptic postings and no set email schedule for updates makes it difficult, at best, to remain enthusiastic about a device that I was once incredibly excited to back. Is there a way to actually find out where we are in the queue to receive a device? Will it arrive for the Christmas holiday, or will I be reaching the one year anniversary before a device is in my hands? The technology available in the marketplace continues to evolve and become lower in price, thereby minimizing the advantages that I had for taking a chance with you.

Seeing you move into a full blown sales cycle prior to delivering on what was promised is rather disingenuous…


Webshop was already said ages ago to open after the Hyper Early Birds are shipped. So not much has changed as HEBs will ship this week


“this week?”

i thought today!? are there new infos out? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Today is this week :thinking:


okay…then this way:

i thought heb will be shipped monday! as konstantinos told us here:

so - are there new infos out that heb will be shipped later than monday?

EDIT: just curious! as a eb i doesn’t change anything for me :expressionless:


Nothing new there, monday is still the latest statement .


Hi @jimfranz!
There is no “queue” per se, just two batches. The first batch (as far as I know) go out today, and the second batch is planned for no more than a month later. (Hopefully sooner)

Numerous (and I mean numerous! ) people have asked for exact dates the LBs will ship, but if history has taught us anything, those are meaningless. Anything can happen. They will get them out as fast as they can, but I can basically guarantee you they will not give an exact date this far out.

I know this isn’t the ideal answer, but it’s the realistic one.


Not sure what you are speaking of, as the @Team has been giving updates to us weekly, and sometimes more often. They have been very up front about issues encountered, why they occurred, and what they are doing to fix them when possible. Much of the delay has been out of their control, as it had been due to quality and supplier issues.

I am also not sure what you mean here. Eve has, to the best of their ability, gotten the timeline under control now, with the second batch of devices scheduled to be manufactured shortly. As a result, they are logically taking the next steps to ready the web store for larger orders, as that will be the priority once all Hyper Early Bird and Limited Bird devices have shipped.


Hi Jim Franz! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are concerned of the level of communication from the team, about your place in the queue and about the exact delivery time of the V.

Also seems like you would be expecting to receive the V before x-mas holiday?

Thirdly, it seems like you are concerned of the V’s features becoming outdated as time goes by?

And lastly, you seem to be disappointed / worried about us moving forward with sales before delivering to earlier backers?

If this is how you meant to be understood, please let us know (also ofc, if not!)?


Amazing title “Disappointing”, not sure though if you happen to be part of EVE team, as most of us get surpirsed by this title.


In fact, the truck is moving now, but there will always be possible it gets a flat or two on the proposed road-map.
So if (per example) someone says today that the V arrival will be the 11th of December and a flat occurs so it will arrive the 13th, there will be many persons having difficulties to manage their frustration level.
The “you were lying” kind of post will again flood the community.
To be honest it seems delicate how to handle this “when will it arrive” correctly.


Hi folks… I appreciate all the responses. I’ve been a quiet backer thus far, and I guess my comments were more a commentary on the entire process. The information has definitely improved over the last couple of months, but in reality, we’re still 7 months behind when the devices were initially planned. I appreciate the commitment to quality and the complications and challenges with ramping up production. However, I placed an order for a product with plans on utilizing that product. I anticipated delays due to the fact that it was a new product and admired the courage and commitment of the team to create a world class product. 7 months delay on a product that was scheduled for delivery in 4 months is just tough, no matter what. Money committed and nothing to show for it.

I’m still looking forward to the product and hope that the ramp up goes fabulously. I’d love to see the product succeed beyond all your expectations.


Sounds like you are thinking that such a title would not be likely to be presented her?


How are you sure that the truck has left the factory with the V:s? I don’t mean to discourage anyone but there has been no update on that. I guess we’ll find out soon but until that saying that the truck is moving is just as much spreading false information as saying it hasn’t. Unless you have some insider information we don’t know about.
Unless I totally missed what you were trying to say. :sweat_smile:


you did, at least partially :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good point! You are definitely not alone


Disappointing performance by the deliverance-truck (flats, traffic jams) should be much closer to reality than disappointing performance by the driver(s).


Hey @jimfranz, thank you for clearing that up.

I understand the frustration, as I have been there as well. I had to step back from the community a couple of times due to the confusion of news and information going around.

I will say it like this: We all feel your pain. Sh** happens, and many times this is stuff beyond anyone here’s direct control. I’m glad you’re here and that you understand this - I guess we all need to vent sometimes.

I, too, am hoping the Eve V succeeds beyond anyone’s expectations.
It would be wonderful to see it go from a “niche” community product to something shown by Microsoft as a flagship “Signature” example.

We can all hope for this in the (near) future.


No, it a valid title, however, not a factual one (this is my emphasis post looking at the title to say that its a disappointment) if only someone missed the bus to understand how the journey took place, and what all has been achieved, sacrificed and surprised to bring the V out. Yes, delays are there, then again isn’t it worth it? people complain as if they needed a product (read: crowdsourced, designed, funded product) before the world comes to an end, and a delay of few months (6 months) has made billions of dollars lost, as @Team failed to give them a product at DOT TIME, even if it means a bad quality or prone to more wear and tear product at their doorstep, they are at least happy to see it.

This does not mean, you are gagged and not allowed to write whatever comes to your mind and fingers act on the keyboard, it just means you need to assess the fact, read between lines, observe the @Team responses, take stock of silent community (not PASSIVE, another boring thread where people comment), be more civilised (not that we have barbarians), and write with analytical knowledge and not with EMOTION.

I only speak of myself, and not as @Team.


Yes, hence I believe in responding to “Informed Knowledge” not an emotional, speculative, or beating around the bush kind of statements. Few examples…

  1. Chinese Year Holiday = Is not to blame, but people who don’t consider in their plan should be held responsible.
  2. Electricity Outage = this is categorized as “Known Risk”, so the factory or production in charge has to be held responsible, and he failed to deliver the backup electricity plan and did not inform the same to EVE team (as i read it is a norm in these part of the part).
  3. Logistic Delays = Partly I blame EVE team for this, as they over commit the delivery without knowing that Logistics can kill people patients, as it has some many stakeholders from the factory gate to Home doorstep, like Internal Factory Security clearance, SEZ (Special Economic Zone, or Industrial Zone clearance and paper works), On road, Border and State level clearance, Police and Customs clearance, Shop, AIR, Cargo process, Insurance for lost and damages works, unnatural event delays (lets not discuss this), on arrival customs clerance, pickup and on road to home process and logistics, and finally when home ring the bell “NO ANSWERS”. Come another day.

etc. Note that not all EVE can do and track, and Not all the community member can help, it’s not a lego game to put the blocks and show look, mommy, i made the standing man and be happy. It is a big process and we need to be little bit patients in the same to understand who is asked to make the product, and if they are capable to make, it a different question if they a jack of all trades, and with 10-15 members they can muster all of these with a mere 1/2 year delay, I would rather say “YES THEY DID IT” this itself is a huge achievment considering all I have since for last 1+ year in this community, and hence I stand with them, even it means I have to wait for 3-6 more months (NOT that EVE is suggesting this, its my word), i would rather ask them to deliver it than to see them fail they are too costly to fail now, and they are NOT. Still, the journey is just beginning, and we need to still see how EVE as a team hold up to the post production process, and it too early to comment about it.