Different opinions


Please, do not bring here US election debate …
But if you want another similar one - NSDAP and Hitler were elected too …


Aye, there’s a few of us who do point out people are being hostile when our differing opinions are presented but nothing happens, hey ho. :slight_smile:


My wife is getting irate at me, she wants me to eat the chicken she has just cooked and watch a pixar film.
I think she may start flagging my posts :wink:


Reminds me of this :stuck_out_tongue:


It is just as my handwriting:
nearly everyone is not able to read it. But I think they are badly taught because I can read my handwriting very well :blush:


Well i got my official warning care of @helios

Much to everyones appreciation my posting here will be now be minimal/non-existant. GLHF/Achievement unlocked for some it would seem :slight_smile:


Nice. Nice. Nice. (Just repeated it for the 20 characters, you know.)


How is me saying you are ranting and repeating yourself a personal attack? The thread in which I posted this was as a response to your seemingly endless posts that could have been summed up with "I don’t like these developments, the product is less valuable then before, the team is purposefully keeping information from me, Eve will fail."
As I said, I wouldn’t have cared if you had posted this in one post. I do however, find it irritating and bad for the community if you keep posting your feelings about this over and over again, while at the same time pointing out how bad all these negative posts are going to be for Eve, if media outlets see all the people unhappy. Which, in my opinion, does not show a helpful intent at all.

Also, there is a stark contrast between an “unpleasant thing” and a downright personal attack.


It is good to know your opinion on people that are too sensitive. But why then be sensitive when it comes to my comments?


I appreciate the fact that you’re asking. I see a lot of wisdom to be gleaned (for all of us) from the thoughts others have already posted. I would start by echoing that I don’t think the push-back you experienced had anything to do with your opinions. I’ve seen some pretty vehement and vociferous disagreement throughout the board. I think what you experienced came in response to tone rather than content. Here are a couple thoughts I could suggest.

First, as others have said, I suspect some of it has to do with the volume of posts/verbiage. In some respects, the sheer volume had an effect of “taking up all the oxygen” in the thread, so to speak. I wonder if some people felt drowned out and perhaps resented that.

Also, as others have pointed out, some of it may be due to your relative newness in the group. It means people have less experience hearing from you and getting to know you; so things you say that might sound attacking or hostile will be taken as attacking or hostile with little room for “benefit of the doubt”. Additionally, some of the participants who’ve been here longer have had a significant amount of time dialoguing, discussing and even arguing with the team in a way that has built a collegial environment on the board. Some of your posts seemed (to me - opinion notice) not to be critical thinking but personally critical of the team (and others) and perhaps violated some of their experience of respectful disagreement.

I could be wrong, but these are some thoughts that came to mind. Again, I appreciate that you bothered to ask the question and respect you for that!


You know, one other thought came to mind. In the “Discussion about the netiquette” thread, you had responded:

Good luck, I admire the optimism

(Sorry, my quoting skills across threads is lacking…)

I don’t know entirely what that meant, but it sounded to me like you don’t believe that kind of an environment is possible. (And I’d love to hear your thoughts if you meant otherwise!) Yet that whole conversation was someone attempting to put into words the overall vibe of the board (what I perhaps called a collegial, respectful environment). I wonder if some of the response you experienced was people trying to say they think that environment, that vibe of the board, was being violated.

Hope you enjoyed that Pixar movie! :slight_smile:


Alright: I’ll give you the facts here.

-Your Tone Makes It Feel Hostile.
-Your Replies are often filled with Insults.

End Of Story.

Note: I know that your intentions maybe kind from the beginning, but sometimes, how you deliver your intentions is important.


Sorry but I have to say big no to this. :wink:

For general consumers, they have to purchase something and may (not) get into troubles soon. Then they look into the issues, go for repairment, feel disappointed, start to file complaints, seek for refund, or spread bad words around. These are all post-purchase things they can do, but are there any other established companies offer an official channel and listen to their consumers patiently for such short-life tech gadgets? I doubt. I’d say Apple is one of these companies which seldom listens to their consumers. Consumers can hardly change the way how companies make their new products.

The story is different for eve, not just being open for ideas. Most of us are not its shareholders for sure, but we are probably its stakeholders if you voice out here and eve does listen! Any of the (hyper/early/limited) birds :bird: had influenced how V is shaped. It offers great spec and appearance at the moment with a reasonable price when you compare with its counterparts. And now you can be one of those who influence how eve will work on its future products, even if you missed out the chances to be a :bird: previously.

What’s more, the team persistently shows their passion in taking care of this new baby seriously. If eve can finally work out a great device like this, it’s actually a signal to all other companies that they are not doing well enough in making competitive products in terms of quality and price. And hey, large sum of money on marketing/ads won’t be appealing to me and consumers have to pay! Last Nov, I saw many SP4 ads around. I used to get a SP4 but it’s just freaking expensive. All in a sudden a tech article brought me here and changed my mind within just 2 hours - because V’s spec, design and price were way better than SP4. That’s it. I don’t see why it’s not beneficial at all when there’s a new player kicking in and pushing the market to move forward with its own PR style.

To be honest, who cares about which company to succeed or not unless they are a part of that company? (oops, sorry for thinking of iFans again… :joy:) As a consumer, it’s more important to get great gadgets from great people after all.


And there still is nothing newer from Intel to make the specs old, and there wont be anything anytime soon. So i don’t really get this point “the hardware is already old”. Yeah, its as old as it was when the device was introduced.


I think you are confusing sensible, reasonable critical feedback with trolling and raging that only produces the opposite effect that you are hoping to achieve.

Criticism towards a company, a product or an entity is just fine (and that’s your prerogative as a consumer) however insinuating that other users are ‘retarded’ is not. You may not always remember it but there’s another person on the other side of the screen which you are insulting protected by your nigh impenetrable anonymity.

Let’s try to be civil, it’s not hard.


In my opinion, one of the only ‘major’ outdated parts on the V is the pen pressure sensitivity (and whatever tech that involves on the display side), and that doesn’t really matter anyway; most artists can’t even tell the difference between 1024 and 4096 levels of pressure. I would like to know more about the V Pen’s latency, though - the new Surface Pen and Apple Pencil only have ~20ms of latency. The rest is on par, or even better than, what is still being released today.


I really appreciate that you’re discussing this topic and I also appreciate the change in tone, that I noticed throughout your posts in this topic. That’s a great step forward and also improves acceptance in a community by a major factor.

In this community we have people of many different nationalities with only a part having English as their mother tongue. You need to take this into your considerations on how others might interpret your post. Sometimes it is hard to restrain oneself, especially when money is involved that is above Mickey Mouse money level, but it is important to continually check a post before posting.

Acceptance is a big one. You don’t have to like the attitude of others as others don’t have to like yours. Just accepting having a different opinion on things and not trying to argue on personal interpretation of writings. You don’t have to marry someone from this community, but we should try to arrange with everyone around.

I really appreciate that you want to be more considerate when posting to clarify the meaning you want to express. This is a big step forward and one in a good direction.

@jimimatthews, your post is pretty Off Topic here… Even though you have a good point, would you just post it in the appropriate thread? There we can discuss this better. Would be great… :slight_smile:


WEll the we got to decide if we wanted and awesome screen and weaker pen. And the community wanted a better screen.


Hahaha, yeah that’s true, I kind of look like a bit of a nutcase in hindsight. Someone brought up outdated so I went on a bit of a tangent :joy: