Did eve develop V with hot climates in mind?

Wow! That’s very wide range of temperature. :exploding_head:

That’ the thing I cannot imagined since in my country it’s perma-hot. :rofl: (Except the northern part.)

We got only 1 week of cool weather about “17 degree Celsius”. In the northern part it can be -2 degree Celsius.


dry heat is nothing because when humidity is 90% it feels like you know what a pair of testicles feel like.



definitely stick the V in your pants

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@Nirut have you ordered? Make sure you don’t order the sleeve or have it shipped separately. Also ask Eve team not to include the poster or the extra power adapters in the package.

I have my Eve V shipped to Thailand and DHL Express calculated the import duty based on the highest dutied item in the package. Eve V is duty-free (VAT is only 7%) but the sleeve and the adapters are subject to 20% import duty. At the end, I had to pay 27% import duty and VAT instead of just 7% for everything.

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Thank you very much I’ll contact eve team to separate the sleeve and adapter out if possible.

Thank you so much, :slight_smile: