Did A Video Conference With Eve V

Today I did my first video conference (ever) with my Eve V, and it went really well! I didn’t need any extra hardware like headphones or mikes. The connection was over wifi but it was fine. All I had to do was start the conference app and away we went, like we were in Star Trek or something.

I think the camera on my V was better than the camera on the other person’s computer, because they were a bit surprised I looked so good. Not good as in attractive (It wasn’t that type of conference! :wink: ), just a good quality picture. Their picture was a bit pixelated because of a lower quality camera and they had to wear headphones to get sound, but I could hear them just fine.

This was a really pleasant surprise, because I never even thought about video conferencing when I bought the V. It was originally supposed to be for reading textbooks and magazines and comics, but over time it’s become my laptop for computing while out of the house - and now this new use as well. Even after two years I’m finding new uses for the V, and it handles them all with grace.


I really like the microphone of the V. It maybe a bit to good for some situations but I’d rather have that then bad all the time.


You mean the mike picks up background noise? I was just in my kitchen so that wasn’t a problem, but I can see how that could be problematic.

I just did a zoom in my living room at night and the camera quality was awful vs my smartphone’s front facing camera (Samsung Galaxy S10 plus). The V just couldn’t cope with low light conditions and strong light sources (spotlights) and came across pixelated and dark.

Sure daytime might be better but in this current climate a better webcam (hardware and software) would be appreciated.