Development of the V

It is nice to see, what new Projects are planned. But: What About the “old” one? In my opinion there are a couple of things left to be developed either. So i’d prefer to make the V “the best device ever seen” and a “Surface Killer” first.
The first thing to begin with is the palm rejection. It is really bad not even with the charger plugged in.
The battery life isn’t the one which was promised in the past.
The Processors in it are not up to date
The Price isn’t as competetive as it was at the beginning
Don’t get me wrong, i do really like my “V”. But the new customers should also like it. And they’ll compare it with the actual competitor, the Surface. So i would prefer to get the V really ready rather than developing new devices.


The practical solution is to drop the price on the existing sku. The negatives around the existing keyboard cover would require a lot of effort to overcome. And it may not be worth going up against current Microsoft products. Better to do something else with a better and bigger target zone for perceived success.

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Got to agree with thedrawer. The new projects are really nice and exciting, but the V is the thing that drew me here and some sort of updated V2 would be the most exciting project of all. I know the company is busy right now, but it doesn’t seem too early for people to talk about it.

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I agree with thedrawer, V is amazing, continue developing it! You have an edge, keep it sharp.

I would like to say, instead of developing new product. Why don’t review and settle the existing problems first?!!
It’s already 3 months!! I still have no any updates on my V replacement.
The support just said they have long long queue and problem on this and that.
Facing the problem is the only way to gain confidence from their potential customer

It’s not up to Eve whether they sort out refunds before moving forward - I believe it’s a condition of the investment which saved the company that the company moves forward and develops new, innovative products but that refunds are paid out of sales, not the new capital.


It is a philosophy of a company how to earn money. I china there are many companies, developing (or just copy) a awful lot of products, but they don’t care about customers satisfaction. So one (the company) has to decide how to get on. There is only ONE possibility to decide: Go ahead with many products and leave the existing ones incomplete or manufacture just a few but in high quality. That includes the custumer service of course. For me there is no question: As long as a company isn’t esablshed as Eve is, there is only one way: The way of producing quality without any compromize. That - by the way - is what it was promised. And that was, what makes me made my decision, to help develope the “V”. On the other hand i won’t invest time into other products, as long as the V isn’t ready. My mother taught me: “Finish things before you start with new ones”


Fulfillment issues for early backers aside, I do agree that Eve should be putting more emphasis on updating the V. If and when they end up finally fulfilling back orders, they’ll be sending out machines with specs that are 2 to 3 years old. While there is a lot to love about the V (I’ve had mine for a couple of months), there is a lot of room for improvement. Aside from the usual processor etc. updates, I’d love to see:

  • A keyboard with larger trackpad and something other than dust-attracting alcantara

  • USB-C ports with improved reliability and on both sides, ideally at the bottom rather than the top (so the charge cable doesn’t have to stick out in the air).

  • Camera on backside

  • Smaller bezels

  • Improved pen with a flat side that stays in place when attached magnetically


I agree with that, I still do not get why there is no 2-in-1 available with ipad pro (12.9) for factor. at least the screen size and bezels like ipad pro would make a huge difference for most people.

You forgot to mention LEDs. And power button functionality improvement (I hate it turning V off, when you push it instead of touching, when V just needs to wake up, which takes few seconds).

May be MS Surface keyboard compatibility (to make it easier)? If it is legally possible or an adapter of some sort, that could be put in chassis recess made specifically for this.


In my opinion, price should not be a top priority. As always when designing new products, it’s about the balance and about the priorities. So I CLEARLY think that top-notch performance comes before price. Why? Someone who cares about a crowdsourced product clearly has a high involvement when buying a laptop and therefore is willing to pay more. If I want a cheap laptop, I can go buy a Lenovo, HP etc. But I am here because I want to help create the ultimate 2in1-machine to use for myself every day to create wonderful things. And I am willing to pay more than 2000 bucks for it, because if the quality is good, I can use it for hours every day for the next couple of years.