Desktop speakers of choice

Just wondering, which desktop speakers will you be using (or do you already use) with the Spectrum display? Since it has no built in speakers.


I have a 5.1 (originally 7.1) surround sound system with .2 additional ceiling speakers coming soon. Audio is extremely important to me so my setup is entertainment focused + game immersion for games with properly mixed audio (ex: Last of Us II easily one of the BEST audio designs in gaming history).

IMO it’s worth the setup if you have the space for it. Otherwise desktop speakers I used to use are bookshelf speakers from Klipsch.

For my gamer buddy I got him logitech z606 - very affordable and delivers decent sound at decent ranges at 5.1 surround and he really enjoys it.


Look into the Razer Leviathan soundbar. I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s been fantastic. Comes with a powerful subwoofer too. I usually keep it unplugged unless I’m going to watch movies. No need for that much bass when consuming any other media.

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