Dell Latitude 12 5282 vs. Eve V


What do you think about new Dell?


Just by looking at the specs, it’s quite interesting.

Listing out some competitive points here:

Optional 4G/LTE
A number of fellow community members here expresses that this is one of the best things to have on the Eve V (in the future).

U-series CPU; 31.5Whr or 42WHr battery ExpressCharge capable
A Kaby-lake U series CPU is awesome, probably does everything needed to be done (on a PC of this size).

The 620 doesn’t seem to be much different from the Y-series’s 615 (slightly higher base clock speed).

But I wonder how the battery and heat matters.
That’s less than the V’s 48WHr battery, but using a more powerful + power-hungry CPU.

That was a major reason to why the V went with Y-series ULV CPUs after all.

Worth noting that it’s using a relatively low resolution of 1920x1280 (Full HD).
This probably saves some battery.
1920x1280 is not an unacceptable resolution for a 12-inch device anyway.
I personally can live with any resolution above 1920x1080 for a tablet and be as happy.
But if people work with high resolution photos all the time, I guess 1920x1280 is a bit low for that purpose.

Multimedia (Points worth mentioning)

  • 5MP Integrated Camera (User-Facing)
  • 8MP Integrated Camera (World-Facing)
  • Face IR camera to support Windows Hello (Optional)
  • Stereo Speaker with MaxxAudio Pro (2)
  • Integrated Array Microphone (4)

The user-facing camera is as high resolution as V’s world facing camera…
And V’s user-facing camera is a little bit low-resolution so there’s not much to say here.

The V doesn’t have a Face IR camera, and no face recognition support…
(But Window Hello is still supported via fingerprint)

I’m guessing V’s quad speaker is better than the stereo speakers here.

Integrated Array Microphone this is a surprise,
and I’m not sure if its going to be better than the V’s “Dual Noise Cancelling Microphones”

Tablet – 292mm * 208.8mm * 9.76mm
About the same size of the Eve V, but thicker (the V is 295.9 x 205.3 x 8.9)

The V weighs less than 850g (i.e. < 1.87 lb), so both are lighter than 2 pounds (without the keyboard)

But no one knows how much its going to sell… (CNET says it starts from $899, other says its TBD)
Then pen is sold separately (the V’s pen is said to be sold separately too, even though hyper early birds are getting it for free),
the keyboard is also sold separately (let’s see if they’ll rip people off like those surface pro keyboards)

I originally intended to list out some competitive points of this Latitude machine, but ended up somewhat comparing it with the V :joy:


I’m pretty sure most people hardly see the difference between FullHD and above in this size… However, it’s useful for multitasking where you can fit more windows on the screen at the cost of making text smaller.
But it’s 3:2 so it can’t be 1920x1080 (16:9). There must be some confusing information floating around…
Eve V DOES support Windows Hello. We have a fingerprint scanner.


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But it’s 3:2 so it can’t be 1920x1080 (16:9)

You’re right :joy:
For some reason, several sources of the Latitude 12 5282 said it’s 3:2 and is 1920x1080.

A few other sources only quoted the resolution 1920x1080 but not the aspect ratio.

I measured the screen on the photos to get an estimate on the aspect ratio, and its likely a 3:2.
this photo (link here)

So… The resolution is probably a mystery :joy:

Eve V DOES support Windows Hello. We have a fingerprint scanner.

Corrected :joy:


I have surface 3 non-pro with “FHD” and this one is 1920 X 1280, so might be that’s the resolution!

BTW regards from China!


"a USB 3.0 port, 2 USB Type-C ports"
The wording on this makes it sound like only one of the Type C ports is 3.0, while the other is something else. (I do realise that when they say USB 3.0 they probably mean Type A).
And the article linked lists the screen as 1920x1280, which, as pointed out by @mike, is 3:2


According to the labelling of the ports both USB-C ports support DisplayPort over the Alternate Mode, the latter is part of the USB3.1 spec, so it should be at least USB3.1 Gen1 aka USB3.0:


I tried to imply that the USB 3.0 in question had to be a Type A, and then the Type Cs had to be 3.0 at least, but it seems I failed. It was never the specs I intended to comment on, just the particular wording.


Yeah, the “wording” from manufacturers when they try to describe anything related to USB-C, usually sucks… Too many confuse Type-A with USB3.0 or Type-C with USB3.1 even though those terms have nothing to do with each other.


Ni hao ma @Mike?
How is China treating you? Wanna come home soon to take some fresh air? :smiley:

I like the crapple so called “retina” resolution - but everything above is just nonsense and not suitable when it comes to battery management aspects.

I want to see the performance of the 10nm Cannon lake Intel showed yesterday.

And it would be exciting to see the next gen of the V (V+) working with such an efficient processor.

But that is something for the end of 2017 - i really hope the V core to hit the spotlight of this community soon.