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Are you using the online form?

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Wtf really? They haven’t replied to me since last year

Yeah for all 3 tickets

Weird, maybe they have an algorithm that blacklisted you?

Try with a different email

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Idk why they would my email was saying I accidently bought normal shipping instead of express and asked if I could upgrade

I don’t think that’s the case. All signs are pointing towards them having enough parts and enough money to produce everything and get it shipped out.

The big problem is around communication. Eve have severely misunderstood what’s important to their customers when it comes to communication around delivery timelines, and as a result they’ve caused their support staff to be overloaded.

The Spectrums will come, and based on the reviews so far, they’ll be amazing. We just have no clue when they’ll arrive, and probably won’t for at least a few weeks.

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There are cases where even Amazon algorithm/IA have gone rogue and even automatically canceled entire orders, just sayin lmao

They can’t scam again simply because they have 2nd gen V preorders open. If they scam us no one is gonna buy the 2nd gen V. So I feel safe as of now

Idk man i was pretty optimistic a couple of months ago but I’ve been trying to upgrade my shipping for the past 2 momths, just sent another message but with a different email address

I made a thread asking if anybody was getting responses a month ago and the reply from a mod was, weird send it again, to which also has no replies

They told mine is coming in the first half of August or it could be rescheduled for the second half. I’m guessing one container is on the way and another one is about to ship for the second half.

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Has anyone recieved there’s yet? I paid in full but am waiting like many others I’d assume.

Hey @Justin_Froelich,
If you haven’t already checkout our user experiences category:

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That’s an odd statement for support to make. I thought that, once the unit has shipped, they couldn’t modify it during shipping. I even think that was very explicitly stated, but I could be misremembering.

But if they’re telling you that you have the option to receive the unit in the first or second half of August, then something seems a bit off. It’s a 18-35 day window. Even if they shipped it today, they couldn’t guarantee which half you’d receive it in.

I was told that mine was by the end of the week. So, when @ReignDespair clarified that, express shipping, to be July 30th, the end of next week, does that mean that they are all leaving at the same time on that day or that the last of the express shipping will be by then? I need to leave town next week and I would prefer that it isn’t left at my door while I am gone.

Hey @WhiteMamba,

The last of the express orders should be shipped by the 30th. Units are still being shipped out daily.


Not related to this thread but since everyone lurks here, please vote! 3 days left.

Spectrum needs *117 more votes to pass up the Samsung C27RG5 for a RTINGS review…


Eve Spectrum ES07D03 = 4K Model.

Ctrl+F if your a little dyslexic like me.


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That’s the 240hz model that’s already been voted in, and pre-ordered.

If I made my payment on the 28th or 29th June (it was the 29th here in Australia but depending what time I ordered it may have still been the 28th elsewhere) will I be in the first or second batch?

Mods will have a more up to date answer but the original answer to your question is that if you ordered before July 1 you’re supposed to get the monitor before August 10. Second batch starts at the end of July, so I’d say you’re still batch 1.

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we’ll see “get the monitor before August 10”, honestly I don’t think thats going to be accurate for most batch 1 customers on standard shipping. As long as “get the monitor” means getting the monitor in-hand.
Happy to be proven wrong of course.

Yeah IDK about standard shipping, I paid May 27 for express and still haven’t heard anything. If I get my monitor next week, it’ll be less than 2 weeks to that August 10 cutoff and the shipping is 19-35 days soooo…