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Ngl, i don’t think they’ve started shipping out standard orders to UK/US. I was able to update my order with no issues (removed stand and added hdmi 2.1 cable).

Our best bet is late September. I’m not in a hurry as my PC lands in mid October but i can understand how you feel.

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This is getting absolutely dumb, how can there still be many people with outstanding express shipping pre-orders who paid out their orders in full the first day they could, and yet there are people who have tracking numbers without ever having pre-ordered to begin with?!

Congrats to those that got their monitors, it seems like an awesome product, but I have zero faith in Eve Devices’s ability to stand by their own words in terms of how the shipment is being done and keeping a reasonable level of communication.

I have sent an email to request upgrading to express shipping and this will be the last time I back any of Eve’s ventures.


Surely people are just making this up to shit stir… no way Eve would do that, it doesn’t even make sense logistically.


Don’t forget there are multiple reasons why this may have happened.

Please see below.


Just to add to this, my Spectrum is still on it’s way, from Ohio to my city. DHL has it listed as in the air, it’s a 3H trip by air or 8H trip by ground. Despite that I’m not slated to get it until Tuesday, probably because they don’t think they can get it to me tomorrow, and Monday’s a holiday.

To put it in perspective, I received a FedEx package this morning (from a different company). It was delivered in a rented truck. Consider the sheer volume of deliveries that FedEx, of all companies, don’t even have enough of their own branded trucks to use. First time I’ve seen that from FedEx.

Things are all crazy. There’s a lot that’s out of Eve’s control.


Those explain why certain pre-ordered monitors can vary in delivery, but full-stop, Nobody should have been able to forgo pre-ordering altogether, place an order over a month after people paid in full, and receive the monitor before many other patient customers who were explicitly told:


Yes, all this waiting is getting aggravating. But, they did only just finalized the production model a couple months ago. Shipping was off to a slow start, but most should have them by the end of August to early September, right?

The point of pre-ordering is to help a small company secure funding to keep designing awesome stuff and in turn we get it at a lower cost than those ordering now.

It doesn’t seem too bad to someone who only just bought one and is expecting it within a couple weeks but it cost them much more.

I will have to be decided if being able to watch a product being developed and having your input and suggestions taken into consideration is worth saving a couple hundred pounds/dollars.

Sure it could’ve been out sooner, but it wouldn’t have HDMI 2.1 or an integrated pixel-perfect integer scaler, or something and I know some might not care about those features, but then Eve would have shipped a beautifully designed monitor, but would be lacking in features, be full of bugs, and be at a lower quality.


There is 1 more business day left this week…will Eve ship my monitor tomorrow?



Tomorrow Fingers crossed mate!


I also find this odd. I paid back in friggin’ May, did not select express and have yet to hear a gaht dayum thing. Seriously, if someone can order a monitor express right now and get it so quickly it baits the question: why not just ship out units to those who have already paid regardless of shipment selection type?

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Are you seriously getting your monitor on the second of August after only ordering yours 2 weeks ago? I have had mine pre ordered since June 30th of last year and finalized the payment on May 30th of this year…. I have still yet to receive a tracking number or any update from Eve. I seriously cannot believe that you are getting your monitor before me or any of the others that have paid months in advanced and preordered even a year in advance. This is completely and utterly ridiculous. I sure hope to hear SOMETHING about my monitor in the next coming days.


Sadly yep mate.


Sorry disagree. IF in fact they are shipping express monitors to customers who paid two weeks ago, it’s not a good look. There are still express customers who paid in May with no tracking. (This could be troll information to get the community upset)

The point of pre ordering besides helping eve get production started, was to be one of the first to receive your monitor.

The cost of the monitor does not play a role on shipping. Early supporters did not get a discount on shipping.


Yep, you will… after August 10 apparently. LOL.

This particular thing is definitely a little irritating. What was the point of getting into the pre-order? Or even paying earlier then… I could have waited and just done this. Le Sigh.

I’m in the same boat with you friend but at this point it’s just annoying and there’s literally nothing we can do about it. I just wish they would have sent out some updates to those who paid in that pre-order group to set expectations properly.


Yeah, the cost of the long wait time coupled with high shipping costs offsets the discount from pre-ordering, especially if you paid for express. It better be one of the best monitors out there and for a better price than the competition.


Heads up for anyone in Canada;

Paid for my order in full May 31st, Standard shipping.

Just got an email saying my order is on its way with Canada Post. Doesn’t have a location where its leaving from but assuming its crossed the ocean.


Excitement fills the air as I checked my emails this morning.

Just received my tracking info.

Canada, standard shipping, pre order early 2020 paid full june 6th 2021.


I think it’s fair to say I’m not going to buy anything from eve in the future.
It may come in the future if I’m patient but it may not, half the people got the V, half of us don’t have any shipping details, it took 2 months for support to upgrade my shipping to express, because “they couldn’t upgrade orders” in may

I believe that’s the first standard shipping confirmation that is from outside Hong Kong, that’s great news!


I pre ordered in april 2020 and paid on may 25’th, I’m not going to be suprised if august 10’th comes and either oh no there was a shipping delay, or silence