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That is transparent. It is in route via sea. Many thousands of miles away in the sea. You want them to give GPS cords so you can watch it travel by boat? Just like an airplane? My guess is that it can take 2 to 4 weeks. I do not know for sure. Things can go wrong or be heavily delayed in the major shipping lanes via sea.


I had an issue with my account details like address etc so contacted Eve via email. I received an email back saying that my details will be updated and that half express orders are being shipped this week and all express orders will be shipped by the end of next week, good news for the people who have ordered express shipping.


base on peoples buying and final payment time, i hope mine is on a ship to europe, i choose standard shipping :sweat_smile: heavy regretting i. Should have just paid extra

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I’m also in the EU and went with standard shipping. The wait is painful, but hopefully a container of monitors is on its way and we’ll see ours delivered within some weeks.


Asked CS if they could give a better idea of current non express shipping situation. Here’s the response:

"Delivery takes 3-7 days for “Express Delivery” and 18-35 days for “Standard Delivery” from the date of receipt of the tracking number.

Half of all express orders are shipped this week. All express orders will ship by the end of this week.

For standard shipping, you will receive a tracking number as soon as the monitor arrives at your local continental warehouse. It can take up to 2 weeks."

I believe some people were interpreting the “18-35 days” as a timeframe from when the monitor leaves the Hong Kong warehouse, but it’s actually after the monitor has been given a tracking # from your countries warehouse.


I was under the assumption that the 18-35 day timeframe was from Hong Kong to my doorstep. I am really pissed if this is not the case and I would have ordered express shipping had I known I might have to wait for a completely unspecified amount of time since Eve is currently not providing any meaningful updates to standard shipping orders.

This is what Eve wrote themselves:

There are two shipping methods we can offer you: 1) standard; and 2) express. The standard shipping takes 18-35 calendar days based on your region. Spectrum is first shipped by sea to local warehouses in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, and from there on sent by courier for the last mile delivery. For the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, UK, US, Canada, and Australia, taxes and duties are included in the price and/or in the shipping fee. For the rest of the world, taxes and duties might be applied at the country customs. The express shipping takes 3-7 calendar days based on the destination, and your Spectrum will be delivered by air directly from Hong Kong to your address, with duties and taxes paid for.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve passed this onto the team. We have discovered there was a miscommunication with our support team. What should have been communicated is:
For standard shipping the estimated delivery time-frame will be 18-35 days from the moment it leaves our HK distribution center. These orders will receive tracking number when they have departed from corresponding regional warehouses. Once you have your tracking number your wait will probably be closer to a week. The support team are currently contacting all customers who received the incorrect communication.


Thank you. Appreciate the clarification.


One question: did you prioritize express shipping over standard? Like the first monitors produced where all sent with express shipping or was it like 50/50?


@ReignDespair, could you please provide clarification to my previous question?

To be specific, if the monitors were shipped out of HK, would we get a tracking number then or would we get it once it makes port? Obviously, the shipping time across the ocean is what takes the longest so when we get our tracking information is important.

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You get tracking after it comes off the boat, gets sent to your regional warehouse. Then when your local warehouse generates a label for your unit, you should get tracking.


It would be nice when all express deliverys will be send till end of the week

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That’s what I thought. Considering it takes about 2-4 weeks for a freight to travel from Asia to the US, most of the travel time is spent unbeknownst to the recipient. Considering it took almost 2 weeks for even express orders to arrive for the earliest payments, I would expect an additional 2 or so weeks for the first standard shipment tracking numbers to appear. This is assuming that a standard shipment is already on its way.


I just got a text this morning from DHL saying my July 16th delivery is out for delivery today!!! I’m so excited , I’ll post back later with my opening experience as well. Congrats to everyone of us for purchasing Eve Spectrum… Cross out!

Oh yeah I live in USA, Kentucky


I agree. I also think a bulk of the waiting is to fill containers to go on boat.

I think it’ll be soon when we start seeing non express customers getting tracking and orders in hand.

Yea, they should have already started filling and of shipping non express containers. I can’t imagine are doing express only first.

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Well my DHL driver dropped off package and didn’t ring door bell. Opened door and seen package was someone else’s. Called DHL and they said my package was on the truck that dropped off this package. Guess the driver can’t read but I’m extremely annoyed right now. I’ll be back once I get things straightened out.

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I was under that impression as well. Silly me thought paying for express shipping would get me a monitor within 3-7 business days like what was said… It’s been 10 business days and I still don’t have a tracking number. I also just had to book a flight (family related) and will be leaving in a week. It’s going to be real unfortunate if there’s an attempted delivery while I’m gone. I honestly would have just saved the money and got standard shipping if it was going to take this long. Express shipping wasn’t worth it.


So after driving to the other side of town , I’m now proudly about to open my EVE spectrum box, will update with pics once I’m done. For now here is what the unopened box looks like.


That’s what I was thinking too. I am about to move to a completely different city in the next couple weeks and was so afraid that express would arrive well after I moved away. I wound up going for standard shipping to my relative’s home because no matter what happens, I’ll be able to pick it up eventually.

They’re only 20ft containers, can’t imagine it’d take that long. However, as they said output will increase as line operators gain more experience. So they’re shipping times should get slightly shorter sooner or later.