Dedicated Topic For Shipping Related Discussions

Hey everyone,

Spectrum is shipping! Because this is a complex process, we understand there are many questions. We want to keep every discussion in our community from veering off topic and devolving into speculation about shipping dates, but we also know there is clear interest in keeping track of our progress. Because you are very passionate about finally receiving your new monitor, we want to offer you this venue to share the news of your shipping confirmation.

We ask that you abide by our house rules for this topic:

  • Please keep things on topic. By only posting shipping related post here, and not in other topics. This will help keep the community tidy.

  • If you have any questions in-regards to your specific order, please contact our [support team] (Support – Eve), they are the only department that can assist with your queries.

  • For your own safety, please don’t post personally identifiable information (This includes screenshots).

  • We will not provide information about order counts, production yields, and so forth.

  • Finally, –and this should be a given– please abide by our community guidelines and respect your fellow community members.

Some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Shipping commenced on the 29th of June. Production continues, and more units are being shipped out as they become available.

  • Orders are processed in chronological order based on the final balance payment date.

  • If you have ordered Spectrum, you will be contacted with information (such as shipping confirmation and tracking number) as it applies to your specific order, directly by e-mail.

  • Express orders will have their tracking number provided when picked up by courier from our distribution centre in Hong Kong.
    Standard shipping orders will receive tracking number when they have departed from corresponding regional warehouses. We are aware it may take some time before these customers get their tracking number, so we are looking into a way of providing additional shipping details outside our automated systems.

  • You may also want to check out our balance payment topic. This topic provides great details about our shipping process.

In the coming days we will create a dedicated category, where you can share your experiences and impressions of Spectrum.

Everyone is super pumped about receiving Spectrum (Hey, we’re also looking forward to hearing about experiences Spectrum!). Shipping is ongoing, and Spectrum will arrive at our homes very soon.

Finally, before I forget to mention it: Spectrum is coming!


Just got my confirmation :rocket:!


i’m from US and picked air express shipping. looks like anyone who picked express shipping is getting theirs through DHL which they have a partnership with usps.


Received two emails first that ready to ship and second that it’s on the way. Also DHL. Really can’t wait to get spectrum and test it with ps5 and pc.
So hope who didn’t get their letter, soon will receive one :wink:


Was that on the 26th May? You paid? As I paid in the same date and haven’t heard anything yet :pensive:


I go with express shipping. Just received my tracking number!


What date did you finalize your payment?

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I got my express shipping ready email too.
Reserved on May 8th 2020, paid the balance on May 25th 2021.

Update 1: 7/8 Picked up by DHL Express and departed the origin facility. Estimated delivery by 17th, next Thursday in Atlanta GA

Update 2: 7/9 Cincinnati Hub Customs given it a release

Update 3: 7/10 Package left Cincinnati Hub at 7:05am local time


Reserved on May 6th 2020 and paid the rest on May 24th 2021 :slight_smile:


Got mine as well few hours ago. Similar dates to Seriousskinn


Same here! Paid on the 25th got an email saying they were preparing it


Hopefully get my express email soon reserved in May 2020 finalized payment on May 21 2021

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So it’s not first come first serve since people who paid a week after you got their tracking number, interesting.

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This can be based on a few things:

  • payment completion date is the order in which production and shipping takes place;
  • people that have standard shipping will be receiving their confirmation once the local distribution center received the items and the Spectrums are in local transit system.

Things are moving, just hold on a little longer :slight_smile: .


the user from Romania paid his final payment via express order on May 27th. Now i’m seeing May 24th and May 25th orders of express being confirmed

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I think this is why they were trying to avoid people posting like this since it causes confusion. Remember that they said people who had problems making the final payment would not ship based on the day they paid, but the day they sent an email to support to get their issued fixed.


Man i got to wait 1 more week to receive and email. my final payment was on the 31st. At least they are being shipped!


Received my tracking as well. Initial on 5/5/20, full payment 5/22/21. US


I ordered 3 4k monitors but the courrier info says they have “1 piece”. Anyone who ordered multiple monitors see same thing?

I was told it is because they package them into “1piece”


Yes they probably put three monitors into one shipping box.