Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Yeah, i’ve decided to change my standard order to express.

Cba to wait any longer

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I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with Eve. After reading through comments, My expected delivery is in line with people who ordered this year and I ordered last year. What was the point of preordering? The whole reason I became annoyed was a buddy of mine preordered months after me and his expected day is a month before me. They messed up sending my final payment email and now just keep saying there’s nothing we can do. Why can’t my order be bumped to an express shipping since they messed it up? I was hoping to be rewarded for putting my faith in a company with a bad track record but nope!

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You do not even believe it!

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2 weeks before expected delivery. Where the hell is the Package/Tracking?!?

So I’ve just had a notification from my aftership app saying that the tracking number that EVE sent me has expired!! Does anyone have the same issue!?

I’m actually done🤦🏾‍♂️

For context, I asked if I could switch my delivery order from standard to express.

Also asked if my 240hz will be apart of the expect delivery.

It’s funny because they didn’t answer any of my questions and took action on things that I didn’t ask them to take action on? I’m so lost

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What is going on EVE?? Look at the last 2 posts! It’s a mess.


I’m not making this sh*t up🤦🏾‍♂️

Are you able to advise the customer service team to start reading queries properly and confirm if they are unsure of what has been requested of them.

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Hey @MarvyMarvz,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are currently looking into our support team, to improve communication. I’ve passed this onto the team to look into this situation.

Hey @Brandon_Smith,
Tracking number is provided once picked up a regional warehouse by courier. It’s estimated that from this stage it should take around 7 days for delivery.

Hey @GB81,

I’ve passed this onto the team to ask for further clarification. Once I receive relevant information to better answer your queries I’ll get back to you.


I didn’t expect to get back here but I’m really just here because of my cancellations.

I’ve waited 2 weeks so far and still didn’t receive the initial 100$/€ fee. Now they ask me to give them all the information I already submitted by the form they sent me.

So the form I filled out was useless 2 weeks ago? Very nice typing all my address and bank information through different channels. I hope you have some serious data protection.

I can imagine how this conversion went…
“Hey, you guys mind replying to support emails? People are getting annoyed and its damaging the brand even further”
“Oh really? Sorry! We didn’t even think of that”.

I’m getting no replies on my requests for a refund due to this shipping mess.

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My apologies, Me & thousands of other are eagerly waiting. Would bring much peace of mind if some update photos of the current location of most [Standard Shipping] Monitors. Its a Yes/No Inquiry of are the Packages arriving at Regional Ports or not. As stated multiple times, you (EVE-Staff) should know where your own shipments are located. It doesn’t bring any shame of identifying the whereabouts of a customers package(s). What does bring shame is hiding information that is obvious when it was Obtained. Its even worse when the community has to band together to figure out what the “real” update is. Sigh

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@ReignDespair again people paying later receiving tacking numbers prior to those who pre ordered and paid back in May. Yes, I upgraded to express shipping in August but that doesn’t mean I should join the back of the queue. Can you please look into my order as I’m worried it hasn’t been correctly upgraded or placed in the relevant queue for express shipping.

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Your monitor is literally in a shipping container on a ship if it hasn’t reached the regional warehouse yet and is within about a month of your estimated delivery date. Getting photos and/or location is unrealistic and unhelpful. Ask for the “real” floship tracking number that shows when your monitor actually left Hong Kong instead. That way you can just add about a month to the date it left Hong Kong, and have a better idea of when you’ll get your local courier tracking number.

If the tracking number that you get isn’t clearly express, contact support to get your upgrade refunded. I tried to upgrade but Eve just quietly continued to ship standard instead. I wouldn’t have gotten the shipping upgrade refunded if I didn’t contact Eve support.

I haven’t received a tracking number, that’s the problem.

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I ordered on September 4th with express shipping when are the new monitors shipping I remember reading something that today September 15 they were suppose to be shipping ? Any update??

Umm wow!!
And all this time I thought it was stuck in the Canadian customs. Nope it just left HK on Sept 4th??? How is this even possible?
I thought they all left before Aug 10th, got this tracking number July 29th. the EVE Aug 6th email stats in its quick points that all Canadian orders already left…
What’s really going in? Then was also reconfirmed they were all shipped out on or before Aug 10th.

Definitely feeling like they didn’t care about standard orders, and being lied to


Lmfao, seems more and more likely the dates they’ve been giving are just appeasement dates to quiet us and prevent canceled orders. All orders will be shipped by august 10. Only to find out they haven’t left the port over a month later. So a September departure when we were told june29th. It’s become apparent they wiped their hands of standard orders and do not wish to further that side of things. Going on 90 days since it was originally supposed to ship and over 35 days from the second supposed ship date. No one has any real tracking numbers. No one knows when their orders actually left Hong Kong. No one knows anything, aside from the reality that eve will not provide us with accurate information or our monitors any time soon. If they left hongkong last week, we likely won’t be getting them for at least another month if not longer. Port congestion on our side, transport time, delivery time with local shops

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Not defending them, but TECHNICALLY it “shipped” from their warehouse before August 10th… That is, the monitor left their HK distribution warehouse and got handed over to their courier. This is equivalent to you dropping the monitor off at a post office. However where the ball was dropped is that the monitor was stuck in port until September. I highly suspect any monitor that doesn’t have a close shipping date is also stuck at the HK port waiting to leave.

Eve did not pick a courier that was prepared to ship these monitors overseas. The huge size of the monitors doesn’t help too, since I can count about ~130 monitors max that can fit per shipping container from their status videos way back.

EDIT: I think Eve is going to lose money shipping via sea. Looking at the freight costs, the cost to ship a container from HK to US (as an example) doubled since July and is about $22k-ish per container and increasing according to FBX Freightos Baltic Container Freight Index (FBX). Judging from the ~130 monitors per container, that’s like $150 to ship something via container only, not including the last mile. Additional source:

EDIT2: The longer Eve’s courier delays shipping their containers, the more money it’ll cost them (Eve?) to ship. Costs literally increased by 10% since September 3rd to September 10th.


See, I get that, except USA orders have asked time and time again for floship info and have received none. At least to my knowledge on here. So we have no proof if they shipped the 10th or not

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