Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

i had an order placed long ago. it had 2 of the 240hz model. this was back when the spectrum stand was offered for free. i have the order number and a picture as proof.

i eventually changed the order to only a single of the 4k model (an ordeal in itself)…

fast forward - spectrum send the final bill and i see that they charged me for the stand which should have been free, then you guys refund me the money but only because you took the stand off my order. i never said i didnt want it! i just want what my order was for…

can you please explain what is going on???

Paid for the stuff you want.

I don’t mind charging for the stand, if you change your order when the promotion is not available, you will pay full praise. This is common practice on every e-retailer on the states.

Any way I don’t think this is an issue. Eve issue is shipping.

@ReignDespair Is there a reason I am yet to receive a tracking number. I have a shipping date of Sept 30 - Oct 6th. Paid in full May 26th , Ordered October. Standard Shipping to East Coast USA. Just a single 4K monitor no stand.


Estimated delivery date. No proof it’s left Hong Kong, no tracking til it is through our us port and into local shippers hands. If you look at the earlier post. Some took a month to leave Hong Kong



I’ve recently ordered the 4k monitor last Friday. Is it possible that i may receive the email to complete the payment in the next few days and be on time for the september 2021 batch release?

LOL seriously? Have you looked at this thread? I pre-ordered in 2020, full payment May 2021 and who the hell knows when I see my monitor.

I ordered today, hope I’ll get the email in a few days!

Contacted support to get refund due to shipping fiasco (purely because of the shipping mess, on topic for this thread).
Was told it would happen by today.
Have not received refund.
Faith in Eve now sitting well in the negative.


Hey @Martsmac,
The estimate that as been provided to standard orders is the estimated date you should receive your order. Once picked up by courier from our regional warehouse you will be provided a tracking number.

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Sooooo it just left Hong Kong? Over a month later?

Btw this is a reply to me asking when it left Hong Kong or if it even has

“Issue in Hong kong port”. There’s been a shortage of containers and of course the pandemic has been shutting down ports temporarily as well. With those things being an issue of course shipping is going to be delayed.

This has been a thing throughout Europe for as long as I can remember, definitely not a new thing, heck it’s been deprecated by many for better alternatives.

I’m feeling optimistic, but then again i’m checking for the final payment email daily at this point.

Not sure if i’m excited or worried lol

Following up on one of my posts from earlier in thread about some knives I ordered from Japan in mid July they had a eta of September 16. Well they arrived today. It’s by sea freight as well but it was from Japan so don’t know if there Is a huge difference in shipping times. They were shipped weeks later than initial eve shipment date of Jun 29 and arrive eta three weeks earlier than them also. The knives are from a big company so it can make a difference but still ridiculous to see how much slower it’s taking the monitor to arrive. Not going to lie seeing all these comments about some barley leaving Hong Kong got me laughing because its not even something I find surprising. Especially since the last of orders that were shipped to us were by August 10 ( which i feel means all orders). Do I have proof no but according to everyone in the same region having the same eta I highly doubt any were sent sooner. It’s okay though It’s just a monitor for my ps5 so I’m not even stressing out. This post is just something that was shipped from around the same time as eve as a reference point of when I could expect my monitor and thought I’d share the details. Hope we can all be done with this fiasco eve related and not soon.

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I’ll believe it when I see it, No way am I receiving this monitor between Sept 30th and October 6th. If I do then I’m a monkeys uncle. Poor Form Eve poor form.


Every delay makes these monitors less appealing to it’s competition.

I’m surprised you’re increasing the price of your monitors still.

You would think discounting them to compensate the shipping and supply issues would make them more appealing

I hope you’re learning why the big players like Samsung, LG, ASUS ect release their monitors later and don’t promise unrealistic dates :wink:

If there were shortcuts, wouldn’t you think the big players would be taking them?

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Lg monitor went up in price as well and are still hard to get your hands on. Basically same as the gpu market. Price went up and hard to get your hands on one.

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Just got my dispatch email for my express order. Ordered 29th July, paid 9th August.


Yeah, i’ve decided to change my standard order to express.

Cba to wait any longer

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I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with Eve. After reading through comments, My expected delivery is in line with people who ordered this year and I ordered last year. What was the point of preordering? The whole reason I became annoyed was a buddy of mine preordered months after me and his expected day is a month before me. They messed up sending my final payment email and now just keep saying there’s nothing we can do. Why can’t my order be bumped to an express shipping since they messed it up? I was hoping to be rewarded for putting my faith in a company with a bad track record but nope!

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