Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Just to add additional clarity to your post we still have stock for ES07D03. When we evidently run out of stock though we don’t expect to receive stock until January 2022.

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Hi! Im very excited for my monitors to come in and received my tracking email saying my monitors were supposed to be delivered in October. I know the email says to track with the AfterShip app but when I go to add it to AfterShip it asks me for a Courier, which I dont know. Can someone help?

Also, since I got a date, October 27th does that mean my shipment will definitely happen this year?

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Hey @mfavs327,
Yes, this estimate indicates you should receive your monitor at that date.

Hey @ReignDespair,

Just reposting an earlier question, as it seems to have gotten lost in the mix:

Hoping you might be able to provide some clarity after an email I received from support. I preordered in January 2020, and made the full payment for Spectrum on May 21st (the same day I got the email to do so). Also, I’m located in Canada which seems to have finished shipping out from Hong Kong just about a month ago.

The email I received from support explained that the units are expected to arrive mid-September, and that I should expect it to arrive at my door in the second half of October. Is this timeline accurate? Why might the unit spend nearly as long within the destination country as it took to get from Hong Kong?

Additionally, the email today mentions that all orders should have an estimated delivery date, but my order confirmation page still has yet to be updated – why might my order not have the date yet?

Hey @waterdrinker666,
I apologise for missing your question.
I’ll pass your queries onto the team to obtain some clarification. My understanding is that once your order as cleared customs in your country it should take around 7days to arrive.

I’ll get back to you with the details as soon as possible.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I appreciate it!

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I’m just wondering if there is any possibility orders made this month will make it out in this month’s shipment. How long after placing an order is it usually before you receive an e-mail to pay the balance?

I’ve paid for my order in full on May 24th and was just told it will now be arriving in late October? That will be 5 months since I’ve been charged. I find this dissapointing.


Hey @fett,

All balance payments and new orders have an estimated shipping date of this month as indicated on our website. We will inform everyone as soon as possible when this changes.

Thank you for the fast reply, I appreciate it!

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Well I reached out to support because EVE messed up sending my payment email, I got mine after a friend who preordered months after me and now I’m waiting and extra month after him to get my monitor. And EVE just says they can’t do anything. I didn’t mess up the payment email, I kept looking for it daily and paid as soon as I got it.

I’ve completed my purchase the last week of August with standard shipping. Am I still expected to receive the monitor for September?

Hey @Shanefff,

With your order you should expect a September shipping date (if it’s not been shipped already). Did you receive an estimated delivery date? Currently standard orders are subject to additional delays because of the global shipping situation.

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No estimated date yet. Just my email confirmation with order number.


I would recommend you contact our support team. They will be able to look into why you did not receive, and should be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date for your standard shipping order. I must express that standard shipping orders are subject to delays right now due to the global shipping situation.

Looks like we won’t be receiving our 2nd monitor till next year…sigh :confused:

Hey @ReignDespair are you able to provide any update on the US shipment you indicated last week was going through customs? Just trying to get an idea of how things are moving along and if it’s any closer to the regional warehouse.


I am a bit confused on the information being provided and the shipping notification I received. I paid off the balance of my order back on June 7th. But yet my expected delivery is set to October 25-29. Based on what I am reading in the discussion here, I should have already got them or be getting them this month. I live in Idaho. Typically things shipping from the west coast arrives within a couple days. I am not disgruntled, just would like some clarification on information.

Hey @Epos7,
Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to provide this information, the ports are simply backed up. Once the shipment has gone through customs you should receive tracking number pretty quick.

Let’s not even mention the potential issues caused hurricane Ida… Just to clarify I’m not saying this natural disaster has caused delays.

Hey @BeageThac,
I’m presuming you have paid for standard shipping based on your delivery estimate? If you read the original post to the topic it goes into great detail about issues we have been experiencing with the global shipping crisis from major port congestions, container shortages etc.

Standard orders are shipped in bulk vier sea
freight to a regional warehouse. Tracking is provided once picked up by courier from these warehouses. The current estimate we have been able to provide is based on information provided from our shipping partners who understand the global shipping situation best.

Weird, just got an email saying I can finalize my payment, for one 4k 144hz, but I already have my monitor, and I finalized back in may