Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Well I paid my balance choose expedited shipping and I was preorder list and it still hasn’t shipped so choosing exp ship don’t mean shit

my final payment was end of May and i picked express shipping. i waited 24 days after they have started shipping to receive my monitor. It was worth the wait and shipping price. it only took 4 days to be air mailed to me.

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I also have 1x 4k and 1x 240hz model ordered (standard shipping), I would like to receive them both at the same time but knowing Eve, i’ll probably receive the 4k first and 240hz a month after that even though my expected delivery date is 1st Nov - 5th Nov.

When I received my payment link it was for both monitors. If the chronological order still exist, we should be one of the first customers to receive the 240hz as we paid for it well in advance.

My assumption is that you will receive your 240hz when mass production has started and it’s available to ship.

We should be gettiing a massive update about 240hz model later this month as shipping starts early next month.

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I have pre paid my €100, am now awaiting the final payment link. After reading through the thread it seems express shipping is worth as I’m in the UK and I believe there are no restrictions to inbound freight flights. Fingers crossed I get hold of my 4K monitor by the end of October (September stated in the estimated shipping).

I’ll keep this updated to try and provide relevant timeframes for those looking to purchase or who are considering.

9th September - I have now completed my balance payment with express shipping. Awaiting further updates and will continue to update.


Hey @kiwiman,

My recommendation would be to speak to our support team again for further clarification. The support team have the appropriate resources and can answer any specific questions you have about your order. Based on the information you have provided I would assume that you have an order for the 4k model, and the 240hz model. It may be that your balance payment was grouped together for the 4k, and 240hz. If this is the case I agree the term Spectrum Monitor should be clarified with the model number, and I’ll pass this suggestion onto the team.

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Today I got new information stating ” The Express orders placed now will all ship in September, not October.”


Today I received a response stating, " Yes, your order is in transit now. You will receive the tracking number soon."

I don’t understand how something can be “in transit”, implying it has shipped, but not have a tracking number.

That is a first for me.

It’s likely because it shipped via freight they received one tracking number for the entire freight and do not wish to share that number with xthousand customers. Once it arrives at the port, is processed, then the local carrier received it and scans it, they will assign an individual tracking number per item. So lots of steps before each single monitor are on their own.

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It actually happens. I ordered a product on Ebay. The seller marked it as ship with tracking however took 4 days for the tracking number to even update and to say its in transit.

If you scroll up a bit you can see what you get from my standard tracking number that they mistakenly let me see. I can assure you that you do not want the real tracking number, because it’ll show “Shipped from HK” and then nothing for a few months until it lands in your country and clears customs.

Its much better to just get an estimate of when your order will arrive at the regional warehouse, and have a local courier’s tracking number that actually gives status updates and final estimated delivery times.

If you’re express shipping, you’ll get your tracking number soon after it leaves their HK warehouse.

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This to me is the most worrying. I am extremely worried about DOA products given how bad shipping and general support is.

When will more info about the 240hz model come out?
Also will the same shipping issues happen for the 240hz model?

i gotten my monitor couple months back via express and i had no issues at all. some people had minor dents in their shipping box but their monitor was fine.


This will completely depend on how the global shipping situation is at the time of shipping this model. That being said, we will be able to mitigate the shipping process as much as possible based on what we have learned from shipping the 4k model.


I love how you purposely ignored the below question.

I guess it comes, when it comes type of sh*t

Not purposely, but I can assure you an update is coming very soon.



Do they have enough component stock to account for all currently paid-for orders?

That being said, we are now starting to run low on the necessary components for the production of this model. We have ordered more but don’t expect to receive these until January 2022. When we run out of stock, manufacturing will cease, and not resume until January. If you haven’t already, be sure to consider completing your balance payment to avoid additional delays.

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Ofcourse, all fully paid orders have stock allocated to them. This applies to new orders, and those who have not completed their balance payment.


I appreciate the email update. Thank you.

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Thank you for the email. I look forward to receiving tracking info on the express shipping next week.

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For those looking for the said update:


  • ES07D03 (4K 144Hz) : January 2022
  • ES07D02 (1440p 240Hz) : January 2022
  • ES07D01 (1440p 144Hz) : April 2022