Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

I paid in full just now for the monitor paid for fast shipping any ideas how long it’s going to take?

Hey @christian_cantero,

We currently estimate to resume the shipping of express orders around the 15th-17th of September; we are waiting for our inventory to be restocked with units from our manufacturer. Orders will be shipped in chronological order, once a courier as picked up your order from our HK distribution center tracking number will be provided and your shipment will take around 3-7 days to arrive.

Hey @roderick_jon,
Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to pass this onto the team.

So I paid an extra 150 for it to take 3 weeks anyways? Joke

You picked express which is a lot better than standard shipping. I paid express shipping for my monitor and i’m glad i did. i waited about 24 days for it to arrive. it was worth the wait.


You do NOT want the actual tracking number of your order. All you get is when it left HK, it does not say estimated arrival because the ocean container can very well be stuck in customs for several weeks, or wait several days to even enter a port.

You will get a tracking number once your monitor arrives at your country, and leaves the regional warehouse.

PS: Eve really needs to send out this info in a mass email or something, people keep coming over here and complaining about the same things.

You paid $150 for it to arrive in 3 weeks instead of 3 months.


This one right here ^

So, three weeks if you’re lucky. It could be a lot longer, even by express shipping, depending on how many orders are currently waiting to be shipped.

not only that but also your location. is the weather condition good. here in the usa we had a hurricane down south. Is covid cases high enough in your area or country that is delaying airports or shutting down airports. etc. Express shipping is still by far faster than standard shipping. standard shipping is worse with the container shortage and ports here in the states backed up for days.


Thanks for the update @ReignDespair ! I can’t wait!

That’s not how express shipping works. It costs so much because you are booking space on an outbound flight. For obvious reasons airports don’t have congestions like ports do.

Basically like paying to mail it yourself.

The only slowdown you’d see is in last mile once it gets to within 500 miles of your house and they are moving it from warehouse to warehouse via ground transportation. Otherwise it goes right onto the plane within hours of hitting the distribution warehouse.


I got an email from support today stating that if I pay today (7th of sep) I will ”receive a tracking number in October + 3-7 days for express shipping”.

It means 100% no delivery in sep for orders paid now. They could not guarantee delivery in October. Given the history of earlier estimates from Eve I would guess delivery in November.

I think you will get your monitor in november.

That’s annoying they haven’t emailed me back did you pay for it?

Hey @Niclas_Holm, @christian_cantero,
There appears to be some sort of miscommunication/misunderstanding with our support team’s communication here. As far as I’m aware we will have stock this month for all current express orders, and stock available for those who complete their balance payment this month (until we run out of stock ofcourse).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I’ve passed this onto the team for further investigation.


So who’s lying? This makes no sense


As has also been mentioned numerous times, apparently the Eve customer service team take liberties with the truth pretty frequently. I was told on 9th August my order will ship in the next 2-3 days. Then on 26th August that it will ship in the next 3-4 days. And then on 7th September… that I will will receive the tracking number ‘soon’. This is not clear communication at all.

Asking customer support if your order has been shipped is likely a waste of time.

I have asked THREE times for confirmation of shipping without receiving a simple yes or no.

Received a response to my question of 06 Sep.

"We have sent out the estimate for your order, it is Nov 1 - Nov 5, . This estimate takes into account the current congestions in the continental ports.

There were congestion issues in the Hong Kong port that are finally been resolved. There is not a lot we can do to make it ship faster, unfortunately.

Thank you for understanding."

Unsurprisingly this does not answer the questions as to whether my order has been shipped.

My response;

"I fully understand that if the order is in the hands of the shipping agent then you cannot influence the delivery date. But, I feel you are being somewhat reluctant to answer my questions. So for the THIRD time of asking;

Has my order shipped? Yes/No.

Do you have a shipping number I can user to track my order? Yes/No?

They are simple questions."

I’m not hopeful of a binary response.

The answers I can give you with the experience and posts I read since the beginning of this project:

  1. you will not get a shipping number at this stage. You’ll get the tracking number at the time it is processed in the local warehouse. You won’t get a number even if you write a mail every two days. Eve wrote that the orders will be matched to customers in the local warehouse, so the monitor on the ship is „not even yours“ at this stage.
  2. you won’t get an answer to the question if your order had been shipped. You can’t even validate the answers to your question even if the support says „yes“ or „in 2-3 days“. It could be less if more people change to express and you move forward in the queue.
    My opinion: the date should be pretty safe at the Moment. I really don’t think that Eve wants to screw this up again.

If you need the monitor ASAP, switch to Express, seriously, this will minimise your headache.

Our MVP made a calculation for the shipping times:


I just need some clarification @ReignDespair regarding the balance payment. Pre-ordered July 2020 1 x 4k and 1 x 240hz model. I paid balance ($1172) on June 26th (express shipping (no standard shipping available)), I thought I had switched the order to 2 x 4k models at checkout. I received 1 monitor on August 7 and after contacting support they advised my order was still 1 x 4k and 1 x 240hz, I have no way of confirming if this is actually the case as when I looked on the order all it states is “Spectrum Monitor” and now it is showing as order “fulfilled” when I only have one monitor!

I have of course contacted support on this but I am not getting any clarity as shown by the latest exchange:

“Hi Team, As emailed earlier I was expecting to receive 2 monitors as per my order below. I had paid the balance payment for 2 x 4k monitors but have only received one. Please advise the status of the second monitor.”


“100 $ that you paid when you placed the pre-order is the amount of the monitor’s cost reservation. This means that when you pay the balance, the 100 $ you paid will be taken into account”

I would think the fact that I had paid the balance for 2 monitors meant the order was changed to 2 x 4k monitors as the 240hz balance payment is not yet due, right? Also please advise the team to update the order description to actual show what was ordered rather than the generic term of “Spectrum Monitor”


We also had one up north. I lost some USPS packages to this. (or at least USPS used it as an excuse)