Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Hey my friend, would you mind asking the question again?

As we can see (again), these type of important question do not get answered here much, we, as you probably know, have to ask multiple times…

Happy Black Friday

Box in good condition - in and outer. Letting the monitor to get room temp before turning it on.


That’s shocking! Are you going to escalate it with the courier?



Xbox showing details on the eve delivered today uk 1158am


Hey Standard orders,

I would like to share an update with you for the current shipping situations:

US shipment 2:
This has been received at the warehouse, and our shipping partners are going to assign these orders as soon as possible to couriers. They have estimated that this process could take up to a week, so based on that I would say tracking numbers should be received by the end of next week latest.

EU Shipment 1:
All UK Hermes orders should have now received an update to their tracking numbers, and delivery should be in the next few days if you have not already received.

For those who did not receive tracking numbers still is still under investigation, and still waiting to hear of the results. If you have not already contacted me with your order number please do so has this will help a lot.

EU shipment 2

Earlier today we was informed that the expected arrival date to Lithuania is the now the 27th with the unloading to commence on the 28th. Looking at the vessel tracker it does show that it arrived earlier than anticipated; waiting to hear back from our shipping partners in regards to this development. I will of course provide further updates when i hear back.


Could there be an update so the monitor has dolby vision? Apologies if that’s a dumb question

Now had an email to say it’s with my local courier and will be delivered between 1500-1900 today.


Just got it….but this isn’t a good start….we’ll see!

Although inside the boxes seem ok!!


its like they take the package and toe punt it across the warehouse

Just got a delivery, and happy that at least one of the monitors I have ordered has arrived. It seems to have arrived in good condition, about to connect the xbox up to it, and try it out. I’ve had an Series X all boxed up for a few months, waiting for this monitor to come :smiley:

I’m willing to bet, the first monitor I ordered (I recieved the second/additional monitor first :confounded:) is on EU2 second shipment, but any correspondence so far has been ignored, and I can’t find out where my first backed monitor is.

This seems to suggest people who ordered early, are getting their monitors last. :frowning:

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Well team I’m happy to say I’m set up and no dead pixels or anything bad to report. I’m gonna miss you all and good luck with the monitors, she’s a real beauty.
Thanks @ReignDespair for being the cornerstone of this forum.



Well, ignoring my horrible cable setup right now :rofl::rofl::rofl:….it is gorgeous! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks again everyone for putting up with me….I will try and update it later :ok_hand:


Anyone else’s in the UK come with the wrong plug?

Hmm - @ReignDespair, I’m in EU2 (one of the first round of early-bird orders :sob:) could you please verify that UK-bound monitors do (should!) come with UK plugs? Not being supplied with a UK plug was one of the reasons I cancelled my new V order (but not the only reason).

You should have had an UK plug connector in a plastic bag. It was not part of the Spectrum packaging, but was inside the delivery packaging.


I only had the stand and monitor box. Nothing extra in the packaging.

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Mine was loose on its own with the 2 black boxes next to them :man_facepalming:

That’s a joke lad! Wonder if it’s worth changing it yourself.

Yeah, I’d get in touch with support to see if they can send one out super quick, or get the plug details and order one from Amazon for next day.