Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Stand by to standby. I got the TBD thing and laughed out loud. East Coast U.S. equals October.


I upgraded to express shipping. Within 6 days I had a tracking number and within 4 days I had my monitor. Barely touched it so far. Working on learning it now. So exciting. It blow my previous 4k60hz monitor out of the water and it wasn’t a scrub. It is so weird having that big of a difference in color accuracy side by side because it is my second monitor.


took a couple weeks for them to send mine, I was using a 1440p 144hz with no hdr at all, and idek how many nits it went up to

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No, NOO My worst nightmare, since i ordered cables mine may not have come. I will scream if that is the case

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At best, my monitor has just left hong kong for a 2 month journey to my door, or they are taking their time allocating my order for the shipment just arrived

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Update for EU standard shipping (Italy).
Apparently it takes 10 days to reach the local warehouse for me although it seems hard to me that a ship goes that fast.
Draw your own conclusions.


You’re doing sterling work keeping everyone updated on the status of shipping, maybe you could write a communications how to guide for Eve?


Imagine all this hassle to get the monitor and they can’t even ship the accessories in the same shipment.

Still radio silence on when I’m going to get the screen cleaning kit.

@ReignDespair if you are able to, would you kindly give an update regarding missing accessories.

10 days is comical if it’s by boat. Maybe understandable if it’s by air, but what’s the likelihood they paid that premium? And why would they mention shipping by boat so many times and never mention by air (save expedited customers)?

I will think that for go to Europe they will using Suez Canal, so it should be a long trip. I will think around 20 days but I am not that familiar with shipping. I know from China to US takes around 8 days. I will think that the distance from China to Europe will be much longer.


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Not that much longer, the Pacific ocean is massive, but the problem is probably the Suez canal, ships often wait there a lot before they let them through it.
I am in Italy I’m one the firsts that the ship will reach.
I guess the people who are going to wait longer is UK because the ships will have to circumnavigate half Europe

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Trust me, I’ve thought about it!

My one big bit of advice to Eve: Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes.

There a handful of fairly simple questions they should be asking:

  • What information is important to the customer? Are there things they might need to know that we’re not telling them?
  • Why is this information important to the customer? What purpose does it serve?
  • When is the right time to make that information available? Should we wait before giving out this information? How will the customers react if we take too long?
  • Is the information communicated in a way that the customer can easily understand? Could any of the wording be unclear or ambiguous?

I hope that the folks at Eve are still reading this thread and are taking notes. (attn: @Olivia @Lore_Wonder @Javild)


The lack of general awareness in that email is hilarious, not only have we been waiting for ANY shipments to the EU since shipping began June 29th, now it takes the final shipments ~10 days to get here.

Sure EVE, that seems completely plausible.


You sound like a Service/experience designer…

Yeah, i’d 100% agree, but I also feel there is quite a big disconnect with the “community managers” and the people running Eve, I do feel for them as they are young and enthusiastic but at the mercy of the company regarding what they know and what they can share.

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You order is on your way:

Five doritos later…

LOL, joking, f*ck you :frowning:

This morning, I got an automated email from USPS indicating I have a package from United Shipping Solutions (US-based freight forwarder) scheduled to arrive on Thursday, August 19. My assumption is, it’s my Spectrum. A tracking number is still not loaded into AfterShip, however, so it’s hard to be sure. It’s coming out of South Carolina, so assuming the container ship offloaded at the Port of Charleston and injected them into the USPS network there for final mile distribution.

Anyone else around the Southeast US that has received any similar information?


I’m not sure how to check that via usps. But I did not receive that email

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Just got this…. Seems odd

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Yeah I got that email too

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