Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

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From what I read, the Port of Long Beach which is where all the US monitors are going has been operating 24/7 for a few weeks now, but as we all know there have still been multiple delays. During the speech last night about the shipping crisis, President Biden was specifically referring to the Port of L.A. which for some reason was not operating 24/7.

So if anything I don’t think this will speed up any of our deliveries, and to be frank this will probably make things even worse for the Port of Long Beach since worker hours literally just doubled for one Port and the amount of workers continues to go down by the day. Both port and parcel delivery services are working to max. I can’t say for sure if our orders will get pushed out faster but I do know that with more volume, more hours, more shifts, and most likely more new workers (its that time of year again sadly) more mistakes will occur when shipping the goods.

There is just too much that I believe that can go wrong at this point. Even if your monitor does arrive in the coming weeks, there is no telling if it will be in working condition without defects. I can’t begin to imagine the costs (time and $$$) those people will have to go through to get another monitor sent to them. Additionally, who knows how EVE will remedy the messed-up orders. I hate to bring up the EVE V situation, but things just don’t look promising. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to hear any more bad news.

My faith in this company is the same as the monitor I ordered, non-existent! Best of luck everyone deciding to stick it to the end, I’m about to get off this crazy rollercoaster ride.

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I recieved my monitor. Display quality is very good. Only issue I face is the display goes black when using in 4k 120. What should I check? This is not the first time as my previous monitors also used to go black/off in the middle.

Firmware, hdmi cord, you’re using hdmi2.1?

lots to troubleshoot here …
what are you using? xbox? pc? ps5?
are you using a 2.1 hdmi wire?
have you verified your settings on the device to push 4k120 out?

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Does this mean deliveries that were supposed to be on the 11-18 October are now 11-18 November?

Watch eve support not respond to me for a week now that I’ve requested a refund


It’s been almost a month for me and my refund. :confused:


Eve is now telling me a refund is not possible because its on its way to me? I have no tracking number from the 30 Sep group. My understanding is that the 2nd batch of 30 Sep orders is still on the boat? @ReignDespair can you please elaborate on this? This is seeming more and more like I am being scammed. I l will contact my bank in the morning to look into filing a fraud claim.


I don’t know what they were expecting to happen, but for about 2 months they pushed everyone to vote and even sent emails. This could have been avoided, I don’t know who started making fake accounts to vote (ffs use a VPN), but it could even be someone inside Eve.

@ReignDespair we acknowledged that the EU ship will dock, unload containers and send the monitors to the local warehouse on the 27th October.
Do you know how much will it take, once the monitors will reach the local warehouse, to send them for delivery?
Or do you know which courier will handle the delivery? We can figure it out if we know the courier and the delivery mode


on the first message they sent us we talked about ups. to get to Italy we should take 6/7 days

Must be an Aaron thing.

After following ships to the EU I needn’t have bothered. I never received a final payment link.
Only just gone through the multitude of threads to discover the pre-payment does not guarantee the units but a first come basis for full payment.
When I ordered the website simply stated delivery expected September, so I had not considered anything else.
In contact with support initially for delivery but that was when I established I should have had a payment link.
So unless a surplus of units is in the shipment its sweet fa for me, so I will probably be cancelling.
Got to laugh :lying_face:

If everything goes exceptionally well, the monitor could be delivered in 5-7 days (from the 27), but I really would not bet on this. The Ports have to be free, unloading has to work, unpacking, customs, labelling, shipping…. And so on

Use 14 days for every unforeseen circumstances which could be arriving, so you won’t be disappointed.

I think the latest everyone will receive their monitor is by end of November.


Says my monitor is on a truck for delivery since 1 am, not “out for delivery” yet. This is the same FedEx location that has “lost” 6 of my packages and delivered multiple items to me that were absolutely destroyed, so no clue if it will arrive. IF it arrives, is there anything you guys would like me to test?

14 days for a normal company, for EVE between 1 and 2 more months.

-Shipments have been delayed because of Halloween …

-Orders are delayed due to the high demand on BlacK Friday …

-The shipments are delayed again because Christmas is near …

-Sorry the truck carrying your Spectrum has been abducted.


The NYTimes did a really great story talking about why shipping is so messed up globally. Might give a little more peace at mind if you’re still irritated by shipping. If not for that, just an interesting listen. Worth 30 mins of your time.


I take it this means that there’s zero chance of #Nov1-Nov5 for me (I’m in the UK).

It seems crazy to dock at Rotterdam (Europe’s largest port?) - unload the containers, load them on another ship and send that ship to Lithuania, which by road is going to be much further than Rotterdam from most EU customers. Are Dutch warehouse workers really that more expensive than Lithuanian ones?

Anyway @ReignDespair - is it a fair assumption that I won’t have the Spectrum by 5 November?

I’m also a bit pissed off that the free monitor stand (benefit of pre-order) became not-free when it came to paying the balance. But at this point I just want the thing to arrive, and work.

Also, Eve really should put out some kind of reassurance about how warranties are going to be handled.

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