Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

I explicitely asked some time ago about “all upcomming orders (standard & express) after the first batch” and the answer was: starting in September.
I guess they collect to keep the shiping prices lower, even for express, though I hope those will arrive within September…

LOL ok Eve, yeah wont be backing any of your early projects again.



When was this renamed to the “Dedicated discussion topic”?

Guess this is no longer about shipping and asking Eve about updates for the products we have not heard a thing about for two months? Guess Eve just sees this as the dumping ground for discussions not worth their time answering.

What a joke of a company.


With posts and responses like yours, it certainly is a dumping ground. It’s fine to be frustrated, but be an adult FFS. I assume you made an informed decision when backing this product.

We know that pre-order shipments to the U.S. left August 10. And we know that there’s a pileup at the port in L.A… If you do the math, you should be able to deduce the difficulty in providing delivery estimates right now.

It’s not the end of the world.


I absolutely recognize that there are major logistical challenges going on right now, Eve are however not taking any proactive steps to answer the questions people have or confirm if shipments like the one heading for the EU was actually sent out on the 17th or the missing accessories that many seem to be affected by. The fact that customers themselves have to inquire about accessories even missing is extremely weird to begin with when it’s a decision made by Eve to ship it out like that, inform the customer.

I don’t expect answers to questions that they cannot give, my monitor is probably on a boat somewhere, but it’s not unreasonable to expect some kind of follow up on where we are in the process and the support channels from Eve are dodging information requests by giving canned messages like container ships taking ten days to go from China to the EU, completely ignoring the logistical challenges that is the cause of the current shipping issues.

It’s been three months since most of us paid out our orders in full and many with standard orders have not gotten a single acknowledgement that anything is happening, it’s the lack of transparency that is frustrating. Not even basic follow up on things like the delayed EU shipments that were supposed to have left last week is happening or giving a general shipping update with what they currently do know.

I have waited since January of 2020 for this monitor and I can wait longer, it’s just a monitor and I can deal just fine not having it. I’m mostly baffled by how little is being done by Eve themselves to give customers insight on their orders and answer basic high level questions like if inventory has actually left Hong Kong,

I’m sure the monitor is great, but at this point my EU order might as well not have left Hong Kong and for all I know I probably won’t get any accessories with it when it arrives in October/November at this rate. Renaming this thread just seems weird to me and it deflects from the purpose that this thread was made to begin with, it makes it seem like shipping is completed while a probably quite large number of customers have yet to see their product or even get an email informing them that the initial shipping conditions have changed.


Hey everyone,
So I’ve been discussing with the team today about logistics (wow it’s complex process). I would like to express that anything discussed here is always seen by the community team and is passed onto the internal team where applicable. That being said I’ve heard from the team today that we are working with our shipping partners to provide an accurate as possible ETA for all remaining orders. Remaining orders that are waiting delivery should expect a communication by the begining of next week via email; detailing this ETA.

I’ve changed the name of the topic to dedicated discussion topic. We will now allow any discussion Spectrum related (within reason) posted onto this topic. Due to popular demand we have taken this approach for the minority cases where people have received monitors that are not as expected (DOA). There is clear interest in these cases and those affected will now have this dedicated area on the community to document/discuss their case within the community. This will also allow those who are interested to check the status and resolution of such cases.

If you have a product issue I always recommend you contact our support team. If you want to further discuss your case with the community feel free to do so here. We value your opinions and always take your feedback back into consideration.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve in any area be sure to communicate it here. We are always open to critique, and will adjust our current policies, and systems to best suit the community.


Thanks a ton for the update. In regards to what Eve could do better I’d definitely recommend taking a look at @NZgeek ’s earlier post. He did a pretty good job covering that.


Update is brilliant. But it really needs to keep coming, and also unsure why it has to be you and not Olivia who apparently was the specialist in this area going forward.

Anyway, appreciate it as always @ReignDespair - Eve just need to realise silence is worse than letting us know “nothing to update here” posts.


I received this email after asking about when I should be receiving a tracking number. This is after she told me all U.S. shipments left the warehouse august 10th and I should receive a tracking info in about 10 days. Here’s the email I got back after I sent another one asking if August 20th would be the earliest I would receive my tracking info.

Hanna - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

Aug 19, 2021, 12:50 GMT+3

Hi Brian,

You will receive your tracking number in the coming days, thank you for contacting us.

Thanks for your patience, we appreciate it!

Hanna, Eve Devices Customer Support

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The coming days? So like how many days is that? Can I expect a tracking number by the end of the week? That seems reasonable if the coming days was told me me on August 19th.


WRONG, WHY DID YOU DO THIS. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM?! make another thread for DOA devices, why the hell should you clutter this thread with people that have got it

I’m tired of this company, that update has made me furious, I’ll be asking my credit card company to get involved soon


Some actually left before the 10th. The least of pre-order to US were shipped out by the 10th.

Eve estimated the first shipments wouldn’t arrive to US until end of August.

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@Darthgundam See there’s where you went wrong though. I don’t want to be that guy, but if you don’t have hundreds of dollars of disposable income to burn on a monitor that will show up “sometime”, then you shouldn’t be buying a Spectrum.

They aren’t Dell or Apple or Samsung, they don’t have dedicated warehouses in every major country and logistics networks to pre-stock those warehouses with thousands of units to be available on the first day of sales. This is a tiny, practically boutique, probably made-to-order monitor company. Your monitor is going to have to be manufactured, shipped on a boat that goes no more than ~45km/h over an ocean, in the worst global shipping conditions in a decade, and delivered to your doorstep all (best case scenario) from the time you placed your balance payment. It’s going to take some time.

I personally don’t care as long as they are doing the best they can, because I’m sitting on a perfectly fine monitor right now, but I wanted an upgrade. However, if you needed a monitor {tomorrow, this week, this month, this 3 months}, the Kickstarter monitor project was not the one for you.


I ordered something else online on August 18th that will be shipped via sea also, it’ll arrive September 12th. Lets see which one arrives first, that thing or the Spectrum =/…

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June 30th 2020 - Preorder placed
May 31st 2021 - Final payment made, standard shipping to Ohio USA.
Status - confirmed order, no TBD, no shipping info, no nothing.

Watching all these review emails hyping me up for a monitor I am so desperately awaiting is starting to wear on me.

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Please create a separate space for DOA/support discussion. Those of us that have not received our monitors need to have a dedicated space to discuss shipping.


Changing the discussion topic? How does Eve benefit from this? Is this to confuse us to get off the topic of your poor communication on where our monitors are?

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Yeah but as people keep saying it’s the absurdly poor communication that causes the most problems.

People still want what they paid for (and it’s over a thousand dollars for some people).

They’re not a small unknown “Kickstarter” anymore. Time to stop making excuses for them and expect at the bare minimum a decent comms experience when these delays occur.

It’s not asking much.


It’s become laughable really. The countless fallacy passed to the people who backed this company. 10 days to port, 18-35 from the day it ships, will ship June 29. Realistically if you expect this monitor before October you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. Eve waited 6 weeks to tell us and eu customers they hadn’t shipped their standard shipment orders, 6 WEEKS. Then we all get this “it left Hong kong” update, and some are being told 10 days. It’s been 2 weeks and 10 business days without an update. We haven’t received any hard word saying all eu orders have been shipped. When eve is quiet it’s because they have no good news to report. I’m going to assume standard orders have either still not left, like the 6 week delay, or they did leave but the ship isn’t expected for many weeks till port. The issue here is many of us would be content with being told, it’s on a ship and it’s 5 weeks behind schedule. But eve refuses to update, we’re left speculating about wtf is actually going on. The community helped bring this monitor to fruition yet we’re left in the dark about any information we request. We didn’t need a vague discussion board about doa monitors or all that, we needed hard facts about where Tf the monitors are. Why can’t a single eve employee answer our questions? They read every post, so they choose to ignore their customers? Why would we ever support them again if they can’t answer a simple question? Someone at eve is being paid to read through the community comments yet they literally choose not to answer. I haven’t put my money behind a lot of bad decisions before, but this just blows my mind. I’m fine to wait for my monitor. I’m fine to wait for my accessories. I won’t lose 1 minute of sleep because I don’t have something that is a want instead of a need in my life. However, you have customers who haven’t received any updates that ordered months before me, customers who never reviewed their monitor, customers who didn’t receive their accessories, etc. you know this because you read every comment posted here, And you choose to ignore them. I understand there are some diehard supporters in here. I understand logistically it’s an absolute sh*t show on the water. I understand with the delta variant and more closures coming our monitors will likely be delays further. Trust me, I work at the FedEx central hub airport, I’m very familiar with shipping during this pandemic. What I don’t understand is how you choose to leave us literally begging for scraps of information while you sit there with them in your hands. Give us something, give us a weekly update. Tuesday aug 24 us standard monitors are still on freighters headed to USA port or Hong Kong. Idgaf about how many or any of that, but update us weekly on the general vicinity of our items. Let EU customers know if they shipped, if they haven’t let them know. There might be 100 evil customers ready to pay for expedited shipping at this point, leaving them wondering won’t help.


Laughable indeed! Some people in the forum act like signing up to support this project meant we should have somehow expected to be lied to over and over again, or that we should be OK with our hard-earned funds being tied up in La La Land somewhere. To me, Eve talked a really big game, and they have completely failed to deliver, period.

You know what I do when I can’t deliver for my customers at work? First, I apologize, profusely, because I take pride in doing right by the people whom I do business with. Then I do everything in my power to make it right. I overcommunicate so my customers can understand exactly where things are at; I very literally told a customer today that I simply could not offer them a definitive timetable for delivery of a service they wanted. The issue causing delay is completely outside of the company’s control, but I take ownership because it’s the right thing to do. I also proposed an alternative solution, and offered to make some financials concessions so the alternative solution would still fit their budget, and because I understood that my failure to deliver may cause them inconvenience.

I didn’t think signing up as an early backer would mean being completely disregarded. I work for a start up; I get it. But the assertion that we should simply accept being lied to because this is a community-backed product is asinine.

Thanks for sharing your candid thoughts on what’s going on.


I just have to make this comparison.

I will compare Eve to 2 companies, 1 is Sony and 1 is a basic regular unknown ebay seller.

In both cases i do not pay for shipping although the products price is the best in the market. In both cases the shipping is very fast without any issues.
In case of Sony , besides the free shipping the Playstations are sold with a loss on top but thats not the topic here…

So, a small unknown ebay seller can offer best prices + awesome shipping, a big company can too, and Eve?

High shipping costs + you have to wait for weeks, months…

All of these issues are rooted to Eve, its the companies fault. You dont even need to be an expert in this field to handle the situation better than what Eve does. And Eve doesnt do anything to make it better and their communication looks like to not really help.

You cant ask for high shipping fees when you have a old shipping system which favors your profit margin and not the customer, who have already payed for the shipping.