Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Dang, that’s discouraging to see! Especially since you’re in TN, I would think ours would be following a similar-ish route (I’m in GA). Thanks for sharing though!

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Hey @SC,
With this situation I would highly recommend you refer to our returns policy. Because your order is already shipped I recommend you contact our support team to request returning your order.

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Of course, 95% of the updates we receive are via this forum. If it wasn’t for people sharing their info we would never know wtf is going on


Can anyone help me add my tracking for AfterShip? I deleted my tracking by accident and I want to add it back. When I go to my email link to add it to AfterShip it boots up AfterShip and nothing is added sadly

It would be fantastic if Eve could clarify what these shipping updates mean. After receiving “A shipment from order ****** is on the way” I got another one today “Shipping update for order *********”

In both emails the tracking number is TBD, so I’m curious what the update was?


My two Spectrums arrived a few days ago. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
They look way better in person than on pictures. Build quality is top notch! Really really great!

Nevertheless I have a few problems regarding brightness and HDR… If someone has answers to those kind of questions, please feel free to take a look at my other thread: Spectrum does not get very bright + HDR issue

I also did testing using the new M1 Macs and got 4K, HDR and 144Hz working! Feel free to take a look at my thread regarding that topic: 4K, HDR and 144Hz on my M1 Mac!

In the end it was worth the wait! both monitors look just awesome! I LOVE the clean and minimalistic design! Great Job EVE

In the end I also understood the high shipping price for express order to Germany. That package was huge! Extremely huge!

Btw the cables I ordered were not included… I’ll cancel my order on the cables because I already bought some from Amazon now…

I hope you all standard shippers will have that gorgeous piece of tech in your hands very soon! It’s great so far!


Still no mail and also no response by the Helpdesk. This is really getting worse.

Is it possible to confirm that the delayed shipment from HK to HQ is now finished (as mentioned before)?

I would really like to know about the current status of my delivery and when the standard-delivery ( 18-356 days ) will start?


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So 2 things now:

  1. I followed the orders here and sent an email only to receive the exact same message I already had here “it’s estimated that your order will ship on August 10th”.
  2. I keep receiving “shipping updates”, but as @Epos7 said, they all say the same (“Your order is confirmed… Tracking Number: TBD…You’ll get shipping and delivery updates by email and text.”

Would any EVE’s member mind explaining what this is and what could I expect in the following days?

I really think there has been a terrible expectation management with this issue.



I’m in the same boat (excuse the pun)! Sent support a mail when I saw so many getting shipping notifications to see what’s happening and no reply as yet.

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Okay I’ve been keeping my reserve trying to stay positive about this company. I upgraded to express shipping a couple weeks ago… My package shipped early last week.

I recieved it today… All I got was the screen cleaning kit. Monitor nowhere to be found.

I contacted customer service and they told me to contact their team for more exact info. Is customer service not the team? Who else am I supposed to contact and where is my monitor?

This is actually unbelievable.


Sorry to hear that man! …but that’s just hella funny :rofl:
You hit a new kind of low on the thread.


Someone received just the monitor and not the cleaning kit and you got only the cleaning kit lmao
Eve what you doin???


:joy::joy::joy: glad it’s working.

Glad I set the bar on something
I am now a meme thanks to Eve

This is incredible :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Damn wonder what express shipping cost on a cleaning kit by itself.


I died :joy::joy::joy:

This is too funny.


$130 CAD on top of standard apparently. You might’ve thought it was cheap, but I have news for you…

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I hope it cleans A LOT OF SCREENS

All seriousness… Sorry your situation is going the way it is. Hope they rectify it quickly


I get the humour in this situation, believe me I do, but I’m also a person who’s put a good amount of money down on the promise of this company, and this monitor that is seemingly capable of doing everything except showing up at peoples’ doors.
So hopefully @Olivia or @ReignDespair or CS can figure it out.