Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

FedEx handed it off to USPS and now I have a delivery exception :rofl:
“Attempted delivery” right… because none of the cameras around the property picked up neither USPS nor FedEx as I literally sit an wait in the property.


@LoneWolf im not arguing that we didnt get charged for it. the first picture shows the price in the order for you for the stand was $0.00 and on mine it says “free”. i’m resigned to your opinion (as well as @OldAsh and @TheRasmusSlot) even though i disagree with the outcome, but again, i just have no other choice. i have cancelled my stand order as i dont want to be charged.

i completely agree with you all that the wording from eve IS the confusion. yet another thing to work on in the next eve product roll out.

RIP if USPS has it. Might as well ask for a refund now.

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I actually really like my local USPS. The one guy retired and left me a really nice letter.

PLS. It’s been 11 months. Let this be over. PLS.

My solution until my cheap $20 stand from Amazon comes (and even further out whenever I get the stand I paid for initially) is to just lean the monitor up against my Vizio. Rate my setup. No direct word back from customer service yet


Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven’t been as active over the last few days, but I would like to make it right by catching up with you all. Firstly I would like to start this post with a quick summary of the current shipping status’ and will move onto other subjects, and replies from there:

US orders Standard Orders:

1st shipment arrived at the regional warehouse, and all orders for this shipment have been assigned packed and sent out by courier. Admittedly mistakes were made by our previous logistics manager (We are still looking for a new logistics manager, if you are from a logistics background and are interested in applying here is a link to our job advertisement; This is a remote working roll and not limited to the Netherlands) this resulting in issues with our chronological order assignment. These mistakes have led to some orders being in the 2nd shipment.

2nd and 3rd shipment have arrived at the port, currently shipment 3 is at the dock and currently being unloaded. Shipment 2 is waiting to be docked at the port to be unloaded. We understand this is frustrating that the 2nd shipment will be received at the regional warehouse after the 3rd shipment, but please understand this is beyond our control. We spoke to our logistics partners earlier today, and we hope that tracking numbers for both shipments will start to be received at some point next week (most likely the latter part of next week), we will keep you updated on this progress. The LA Ports are currently suffering from unprecedented congestion issues, and even Joe Biden has commented on the issue hoping to ease the current supply chain issues.

EU Orders Standard Orders:

As previously reported, there was a miscommunication between us, and our shipping partner where we were initially informed the estimated arrival at port for this shipment was the 11th of October. This estimate we had been provided was for arrival to the port of Rotterdam where the shipment will be transferred to another vessel for delivery to the warehouse located in Lithuania. Upon learning this we asked for further clarity on the Lithuania arrival date (this has since been updated). We now know that the shipment will be loaded to vessel (ARA AMSTERDAM 21041) on the 21st of October, the vessel is set to disembark on the 22nd with the current estimated arrival to Lithuania on the 28th of October.

EU shipment 2 we are current awaiting for more information E.g., Vessel name and further estimates. As soon as I obtain this information, I will provide it. This shipment contains orders for both the EU November delivery estimates (@ICEMAN_ZIDANE).

Order Mistakes

We have identified the cause of the order mistakes from our 1st US standard shipment (extra/missing items), this should not cause issues with our other shipments. We are currently reaching out to all those affected by this with the next steps for resolutions. In the event of a missing stand/monitor, we will be shipping directly from HK via express, or in the event a customer returned their unpaid additional items to our regional warehouse we will inspect these items, and ship these. For missing accessories, we will ship these again directly from the HK warehouse where these will take 10-20days to arrive. Either way our aim will be to have your missing items delivered to you as soon as possible.

Warranty Cases:

In the unfortunate event of that your monitor does not arrive as intended. We have set stock aside for the quickest possible resolution of these cases. Please contact our support team in this event and when such case is diagnosed, we will ship replacement via the express shipping method directly from our HK distribution centre.

Hey @Echedey,

Just to confirm we have contacted our shipping partner about this issue. This should no longer be a problem, in the unlikely event you are asked to pay additional fees please contact our support team, and they will resolve this for you as taxes and duties are included in the price to your region.

Hey @Erock,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues initiating the warranty process for your order. I’ve passed this onto the team for further investigation, rest assured we will look into this and resolve this for you as soon as possible.

Hey @Hellohello,

Unfortunately, our previous logistics manager made several critical mistakes which we are still working to resolve, but we do recognise this as an Eve mistake. As previously mentioned we are currently looking to hire a new logistics manager, because of the mistakes made in this logistics process (If you from a logistics background and are interested in applying for this position (this is a remote working roll and not limited to the Netherlands) here is the link to the job advertisement).

Hey @Tarikusan,

While your post about the RTINGS situation is not shipping related here is our official response to it:

Hey @rafaj90,

You did the right thing contacting our support team. Sorry you have yet to receive a reply about your case. I’ve passed this onto the team for further investigation, rest assured we will look into this and provide a resolution for you as soon as possible.

Hey @SourCheeks,

We have tried our best to resolve the data issue/mistakes made that caused the chronological order issue. Unfortunately, there will still be some instances where some orders will not follow the order correctly.

Hey @Mrfluffles,

This is correct, previously one of our community members replied to one of the review topics saying he had created 65 accounts to vote for the Spectrum. As soon as I noticed this I asked this member: Please do not attempt to manipulate the votes etc, and keep it fair etc. As all polls should be.

Hey @Roneye,

I hear Hardware Unboxed purchased Spectrum and will be doing a review!

Hey @Sway623,

I will pass this onto the team for further investigation. Rest assured they will investigate this for you, and resolve as soon as possible.

Hey @anil.motupalli,

If you have not already please contact our support team for further assistance. A similar issue has been reported by other members, and we are currently investigating this. It could be a graphics driver issue, or firmware issue. Please provide as much details as possible, and we can work on a solution.

Hey @Sweatybeef,

I’m sorry you have been waiting a while for your refund to process. I will pass this onto the team to investigate this as soon as possible.

Hey @Alessio_Berto,

Currently, our shipping partner believes that once it arrives to the port it should be received at the local warehouse the same day. It should be a straightforward process with tracking numbers being provided shortly after. I will be sure to bring this up with our shipping partner to see if we can get a rough indication when tracking numbers will be received.

Hey @aitor

If I’m correct in assuming that your estimated delivery date is Nov 1st – Nov 5th. Your order will be on the 2nd shipment for the EU. We are still waiting for the ship information and will provide an update as soon as we receive this information.

Hey @Eden, @katana, @Silvershroud,

Sorry to hear you did not receive your stand upon delivery of your order. Our team is aware of issues such as these. We will be reaching out to every one of these orders and be offering a resolution for this. In the case of the missing stand, we will ship out one via express delivery from our HK warehouse (3-7 days delivery), or if someone who received a stand in their order that they did not order and return it. We will ship this directly from the regional warehouse.


The only reason we haven’t upgraded everyone to express shipping is because of the margins for our early pre-orders are very tight. Due to the IC shortage, the cost of making Spectrum has increased while a big bulk of orders were secured at the extremely competitive pre-order price of $589. As for the shipping fee currently both standard and express fees are subsidized by us. Since May when we introduced pricing for standard and express shipping the logistics price volatility has resulted in an increase of 2x for standard shipping and a 50 % increase for express shipping. We are not complaining, but it hurts us to hear that you believe we only care about the profits… In the future we will evaluate the early pre-order pricing to be higher providing us the means to upgrade shipping, and the ability to compensation at scale when these unexpected events occur.

Hey @Cbcb1022,

If I could ask which shipping option, did you opt for: Standard or Express?

Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for all your kind words, and support regarding the communications I have provided to you throughout this ordeal. I would just like to say this approach is a general company initiative we have for communications. While I am now starting to lead this area, I just want to clarify that I do represent Eve in all my communications. This is all a team effort, and I would not have been able to provide the information I have without the Eve Team. We realise things could have been better (especially communications). I assure you we the Eve team are working extremely hard on improving all areas of customer communications.


@ReignDespair The communication is appreciated, but is it not possible to prioritize orders from the first group of Standard orders?

Your earliest customers are left out in the cold the most. My initial expectations when I preordered in May of '20 were that I would receive this order last fall or winter!!! Unending delays make me want to wash my hands of Eve. It just seems like the company would do SOMETHING to get that taste out of people’s mouths.


Not your fault @ReignDespair but what a joke. Hopefully my bank completes the fraud investigation soon and I get my money back since Eve doesn’t want to just refund me. I’m absolutely done with this company. I will call them out every opportunity I get. You don’t get to just treat your customers like this and stay in business.

Screenshot of the response I got when I asked for a refund. I’m in the 2nd shipment (supposedly). If its still on the boat that isn’t docked yet how is it considered on its to me? I guess by that logic when it left China 2 months ago it was on its way to me. LMAO “The tracking number will appear any day.”



You are single handedly carrying the whole company… when i do a review of the product and company, you can be sure that i will hold you separately.

  1. Thx for the Nov 1-5/3-8 information. Lets see and wait for the courier response.
  2. At the end of the day, everything i said about margins etc. are assumptions… But yeah, your early bird price looks to be too low… whoever got the Monitor for that price made a good deal, atleast financially…

They’ve told me they’re shipping missing components direct from HK, 10-20 days to arrive US East Coast so not by boat but also not the fastest route either. I can live with that, I’ve waited this long already and stuff happens.


Thank you Tom!
If the Eve company does survive after this, there is no doubt that you played a large part.

I know it is a team effort, but it’s your team.

Don’t doubt that you had a hand to get customer issues addressed.
They should give you a bonus for all the PR work you are doing, lol


Some very wise guy said one time:
„It ain’t stupid if it gets the job done“

Nice solution :rofl::ok_hand:

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Well here’s a fun. I’ll try to keep my frustration at a minimum. I preordered and had money in this since March 2020. I have had multiple back and forth with support. Never a solid answer all generic bullshit with no answers. I finally got tracking, and it’s tracking to the wrong address. Eve has all my correct shipping info even when I look at my order. As soon as I track it with AfterShip it says delivered to a totally different location. I’ve talked with fed ex. The confirmed the tracking number I have is linked to a different address and a different recipient so I can’t even get more info than that. They say contact eve which I have to no response in 4 emails. I have a friend who ordered with the same issue. Pretty soon they getting a charge back from my bank.


You should probably remove this, this much personal information on the Internet is Never Good, the two other pics show enough. Just my 2 cents, good luck with your problem


Fair enough. Appreciate it


I was and still am sympathetic to port issues. It’s been well documented this is a problem.
I specifically reached out multiple times confirming my order location and was told it was in the first US shipment and then at the warehouse waiting to be picked-up .Then I am told that it is now delayed more because, turns out, it was not on the first shipment. What I think happened is that the warehouse put random labels on the boxes and my display went out to someone else, maybe even doubling an order, this seems more then likely.

The secondary issue here is that email support has stopped replying to my emails, which makes it seem like they do not even know what’s going on. I am fairly sure that now that I am 7+ days out of my Sep30-Oct6 delivery date I at the least deserve a direct answer and a real shipping estimate. It is unreasonable at this point especially because when Eve gave us this new Sep30-Oct6 date they said they factored in the delays and had the warehouse and end user delivery ready to go.


No response about my cancelation request of yesterday. They’re going to wait till Monday to print a label arnd then tell me it’s too late because the item is already on its way. These people are painfully predictable.

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Why on earth is Eve still tying to handle all the logistics in house and not hiring an external company to do it for them, this is beyond stupid. Whoever got a monitor addressed to Jeff Clark, enjoy it since they shipped you mine.


Ordered mine yesterday, on track to be delivered tomorrow… LOL

What how did you get a response so quickly? I feel like Customer Support is going to ghost me.

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