Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Well I reached out to support because EVE messed up sending my payment email, I got mine after a friend who preordered months after me and now I’m waiting and extra month after him to get my monitor. And EVE just says they can’t do anything. I didn’t mess up the payment email, I kept looking for it daily and paid as soon as I got it.

I’ve completed my purchase the last week of August with standard shipping. Am I still expected to receive the monitor for September?

Hey @Shanefff,

With your order you should expect a September shipping date (if it’s not been shipped already). Did you receive an estimated delivery date? Currently standard orders are subject to additional delays because of the global shipping situation.

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No estimated date yet. Just my email confirmation with order number.


I would recommend you contact our support team. They will be able to look into why you did not receive, and should be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date for your standard shipping order. I must express that standard shipping orders are subject to delays right now due to the global shipping situation.

Looks like we won’t be receiving our 2nd monitor till next year…sigh :confused:

Hey @ReignDespair are you able to provide any update on the US shipment you indicated last week was going through customs? Just trying to get an idea of how things are moving along and if it’s any closer to the regional warehouse.


I am a bit confused on the information being provided and the shipping notification I received. I paid off the balance of my order back on June 7th. But yet my expected delivery is set to October 25-29. Based on what I am reading in the discussion here, I should have already got them or be getting them this month. I live in Idaho. Typically things shipping from the west coast arrives within a couple days. I am not disgruntled, just would like some clarification on information.

Hey @Epos7,
Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to provide this information, the ports are simply backed up. Once the shipment has gone through customs you should receive tracking number pretty quick.

Let’s not even mention the potential issues caused hurricane Ida… Just to clarify I’m not saying this natural disaster has caused delays.

Hey @BeageThac,
I’m presuming you have paid for standard shipping based on your delivery estimate? If you read the original post to the topic it goes into great detail about issues we have been experiencing with the global shipping crisis from major port congestions, container shortages etc.

Standard orders are shipped in bulk vier sea
freight to a regional warehouse. Tracking is provided once picked up by courier from these warehouses. The current estimate we have been able to provide is based on information provided from our shipping partners who understand the global shipping situation best.

Weird, just got an email saying I can finalize my payment, for one 4k 144hz, but I already have my monitor, and I finalized back in may

Did you have to convert your order to the correct regional store at any point? I’ve previously read of someone else have the same thing happen. I’ll pass this onto the team though, because this shouldn’t happen. Thank you for making us aware @Kyle_Nash.

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September 9th final balance paid now awaiting further updates. To be clear I received my link 9th and paid same day.

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Same here got a new finalize payment link today but have already paid. Customer service has previous converted order from Int to EU. Edit: link does not work

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Hey @Niclas_Holm,

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll make sure the team investigate this.

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If this is anything like the 4K June is when they will start shipments and august is when they will actually. The 4K was supposed to ship 2020 and now we’re closing 2021 without and standards delivered

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I’m a little confused as well. The post above says that all Canada stardard orders had been shipped by the last post (Aug 4th), but when I messaged today asking about it I was told that they’re waiting on a restock in order to ship my unit and it wouldn’t be until the end of this month.

I had paid my final balance back in mid-May, the day I received the confirmation email. Does that mean that for some reason my order (bound for Canada) wasn’t included in the “All Canada standard orders have been shipped” statement?


Anyone agree that EVE needs to STOP sending Email Updates about a monitor that has yet to arrive to Standard Shipping Customers?

The only update I want to see in my emails is the Update that Proves NORMAL Customers are getting their monitors. (Express orders are for the wealthy / entiled - I’d have to give up my “Preorder Savings” (~$200) if Express was chosen)

ETAs are pointless at this point since you keep delaying. Please stop teasing your valued customers with Base-less promises without showing proof.

P.S. Where the hell is the rest of the EVE team on these forums? They certainly aren’t working on the Monitor Development based on the lack-of /Conclusion of Monitor(s) Designs.

Again, no real information other than DELAYS

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Your order should have shipped. If you haven’t already I recommend re-contacting the support team for further clarification. It hope that the member of support team made a mistake in the communication you recieved, and hopefully there was no delay in shipping your order.

Again as far as I’m aware based on the date you completed your balance payment your standard order to Canada should have shipped.

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Hope this is not the case.

I believe the 240Hz will go so much smoother as @ReignDespair stated below.

Eve have learned so much during the shipping process for the 4K, they can’t afford to make the same mistakes.

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Well, I’m not sure what it meant when it was said " * All Canada standard orders have been shipped " on August 4th, but the history of my shipment looks like this: