Dedicated Shipping Discussion #2

Hey guys,

I am Olivia, and this will be my first post on the Eve community! I joined the Eve team earlier this year and I’ve been leading the logistics team in the background. As tipped by @ReignDespair, It has been extremely busy on the shipping side of things, because of this, I’ve not had the opportunity to introduce myself earlier, and to tell you more about shipping… Until now!

Just a reminder. Before you start reading this post, please remember that we are coming from a good place and we are the same people that developed Spectrum and really want everyone to get their Spectrum as soon as possible. Our interests and incentives are aligned! :heart:.

First things first

We’re super happy to see people receiving their Spectrums and making some truly kick-ass setups that help them win! That warms our hearts more than any review out there (Even though those are nice, too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).


Brief shipping update:

  • All express orders have been shipped.
  • All Canada standard orders have been shipped
  • All Australia standard orders have been shipped
  • The remaining standard orders regions are either on the way or estimated to ship by Aug 10

If you didn’t get your tracking number please contact us.

What’s the shipping process like? a.k.a How does it work?

Thankfully, we have a lot of customers around the world who have supported this project and allowed us to create a cutting-edge monitor. With such a blessing, this also comes with the major difficulty of shipping globally during the times of Covid-19 pandemic.

I am sure we are all fatigued with hearing about Covid-19, but when it comes to the shipping industry, the pandemic continues to cause major disruptions, which are not easing up any time soon. Anyways back to process:

Currently, all orders are handled at our distribution center in Hong Kong. All products arrive here, get assigned to orders, packaged, and finally shipped to your homes. This mitigates the risk of potential mistakes when a shipment departs from our manufacturing partner in Mainland China. Furthermore, this also allows us to perform an additional quality inspection on the products before shipping.

We have 2 types of shipping options available:

  1. Express
  2. Standard

For the sake of transparency, we would like to inform you that we don’t make any money on your shipping costs and are barely keeping up with the volatility of pricing for both sea and air freight.

Let’s take a closer look at both options:


This is quite a simple operation.

Once units are received at our distribution center, These units will undergo the pick and pack process (Our shipping team can pick, and pack around 200-350 units per day!). Units are picked, scanned and matched with orders waiting to be shipped. The orders will then be picked up by courier at around 6-8pm HK time. Once an order is collected it will vary on courier as to whether the tracking gets updated same day or within 24-48h period.


There are multiple reasons why express shipping can go wrong/get delayed. For example:

  • Before the order can be picked and packed there are often errors in the order itself. Sometimes there is a letter or two missing in the postal code, In some cases unsupported characters have been used (We even had orders with :heart: emojis instead of their first and last name).

  • Running out of packaging material (the brown cardboard shipping box). I know it sounds silly but we have to keep in stock packaging for all various order combos such as monitor + stand, 2 monitors + 1 stand, 5 monitors and 5 stand, 3 monitors no stands + accessories, etc. Why not use the biggest possible box size to fit all? We must minimise the cost we pass on to you in shipping, but also we try to consider the environment. Typically, we order packaging materials with a good buffer. That being said, accidents can occur during the pick packing process where boxes are damaged and get wasted. Errors from our box supplier can also affect our stock levels: For example our box supplier can deliver the wrong material size; this was the situation around 2 to 3 weeks ago we received boxes that were 5 cm too small to fit Spectrum’s box and as a result we needed to reorder them and wait for more boxes to arrive.

  • In some instances we might run into issues at HK or Mainland China customs.The main reasoning’s for these issues are usually when monitors are missing in the container shipped to Hong Kong or simply major congestion’s.

  • The trucks that arrive to pick up monitors from the factory have/can also cause delays. If any truck that comes to collect the monitors have any signs of moisture, or damage to the the base of the truck we must refuse to load it. We then have to wait an addition few days to book another truck (Once again Covid sucks).

The list continues, but as you can see, there can be a lot of small unforeseen circumstances that cause a small delay, but they can add up very quickly.


This process is very similar to Express and all the same exceptions apply. The main difference for standard shipping is that there is an extra step during the shipping process. Before monitors are picked and packed at the regional warehouse it is first shipped by sea freight in bulk to the regional warehouse.

Normally, arranging sea-freight shipping is an easy process, but with the shipping industry crippled by the pandemic, this has also lead to additional obstacles for our standard shipping option. The logistics price volatility and slower shipping due to congestion at ports are of course frustrating, but the BIGGEST challenge we’ve faced is obtaining the containers to ship. For those interested, you can find many articles about the current crisis, COVID has created a huge trade imbalance to which there are a lot of containers leaving china with exported goods but very few returning back.

Have a look at just few articles forth past week.

Status of standard shipping orders:

We know that the time it’s taken to receive an order update for standard shipping has been frustrating and we are doing our best to find ways to provide you with an order update once your monitor is en route via sea freight. The main challenge for us is that we allocate units once they arrive to warehouse regionally rather than when they are loaded to containers in Hong Kong. Anyways I would like to go into a little more detail about standard shipping and main difficulties we have faced.

Before we proceed, I would like to inform everyone that we have enough stock to fulfill all the open orders to date. We made sure that stock would not be an issue.

Containers have been shipped to all regions, but this does not account for all orders. Currently, we have just finished shipping orders to Canada this week. For units allocated to the EU, and U.S.A., we estimate that the remainder will be shipped by Aug 10. All other regions have enough units on the way to fulfill the regional orders.

Standard shipping orders have taken us a lot longer than expected due to the container shortage explained above. Admittedly, we did not anticipate the severity of world-wide shipping situation. Originally, we had containers booked to depart as soon as 29th of June, but due to delays at customs, we were unable to meet that date. As a result, we lost the containers we had booked and had to order new ones, which took us much longer than we expected (World wide shipping crisis, COVID etc). This has been extremely challenging for me to manage, but we are working through all the challenges, and all the standard orders are expected to leave by Aug 10 (once again, keep exceptions and unexpected situations we mentioned above in mind).

Why can my order still be upgraded to express:

Since order allocation for standard orders is completed at regional warehouses. If you’d like to upgrade to express shipping, we can offer this option until your order departs from the corresponding regional warehouse.


I have an express order and am getting nothing but radio silence from customer support since Friday of last week


If you have not already i recommend you re-contact our support team, and they will look into this for you.


Hello Olivia and welcome! Great update. I hope it eases peoples concerns on the shipping process.


I appreciate the update, but the fact we had to wait 6 weeks before we were informed our orders haven’t shipped due to an issue eve has known for 6 weeks seems like a massive slap in the face. Weeks of no response from customer service. If I would have been told 6 weeks ago my order wouldn’t be shipped because of a container shortage I could have upgraded my shipping speed, but instead not a single word about it except the constant lie of, it’s on its way, it’s on its way. Why would we wait this long to inform the backers of this product of a delay eve knew all about? Seems pretty back handed to me.


@ReignDespair thank you! And thank you @Olivia

Are you able to say if US regional had received any shipments or close to receiving? @Olivia


This killed me LOOL :joy::joy::joy:

Jokes aside Thanks @ReignDespair & @Olivia for the update


Hi @Olivia, ty for sharing.

I do have to agree with @Killer_Sleeve… I would have upgraded to express rather than now be looking at a shipping date of August 10th, and an at my door date of (potentially) September something.

Should I know the global state of logistics?! I didn’t, but I do now… Honestly a headache for all.
As a customer I feel this could have been shared sooner permitting those to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade their shipping method or wait patiently (hopefully quietly).
Further more, I’m sure it would have been welcomed by your support guys not having to deal with customers chasing for updates. Puts hand up here


@Olivia Thank you for the detailed update. This is something I needed after this long quiet wait, to not go mad.
However, I would have liked to hear about the waiting-for-next-container situation much earlier. This is important for my expectations - and to maintain a certain level of trust confidence.
It would have made no difference to my choice of shipping method, as I still believe the express premium is not worth it, and I am okay to wait. I hate waiting, but it’s fine.

@ReignDespair Thanks for inquiring about the status of shipping all these weeks!


I have just made the payment some minutes ago. Given all the messages that I read regarding the shipping delays I have decided to go directly for the Express Delivery.
I guess it is impossible to know when am I expected to receive it, right? :sweat_smile:


To be honest. We don’t even know, we’re 18-35 once it leaves the hk warehouse, but don’t know when it leaves the hk warehouse.


We have done that Reign. There is no answer. Aftership has no updates. No email. We were told to look for the tracking number days ago, no such email.

This is a disaster. It shouldn’t shock you that people are this mad. This process is ridiculous.


Hey @Luque535,
All new orders have an estimated shipping date of September. So I would estimate you should receive Spectrum sometime in September. This based on your shipping option.

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@Olivia are you able to provide additional updates as standard shipping progresses? That would remove one of the biggest concerns that people have, that there’s absolutely zero visibility into when their Spectrums will arrive.

The following types of information would be super useful to the community:

  • For each region, the dates when previous shipments left HK to go to that region, e.g.
  • When future shipments leave HK and which region they’re going to, e.g.
  • When shipments arrive at the regional warehouses, e.g.

This information shouldn’t be sensitive. It’s just dates and regions for events that have already happened. But at least people will have a better idea of how long they’ll be waiting, and that’s going to rebuild a fair amount of trust with your customers.


Hey @Timothy_Craig,
Unfortunately our support team are currently undergoing a lot of traffic right now. So there may be delays in receiving a response.

Thanks for the update, but ultimately this post has no new information in regards to the current status of standard shipments, look forward to getting to getting my monitor next year.


I think what most people that ordered standard on U.S. and E.U. want, is to know an estimate on when the first orders will arrive at regional warehouses.

Like, should we expect first standard orders on those regions to receive a tracking in a week, a month, more? Given that information, you will save a lot of support tickets and nervous people spamming the forum.


Days is one thing, out right lies is another. When told that you would get the tracking info that day, then not getting it, or a response for several days, it creates anger.

This is a seriously screwed up deal here.


Optimistic 2023 for standard


I mean, we were told standard orders to us shipped June 29. Then told by support multiple times our orders shipped. Then aug 4th were told they haven’t shipped yet.