Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


I see you are trying to answer more questions now, have you any idea when you may have your investors?


65%? I find that number extremely unrealistic and unreliable.


It was on how Chinese new year “took you by surprise” during the flash sale and during the kickstarter.


I took your refund route today and I can only hope I will receive my money very soon. :confused:

This experience was really terrible. People investing a lot of money in such a tech product and are really passionate about it. Getting continously delaying messages with no real reason, but also filled with hope (everything is fine, we produce at good speed, a lot of Vs allready been shipped) just makes it worse. Well if everything is good, where is my V?

I hope you guys grow and will make it. Then maybe we will meet again, if you are able to actually deliver your Product and Accessoires.


Thanks for the update, @Konstantinos. I will wait for my V to arrive. Because first of all, most of people who have received the non-defected V (including future me) will never visit this community anymore unless they have problems with their V. Secondly, if this is scam, why would Eve take the time to create and maintain this community site? I fell into an Indiegogo scam once. After the campaign ended, the owner just vanished. Aside from its contact information on Indiegogo (which is presumably false), not a single valid contact information was found.


I like the idea of an engraving of some kind to show the endurance of the flash sale buyers still waiting for their Vs


Is there any chance all of the community can be kept up to date regarding the refund process? As I’m still very undecided over which route to go but length of time for a refund may be a deciding factor over which option I go for.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still think overall the V is the best device for my needs but do I want to wait till the end of August? I’m not sure, especially when I can get a very similarly spec’d Surface Pro for a not to dissimilar price.

What kind of incentives are you thinking of offering @Konstantinos ? If I had to think of anything I’d say something like a 10% goodwill discount (if we do have to wait till the end of August a lot of people on here will have been waiting around 2/3 of a year, a long time for a piece of tech) or a relativly high capacity micro SD card included so we can have more storage out of the box. Or maybe both…? Ok that might be a much, worth a shot though right?

Anyway in short, I’m currently feeling slightly conflicted about which direction I want to go.


When I got the money back from PayPal this is exactly what I got (the yoga version) and love it. Everything I had hoped I would get out of the V plus some. I did spend a bit more but with a better chip.


Shouldn’t credit card customers get their orders shipped first? Our money is already paid off, there is no freeze.


There is a freeze with CC - CC processor often holds funds.


The processor is holding a % of all CC transactions. This is a standard practice. Especially for startups and/or businesses that are not adequately providing the service or product the consumer is purchasing. This keeps the processor from being liable for chargebacks in case the company fails or disappears.


@Konstantinos HOWEVER, the useful life of the cpu is significantly reduced. The value of the gadget is also decrease.

Also, the excitement of buying a new gadget is pretty much already gone… so, what’s the point of buying the V then? if you don’t offer REAL compensation, then a refund is a better option to take now. Heck, i am lending you guys USD$1700 on interest free lol… it’s even worse than a ponzi scheme. this is the first worst investment that i have ever made. I paid using CC and in my country the dispute time frame is only 30 days. trusting you guys till June 2018 is pretty much a MISTAKE.

it seems what you offer from time to time is empty promise dude. i wonder how can you survive in this business world.


No it’s not about the workload at all. It’s the fact you’re taking a benchmark from a desktop and thinking that somehow is the same when you’re talking about a laptop or tablet form factor.
The power and thermals are so different that it’s a pointless link to make.


I think most people will be happy after they know that if something went wrong (production fault or after dropping the V) how the procedure will go in repairing/replacing the device. When buying an expensive laptop you want to use it for a long time and don’t want to put it away after a simple crack in the screen that can’t/won’t be repaired.


So, looking at the new “Estimated Shipping” for my device, it has went from July to August which puts me extremely close to my charge back date. So why did the month change? Also why don’t I have an actual date to go along with my “Estimated Shipping” calculator?Also how come I haven’t received a newsletter regarding this situation?


I guess what you really want to know is how long will it take for you to get answer once you inquire about your case.

What you also might be thinking is, will there always be such a delay in support responses?

What we are doing now is to set up a method that scales in terms of handling customers who want to cancel or refund. Once this is completed these people do not need to contact support and we do have enough resources to handle on-going cases.


I’m one of those happy customers. For people waiting, I wouldn’t have any worries about quality and reliability, my V has so far been flawless…

I just posted an update in my 24 hours with the V thread which is now ~90 days with the V -


I don’t think this information is useful in the slightest other than satisfying curiosity :smiley:

If I was Eve I certainly wouldn’t be giving out exact sales figures. That would be when transparency goes too far IMO. Buffer, for example, do it, but I do not like the culture that sort of openness stuff breeds. It becomes superficial and vacuous rather than genuine transparency

In a roundabout way, you can work it out that Eve has done a pretty good volume of orders. If it was some pitiful amount of orders, then frozen payments wouldn’t have been a problem nor would finances.So whether you’re in the 35% of 1500 orders, 3000 orders or more does it make so much difference?


@Mike, @Konstantinos

I would really like an answer to this please.

If this is true, then I am struggling to understand why (despite repeated requests for update) I haven’t heard from support in 6 weeks about my case. I believe @Giome has had a similar experience when enquiring about missing accessories.


Key reason is that our suppliers need to pay their suppliers once components are used for assembly. So it’s mostly to what amount of risk we manage to persuade supplier to take before funds get unfrozen after shipment. In essence supplier provides intermediary funding before funds get unfrozen and then we pay them back.