Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


You may find some info by reading the [Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december topic.


but what about all those customers not participating in the forum? Or worse yet, who did then went silent in the middle?


As EVE is not providing more accurate data - that’s what we have for now … better than nothing.


Your concern is correct, but with a nuance:

Let’s say (for example) there are 50 customers participating and 10 not.
That means that the ‘there are 50 problems’ result is, in fact, a 20% understatement.
As such the result will be less negative than the reality.
It is mentioned already in the community that the number of people not reacting to their problems is very low.



Hi @hywell! Yes, according to our current the current information at hand, we will fulfill all orders by that time. This is because, as mentioned, we already have produced units & for the rest, all the components are already ordered.

Our factory’s capacity is already quite high at this point and it should not take longer than a week to produce all that are ordered, but not produced.

The missing / broken / warranty / repair accessories can be shipped roughly at the same time as the units that are not yet shipped.

Support does keep track of all these cases, however right now the staff is relatively busy preparing + arranging refunds resulting from this post.

More specific information about the refunds will be sent this week to all people concerned!

Its understandable you feel this way. After all there were many times the team had reason to remain optimistic. When they conveyed that in their communication to you, you of course had all the right to take it as how things are.
Really sorry to see the optimism was unfounded and you ended up feeling deceived…

Best wishes to you and enjoy your new device!

At the moment, as said above, the support is quite busy handling the refunds, as it is very important no mistakes are made there (e.g. an order getting cancelled even though a customer didn’t cancel).

Hi there Filippos! Popping in to address this instead of Konsta. The #1 thing to remember here is that the delay has been caused by frozen funds that prevents us from manufacturing some of the Vs and shipping them at the speed we palanned for.

As a workaround before shipping units releases frozen funds, we are raising funds through investment in to the company. This will resolve the whole situation much faster as all units for pending shipments (including all warranties and accessories) shall be shipped as well as it will make sure we can honor all warranty obligations in a timely manner.

Of course, this might not soothe you at all and we can certainly understand that. Just wanted to offer some information.

Thanks for your question!

Hi @Dmparrish! Great ideas, thanks a lot for them! I wish it was possible to change the hardware, but as said all the components are already at the factory (this means the motherboards can’t be really changed), but certainly we will look at these ideas.

Thanks a lot man!


Add Freebies like large SD-Cards instead of hardware changes


Those should be microSD ones.


@Mike and @Konstantinos - what about BIOS and drivers updates … they were promised months ago …


Erm, yes, thank you!

Sleeves would also be good. Best: give people the option to choose between some items, so everybody can get their favorite.


Thanks for the questions asked. A lot of you would like to know about how the refund process goes and how long you would have to wait for it. Tomorrow we will send out email and make an update here in community explaining the exact next steps and timelines for refunds based on the option you pick.

For those of you concerned about overall quality and reliability of V. What kind of information would you like to see? I am asking this because most people owning Vs are happy about them and don’t regret their choice. Negativity in community drives away people who want to share any positive experience as they are immediately called fanboys, etc:) Anyways my point is that perspective is skewed currently. What kind of info you would like to see to understand what actual customers think about their Vs?


No sleeves please till they sort the faulty design with Mozo - with magnetic one (not sure about zipper one), when used as suggested - pen in holder and V - pen is constantly scratching V.


I’m interesting to know how are you going to address “upper USB-C port gate” - very loose, basically unusable upper USB-C port - this is only issue I have with my V - cannot use it for charging or data transfer - even small movement with V causes lost connection.

Plus there is problem with magnetic sleeve we discussed already.


@Mike @Konstantinos

Why you are still accept orders in eve-tech website and the estimator time is July - August?
Hours V in not manufacture and if someone order today you will ship it until August???
You don’t learn from your mistakes???:smile:

I hope tomorrow you will not sent us message and tell us that you will refund us on September… :cold_sweat:


@Mike @Konstantinos

did not see a response yet, is it a foolish question? Meaning: “of course it ONLY includes FS buyers”?

July 21st Update

@f0k Actually we are not selling Vs currently. You can get to the payment page but can’t buy it. We paused the sales before situation is more stable with deliveries.

@adt Indiegogo orders are not part of this calculation. And yes customers do go silent as there is very little to stick around in a place full of negativity. I know its caused by us but that’s the reason there is very few active community members apart from few frustrated ones.

@Lukas_Fikr once we get over the situation with shipping the rest of orders we will send out new USB C cable that fits the port without any wobbling in case if you have a loose port.

July 21st Update

Thanks, but this is not an answer. Before you started the “refund wave” these last days, it doesn’t explain the radio silence for those last months. Neither you answering how many people are really working on Support.
And does that mean because of the refund processes I’ll have to wait some more months before getting an answer from them???


@Konstantinos - good news, but this will solve only a part of problem - charging or connection of external HDD/SSD, but not monitor or memory drive connection.

And I hope that cable will be free with potential to order more of them (shipped for free with the replacement one).


V --> monitor: External HDMI Monitor Connection Issues :hugs:


Does this mean that I have to wait until this time too “get over the situation with shipping” to get my accessories?

Seriously, please respond because I don’t have any other choice than waiting but to know until when is better than a loud silent…


Were the design problems fixed like for example?

-The different generally small problems

  • Related to the keyboard (key, pogo pins,light and bluetooth)

  • Related to the screen ( dead pixel,assembly and alignment of the screen with the case)

  • The compatibility between the drivers of the V and the MAJ windows which seem to pose a lot of problem to some.

  • Problem Upgrade Windows 10 -> Pro

  • Does speaker quality really improve with new drivers?

  • I would also like to have a reliable estimate of battery life, with time you should know if it will last 6, 8 or 10 hours

And finally, i propose as compensation for all V buyers at the flash sale that you engrave the V with the words “I survived the flash sale of December 4”.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to answer each one of us.

Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers