Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


@Konstantinos why did @Helios delete the dialogue me and others were having about the issue with Chinese New Year and how its used? in the preupdate thread


you have the patience of a saint.


Well, does the “Ferrari” cost less than the “Prius”?


You know, I don’t know what to say. My wife was upset when I had not received our V yet, but I told her don’t worry, they said the flas sale folks would get their V by the end of June. Of course the shipping estimator has never shown up on my account, even after emails back and forth. I finally emailed them back and said don’t worry about it, since it’s almost the end of June and you will be shipping soon, that’s okay. But today I get an email saying no shipping of my V in June, not even July! They emailed me saying END OF AUGUST! Another 2 months. I somehow had a feeling about this but no I didn’t listen to my head and therefore let my PayPal 180 day limit pass and no ow have no recourse. Their latest email does have a link to get a refund, but you seem to commit to filing this this claim without being told when you would get your money back! Pretty convenient seems to me. Yes, I am very bitter now and angry at myself for not listening to others and my gut. My laptop has died, so now the only computer I have is a 12 year old laptop and my phone. I am disabled and my money left my bank months ago, so I have NJ o cash to buy another computer with. I was trying to give Eve the benefit of the doubt, but now I am left the fool.
What are my choices? I have to wait. I have to listen to my wife yell at me for trusting in an unknown company who had not fulfilled their word before. She is right. But I have no choice but to wait. It’s funny that I got up 2 hours early and purchased my V within just a few short minutes (9mins I believe) of the start of the sale and decided to be a supporter with good things to say about the company trying, and yet I may well be the last to get mine. I’ll probably get mine after the post flash sale buyers get theirs. LOL
I have not read all the post on this thread yet cause I’m so upset since I just saw my eve email a few minutes ago for the first time.
Yes, because I am a fool, I will wait for my V, because there is no other feasible option. I still hope that the company does well, though I am questioning the financial planning end of the company. I wish it didn’t matter so much that I needed my V by the end of June cause my laptop died a few days ago (I am using my phone now). I know I sound like a whiney little bitch when it’s my fault all along. But sometimes I just have to vent cause stress may end up causing my epilepsy to toss me a nasty seizure. Well, now I need to sleep since I’ve taken my meds. Goodnight all, sorry if I bored anyone with my rant.


Just give me my refund back ASAP. Not good enough and very disappointing. If you read all the posts there are some serious issues with your product as well and I have major concerns on warranty and support.

I have waited patiently for over 6 months without complaining. Now do me a favour and return my Money ASAP.


Please advise: If someone already filed a dispute from bank or paypal and waiting for their process, do they need to fill in the refund form?


That is the question that many are now asking. How much more time and faith do you put in EVE while they either:
A) fulfill orders at a very slow pace
B) await the next set of excuses for why the end of August deadline/promise has elapsed

Door A or B

Take your pick.


Thank You for the update, I know it must not be easy and I wish You luck. I did the cancellation since I really need a new computer and see no reason to trust end of August more than end of June. Meanwhile, I will go on pursuing refund via the credit card -company and see which way is faster. It’s not about needing the capital but about not ending up with two computers in the end.

That said, I do have fancy Dbrand skin waiting at home. Who knows if my family’s next computer will be an Eve.


Any idea when I’ll get my IGG accessories?


@Konstantinos I filled out the Survey because I really need back the Money to get a device before my exchange and i simply don’t want the V anymore… One question: How long will it take until it is refunded?


yeah I was surprised by this too. To me, It is another stall for refunds and shows they don’t have $$$ to invest in a cancel button on the order page. Survey Monkey for a refund. Really!? That looks well thought out! :frowning: that said… I hope they do honor the refunds and sooner rathe than later but I have no confidence in this “dog and pony show”.


Okay, I think some people have taken this out of context or I have not given enough context.

The post I was replying to was:

“I am a start up company myself and I am having to borrow various PC’s from family members and use very old android devices which doesn’t run the software I need for my line of work. I need powerful machine to run Sound prediction software and a low spec PC is taking hours and hours of my time up.”


Yes, I’m showing benchmarking results that are fairly isolated and probably overclocked. It was more to show that a desktop i7 gives a significant boost in performance on sustained CPU load.

I’m aware that different workloads have different or multiple bottlenecks. E.g compiling large C++ projects require high clock speeds, multiple cores, large cache and the fastest random I/O seek times you can get. Higher clocks on slightly few cores is generally preferred for day to day as the linker is single threaded and will generally be the core bottleneck in builds.

This is why the last sentence was:

“I don’t know what resources the sound prediction software uses but if it’s mostly CPU, then I would get consider getting something with a beefier CPU.”

The poster was going on they needed to borrow various PCs and needing a ‘powerful’ machine, I assumed they could get by on a desktop machine while waiting for not very much money (which should recoup itself in time saved not having to go back and forth borrowing PCs).

However, @Team_Hennessey just posted

“I agree but - when you want a mobile solution which you can download on site, meet with clients and mark up drawings, find creative solutions etc… I don’t want to be lugging a desktop around. At the end of the day I just want something the performs, but is portable, good battery and great visuals for GIS, meeting with Architects etc… I already have an i7 PC - I built it myself.”

If you already have a desktop PC, why are you borrowing others?

On a side note @Team_Hennessey, have you thought about remote desktoping from your portable devices to your PC(s) in the office while waiting for the Eve V? It won’t be the best experience but if you have a fast enough connection, it can work quite well as a stopgap.


“In other news, a Ferrari beats a Prius off the line.”

Does the poster think they are buying a Prius or a Tesla?


Poster: “I need powerful machine to run Sound prediction software and a low spec PC is taking hours and hours of my time up.”

Me: “The Eve V isn’t exactly powerful. Getting a refurbished Dell Optiplex with an i7 CPU or something similar would be only a couple of hundred pounds and should outperform the Eve V by huge amount”

If the whole idea is to save hours of time on something that may be CPU intensive, then is the Eve V really going to help that much more?

Considering that the poster can still get a refund via Eve, would you prefer that they got something that was the most suitable for their work? From the posts that they made, it really doesn’t sound like it be the Eve V.



Thanks for this update. I understand it has been a difficult time for you and the Eve team. I would like to speak out of my mind, then I have some questions.
Why I’m here :
1 - I had a long time ago a SurfacePro2 and I remember that I really appreciated the 2 in 1 type of pc.
2 - I saw the eve review of Linustechtips and I became very curious about the V as it presents exactly the things that are missing in the actual Surface equipment.
3 - I really did not need to buy another pc… but I’m a “tech addict” and the V was one thing I would love to have. So I did buy one on the 4th december…
4 - I must confess that the waiting sucks. I’m patiently waiting for 7 months. I still don’t really need it right now… It’s just one more tech toy for my collection that it’s taking time to arrive. However, it would be useful for travelling, and I feel that the product is losing its value and the price I paid is not justified. Feel free to correct me on this one.

Right now, I’m hesitating for the refund:
1- As said before, I feel that the product is losing its value and the price I paid is not justified
2- I don’t see right now any other pc 2in1 that fulfill the specs (ports, screen, etc) I appreciate in the V.
3- I really want to support the Eve project. The idea of a community-developed device is good… The idea of serving a device that the giants cannot deliver is perfect…
4- I’m afraid about the quality of the product. There’s too much people complaining about screen flickering, ghost touches, killer updates… bricked devices… broken screens… I really don’t want to contact the support team after august and patiently wait 6 months more to repair my broken device.
5- What about the warranty? Under the European laws the 2 years warranty starts after the delivery of the product…
6- How the refunds that people are asking now will affect the Eve operations? Do you think that it can put on risk the future of Eve? Do you will find yourself with hundred of devices not sold and with no more orders? How that will impact Eve for the future?
7- About the compensation: I really don’t know what kind of compensation you can provide. The Donald dock or the B project could be a solution, but it seems they have reached a long pause and I don’t think we will see them for a long time.
For now, I’m waiting a little more… Maybe with the increase of refund requests, the devices can be shipped sooner than end of august.

Thanks again for your update,
Hope to “read” from you soon


Thank you! Finally we have a clear update! Maybe not enough for all the worlds but we are already making progress in understanding.

I won’t proceed with the refund but wait wisely for my V again until the end of August after I’ll see!

But I warn you! You better make sure all the V’s that come out of your factory are perfect! With the time you have with and production slowed down, it will be unacceptable for a customer to receive a poorly assembled or defective product!

If this were to happen with all the mistakes made in the past, I think it would be very bad for you!


Unfortunately I had to return my V after it became faulty. But because it was returned after 30 days, I am apparently outside the refund remit. But giving the lack of response time to get my Eve shipped to return it and no estimated idea of a return item, I feel like I am forced to have the credit card company to claw back my original payment. Like so many others I waited an age for the Eve and now I’m stuck in that loop when I need a working computer.


Thank you for the update.
I travel a lot, work in a remote location, and am away from home six months out of a year.
V was to be my light weight travel computer.
I ordered my V within 20 minutes of the December flash sale opening in my location expecting to receive it sooner rather than later, more fool me!
I have no idea if I will wait two more months or give up on you and buy something else.
Someone asked about compensation, here are two ideas.
1. Automatic upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for everyone.
One hardware upgrade:
2. upgrade to next level HD
3. upgrade to max RAM
4. upgrade to next level CPU.
If hardware upgrade will not work for customer then a €300 refund.


@Konstantinos It’s clear people want actions now - your words won’t buy you any more time. Even if they do, it won’t happen unless some actions follow immediately and exactly according to those new words.

  1. a lot of people want refund - you words dodge the question of exactly how long people need to wait after filling in the survey but you indicated this should happen earlier than the shipment because you “will focus on providing the refunds from the funds we have frozen”; this is after you broke your last promise on having refund option immediately after June 30
  2. for people waiting, you words say end of August; it sounds very similar to your last claim and I’m not sure what I should say about that

Now everyone is watching you, and I suggest you do according to your words for 1 asap.

For anyone still wanting to stick with 2, please be mindful and watch for the outcomes of people in 1. I myself is one of the group 1 and will post any update on my refund progress here. See for yourself how long it takes for the refund people to get their money, given what they have newly promised. And think for yourself what alternatives you should take given this additional information.

I’m still getting in touch with my CC in addition to chasing them up for refund. They haven’t provided me with a satisfying answer to why their new shipping estimate is still misleading. The only way it can be not misleading is people who ordered back in Decemember get their unit in the exact timeframe as I order a new unit now, any time. Which I think is such a big red flag IMO. If they don’t hesitate to continue lying to new customers, why should they hesitate to still lie to us? Oh because we’ve already been lied to, like, half a dozen times? And guess what, all the pain and effort this guy spends so much time & emotion illustrating over in this post that he assembled together after his elapsed deadline - I don’t care. Maybe it takes you a lot of effort to fulfill promises; but it doesn’t take you effort to stop lying. And you haven’t demonstrated to me that you have taken steps to stop lying.


Not sure you should call anyone a liar on a public forum without concrete proof mate…


It is done, I’m free of Eve company… Just called my credit card compagny… They had already refunded me but I felt hostage to Eve because they could charge my credit card anytime they wanted AKA when they finaly would send the tablet…(probably oct 2018…or further…).
I now have a new credit card number…

Sadly I won’t get an EVE V (that is a very good product…) but I’ll peace of mind and now will look for a tablet that will be deliver fast.


What about giving some numbers for us to evaluate your capabilities:

What‘s 65% and 35% in exact numbers?
So, in this long time, how many V‘s were you able to assemble and to ship?