Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


I agree but - when you want a mobile solution which you can download on site, meet with clients and mark up drawings, find creative solutions etc… I don’t want to be lugging a desktop around. At the end of the day I just want something the performs, but is portable, good battery and great visuals for GIS, meeting with Architects etc… I already have an i7 PC - I built it myself.


I am surprised Dell does not have any detachable tablet solutions.
Oops guess they do. Will look at them.


@Konstantinos very simply will I get a refund?


I’m sure they do. However, I invested in the “idea” here, and I want @Konstantinos , and his colleagues vision to work. I have been virtually silent since February/March without complaint. Yes, perhaps I took a risk with my start-up going for an unknown machine and untested customer services etc… I do have a ‘work around’ at present while I am awaiting my V, but I still think its important that the EVE team understand how this affects us all.

For many like myself it isn’t/wasn’t just about buying another machine to do a task, it was helping to build an independent product which has the ability to grow and adapt to the needs of the users and the community.

I could have bought a Dell off the shelf 8months ago :wink:


Thanks for the update. I’ll stick to a refund knowing that end of August won’t be workable for me. I still wanted to be optimistic and hopeful. I sincerely hope @Konstantinos can keep his promises and rebuild people’s trust/beliEVE with the company, but only time and your actions will tell. Best of luck for Eve and everyone in this community :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos I see an unanswered question somewhere above, somebody (whose other questions you answered) asked:
“Also, does the 65% fulfilment include indiegogo orders?”
[I hope not]

July 21st Update

How many people work full time for the support?
Why are they so slow to answer anything?


Maybe that have too many problems and issues …


And he says Support is getting Vs fixed in a week, some times 2, worst case scenario a month. I loled a bit honestly.
Been waiting for a kickstand since more than 3 months now…


Either he is lying or his support team is lying to him … In both cases - big issue for EVE.


God not this again. How many times do we have to go through this. Those comparisons are wrong. You’re taking benchmarks from a benchmarking rig and applying it to laptops and tablets form factors.

It’s like saying if I just put take the engine from a Bugatti and put it in my ford Fiesta I’ll now be as fast as a Bugatti.


OK WHAT NEW INFORMATION DID YOU GIVE US??? We already knew your funds were frozen, you told us that 3 months ago. You told us 3 days ago that SOME of the V’s had shipped, but what, about the 100 of us aren’t going to get them on in June? What percentage of us is that? You know the answer. You waited until what the end of business in China, and Finland before giving us this answer, and you didn’t really give us an answer. I will sum up what you said Dear Eve customers…some of you did not get lucky enough to get the device that we forced you to pay for in advance, and pay additional non refundable shipping as well. We are sorry, we suck at financing and of course we took our salaries before providing you with a product. We know we can’t answer emails because we aren’t able to even know how many computers we sold versus what we actually delivered. More to the point, I think that you probably produced enough to cover the initial sale, but your quality control seems so bad that all of the new V’s are being sent to cover warranty claims rather than to people that actually paid for the device in the first place. This is not a crowd funded device any longer, it ceased to be that when you had the Dec 4th flash sale. However you have treated it more like a go fund me site, rather than a business. Please either give more specific answers and updates, but we don’t care how sorry you are, or how great our computer is going to be, we want what Eve to live up to your agreements. Right now you aren’t, and I am beginning to think that you will not be able to do it.


@Konstantinos, thanks for your update. I was the one who accidentally able to login and purchase before your official Dec flash sale started. Your team even called me to confirm my order. I did feel that was comforting.

However, at this moment. I, being the first of the list who have made the purchase, still have the shipping estimator postponing to August.

Honestly, I am really suspecting how you prioritize the shipment or else the 65% is far from an actual number? For most ppl, we may not know where we are on the queue, but I do.

And seriously, please let me know how I can make a refund as I am really disappointed with your arrangement on my purchase, and I have no more time to wait for the V if you are telling me it can only come by August…

Thank you


@Konstantinos I really like and believe in the idea of V company. I hope you can find a way to fix all your problems and stand in your feet.

I don’t believe that you can send my laptop and I need it. I already lost a lot of time waiting. I already fill the form for refund and I hope you tell me exactly when you will refund my money (you don’t need to manufacture them :wink: :smile: ) . I can’t trust you any more, when we buy our V you have and 2 years guarantee, if you can’t keep your promises about shipping (1st End of March, then April or May, then end of June and now end of August !!! ) how you wait to believe that you keep the promise of guarantee if something going wrong with the V? or I have to wait another 9 months to fix it??? This is and the main reason I want my refund.

If you can’t refund hour money please let us know as soon as possible to dispute our money from our banks …

P.S. Why you make a survey for the refund???

Thank you


Plus I am using my example to tell others who are still waiting. I mean, the way how you respond my question should be a sign for all others. Thanks @Konstantinos


In other news, a Ferrari beats a Prius off the line.


yet again here we are and still I choose to wait on. Please do not dissapoint Konsta, the goal should not be hoping to pull it off by end of August, a mid August delivery would be a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

anything past August and I will regretfully put in a refund request.


I received the email as well, and for the first time I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get the V. If they made a promise to ship by the end of June and didn’t follow through, then why should I believe them when they promise the end of August?

But on the other hand, if I try to get a refund I may be another pebble in an avalanche that sinks the company and ensures that my money will absolutely be wasted.

I think I’ll wait for now, because the cost of trying to get my money back seems greater than the cost of waiting for the computer. I still want the V and I really hope they follow through with delivering it, but I’m less certain that it will happen.


@Konstantinos, so I understand all the issue you are facing of but sorry to say than in my case they are not matters… I mean I am a LB and I have my V since February and I enjoy it, really.
There is no frozen funds about my payments BUT I STILL WAITING FOR ALL MY ACCESSORIES.

So all I am asking is to have a date or at least time frame to receive what I already paid 18 months ago…

Oh, BTW, if the support can answer me, I will be very happy, and FYI you were in copy of my 3 last emails to your support team but still no reply… (request 7387 if you want to check your mailbox)


First, thank you for speaking with us and engaging in dialogue.

What is your system for which units to send out? What is the percentage of orders that weren’t indiegogo?

Also, I request that the team post every time a shipment is made; all I ask for is a number of Vs and to which buyers (indiegogo vs flash sale). It could be nice to see that paired with a kind of progress bar, perhaps broken down into the different types of buyers, that shows the shipment percentage of each.

That is the kind of progress that I (personally) would like to see, rather than very vague, infrequent updates. We are your investors for the time being–I think we deserve the kind of info investors should typically get.