Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


@Lukas_Fikr I am sorry I didn’t look at it yet. We’ll look at it this week and check in with Mozo. When we originally designed the sleeve we did test it out with V and no scratches were caused.

@Franzibul Goodbye. I am very sorry to hear this.


so you cant issue refunds till investors jump in?


From our bank account yes as it would compromise all the people waiting but from our frozen funds it’s possible.


Filled out the survey monkey thing, then went straight to Paypal and started a dispute for refund. This is ridiculous. I wish the V all luck in the future, but I for one, have had enough.


so even if we get a refund, we will probably be waiting as long as we would for the v itself? would that be an accurate assessment of your situation?honestly, your responses are pretty hard to nail down their exact meaning. also, I dont really have much of a reason to trust you.


so you would probably deal with outstanding orders first and once the backlog is cleared then the remaining frozen funds will be issued as refunds? wouldn’t this likely take at least two months, probably longer?


I only have Telegram, I instead sent you a PM via the forum.


@Konstantinos, sad to say I opened my case on 16th of May till now is already more then 1 month + with answer like “Once your item ships though, you will receive a tracking code to follow your order until it reaches you.” Will you even look into it?


So if I wait a couple of weeks and there’s still no good news re actually getting my V could I go the refund route then? Or is there a cut off for when I can actually put in a refund claim? I wouldn’t want to take your word of waiting a few more weeks only to try and get a refund to then be told that I’m out of time for a refund.

Also from the sounds of it refunds would only be issued when the investment is found or funds are unfrozen? Meaning we’d be waiting as long for a refund as to actually get our V?

Just trying to clarify the situation and work out what’s best for me, as even I’m not sure either way at the moment!



Components and other parts needed for production are all in the warehouse, fully paid for, and are ready for assembly as we get more funds unfrozen.

If this is the case, why are folks waiting months for replacement for faulty devices, missing components, missing peripherals?

Also, why is it that the same folks are waiting weeks or months for so much as a response from support. This seems like one thing the support team could be working on while waiting for funds to become unfrozen.


Would this email only go to people that have their order fulfilled, or would this be going to everyone, checked spam and it is not there, going to check my account now to make sure my preferences are set right

Thank you for the update, i can understand what is happening, ans the best of luck for everyone


Will do the very same thing if that promised email/ contact concerning detailed information on refunds doesn’t arrive at the end of this week, because these are all either devious tactics or just blatant incompetence.

And then all we get is some self-help, esoteric pep talk from @Konstantinos about ‘you can do it if you really want’ nonsense.
I pity the fools who still fall for that mumbo jumbo.

Was this past week not long enough to write up an email that gives EveTech’s customers detailed information about how to receive a refund which could have been sent out today?

Did they think they’ll still manage to send out those few two dozen unsatisfied customers (according to some fanboys) that seem now to add up to 35%?

@Konstantinos you asked me about what I think is reasonable? How about a 10% cut off the original purchase price for every deadline you’ve broken so far. We’d be at 30% by now or maybe only 20%? I’d take that.


I’ll get more questions gathered up and get them answered in the morning! Thanks for your questions so far!

On a short note refund option is not time sensitive. So you can opt for it in a month as well if you received an email today and haven’t gotten your V by then.


Compare my questions to his answers. He really doesn’t answer the questions, uses lots of weasel words but gives no real information. Run, run away.
In my country there is a saying. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. A lot of people are on fool me 5 or 6 times.

But they mysteriously never post on this forum.
Glad I did a chargeback.

I think I may continue to hang around. Train wrecks are so much fun.


I got 2 of them, happy now.


You got 2? OooOOHHWEEEEE!!! how did you manage that!? I couldn’t even get one :joy:


Yup… pretty much how all of this is working out now.

The follow up was nice, but, the content was still rather thin. Not that it matters much. I got out while I could.

I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on 1+ yr old tech when much newer and faster was more affordable. Yeah, i spent a bit more to get an extended warranty and coverage EVE could never offer, or even if they did, follow through in a timely manner.

Not having anything after 6+ months was what made me VERY concerned. Getting lied to and constant broken promises is what drove me away.


I want to clarify. Does this mean it is possible for us to request a refund and for you to process that refund and have that refund come out of funds that are held?

If this is true then in theory the refunds should process quickly. It also means requesting a refund should not jeopardize anyone who decides to wait. (For those of us who would prefer Eve not to fail in the long run)




The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 with an 8th generation chip is cheaper than what they are selling old tech for.


One question I have:
If someone who’s fund is ‘unfrozen’ requests a refund via their credit card company, would that reduce the amount of unfrozen funds?