Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


Here is a suggestion to help rebuild trust from the community and avoid additional angry customers.

  1. Update your terms/conditions to allow customers to recoup/recover funds if nothing is shipped out in a specific time frame. Consider this a “good faith” effort on your part.
  2. Update your web page to reflect the current backlog/wait times. Everyone agrees, it is VERY misleading to promote “V computer now available”, when that is most certainly not the truth. It should clearly state the fact that back orders will not be shipped prior to end of August (2018).

Start with some honesty for once. Everything else is just a lie at this point.


As my old man used to say… an apology without a change means fuck all. With no commitment to what you are going to do in future that’s different to the past, they are just empty words.

Why is your company communication so lax? Why can’t your support answer emails? Frozen funds can’t be stopping replacement hardware being shipped or emails being sent. Keep people informed, even if its bad news, and it won’t breed such negativity.


That assumes they will be in biz long enough to properly engineer and source components.

Delivery would be based on current threshold, which is well beyond 9 months after ordering. And at prices that are not very competitive.


I really don’t know.

Maybe they will just throw the towel and say goodbye.

Or maybe they will learn a lot and survive through this, shorten the time of engineering and prepare to overcome the possible challenge of their financial.

I just suggest to them if they survive and send me my V first…



Cold hard facts… it is surprising that nothing in the “update” addressed the issue of refunds for CUSTOMERS. Just a survey.

Many will read this as ANOTHER deadline/promise that was broken.


A refund form on Survey Monkey???


Good point. We still don’t know specific and estimates are pointless now. Timelines would appear to be in years/decades vs. weeks/months.



I could go in verbose detail on how vindictive this whole affair has made me, instead riddle me this:

After the experience I had personally, after what I saw from kickstarter backers that haven’t recieved repairs or accessories in a timely manner, if not still waiting, Why should I stick with you when the support and the customer experience is left wanting?. If I received my V and it was a brick or didn’t have the accessories that I paid for, how long would i have to wait to get this rectified?

Because from what i saw it’s not very promising, sure we buy the product but we stay for the support.


Exactly is the August estimate more of a definite? Or just an estimate? Or will this become September, then October and so on?

I’d like to know before I fill out the refund survey how long it’ll probably take to get my money back, if we’ll be waiting a similar time to when we’d actually get our V then I’ll probably just stick with the V and wait, if it’d be in the region of a couple of weeks to a month, then sadly I’ll probably go for the refund and maybe try the updated V (if they do release an updated version down the line) in the future as I do love the look of the V, it really does seem like an ideal device for someone in my position but currently my £1160 (roughly) is sat there doing nothing, at least getting it back and investing in another device would allow me to actually use my investment.


@Konstantinos Can you please let the community know how you determine when a particular order gets processed? I am assuming that there isn’t a hat containing strips of paper with our order numbers and that you’re not grabbing a handful to work on everyday :slight_smile: I received the email stating end of August for estimated shipment… is that an all encompassing estimate? All 35% of orders will be fulfilled by end of August?


They didn’t lol…


@Konstantinos - if I were you - I’d fire my own arse …!!.

You fail to answer questions - and the ones you try and answer leave very obvious follow up questions …

Lost the will to live …

Your marketing message is amazing - i bought into it - you just need some of the skills needed to keep everyone convinced.



@bfuentes Last time Vs were shipped was a week ago. As of now we have fulfilled 65% percent of all orders. I would like to emphasize that we have all of the components needed for production in the warehouse and we have some of the devices assembled. Before the investment hits our bank account we will keep doing the same thing as before. Get manufacturer ship some devices -> get funds unfrozen -> repeat. Ultimately it comes down to how much risk the manufacturer can afford to bear at this point. But we’ve made some progress here.
We have capital to manufacture and refund. A lot of it is frozen. We will send out refund instruction by email but refunds will be coming out of the frozen funds.I don’t think more funds can be frozen. Only more of them can be unfrozen as we are trying to use all the funds as efficiently as possible. We are in the final stages with the investment as well so it will change things up quite a bit.

@Robbo-92 Thanks! Your attitude is really appreciated!
To be honest the answer is depends. We keep shipping Vs steadily. In case if the investment arrives it would dramatically speed up the process as it would provided needed intermediary funding. I recommend you wait for the newsletter we are sending out now with shipping estimator. We have the most conservative timeline in there. Situation with timelines changes weekly as based on the amount of units we get shipped from the manufacturer different amount of funds get unfrozen.

What I am hoping for is that in 1-2 weeks from now I’ll post an update saying how awesome situation is and that we have received an investment and all of the outstanding orders get shipped within 2 weeks. (we are really far in the discussions with investors they understand our situation which is common for hardware startups). My best advice would be to wait few weeks. It might be too much to ask but situation can change dramatically for better any moment. (not worse really :slight_smile: )

@Dragonixjin thanks. We will work something out in the long run. We want to compensate people for all of the delay! As for the outdated part I agree that V took a lot of time to deliver and its our fault fully. Good news here is that Core Y CPUs we use in V are the latest and there doesnt seem to be a drastic improvement coming to Y series CPUs from the roadmap. In other terms V has flagship specs I think. SSD, Display, Thunderbolt 3 and other features will be top notch for the future. I am just saying that from our perspective we don’t see any major tech coming based on the road maps.

As for the refunds it depends on your payment method. We will be using frozen funds for the refund. Please wait out for the newsletter that is to come out any moment.

@lingnan I get your point buddy. We are not any more cornered than we were in April when we explained our situation to the community. The main issue has been that we have shipped quite a lot of Vs according to our estimator but investment i still taking few more weeks. Shipping estimates we have are completely reasonable on the website as some people have cancelled their orders and we have some spare Vs. Plus it helps us out to ship out additional orders as payment processors get more funds in.

Anyways I have to say you are a great guy and I read some of your comments in the forum before. I am sorry I haven’t answered them previously. We had an idea to take away customer centric discussions in the community as oftentimes community discussion can be misleading. My excuse was all of those supplier/investor meetings to get more Vs shipped. Point of this paragraph is to say sorry. There is no easy way to say it I guess. We are very committed and we will make it right. We learned our lessons and know what to look out for the future but we needed to make these mistakes to learn.

@Phil our main challenge is that once people get their Vs they get away from the forum immediately:) Quite a lot of people got their Vs according to the shipping estimators but then we couldn’t ensure it for everyone. This time we’ve put the most conservative estimate out there.

@kel sorry I forgot your planet. I-got-my-V-but-there’s-issue planet exists. We are doing our best to get any issues fixed. As for the accessories sales opening it requires us take away some of the focus in terms of available funds towards it and we won’t open the accessory sales unless we receive the investment or more orders are fulfilled. We want to open it as soon as possible. As for your keyboard sorry to hear that! Can you mail me your issue to

@GerTomB What do you think would be reasonable? we want to come up with something reasonable in the long run.

As for the shipping costs they will be much lower for smaller items. We don’t have the rates for them live yet in the store as we are not selling anything without the V.

@Team_Hennessey I tried to change my wedding date but Alissa wouldn’t let me. I tried few times. Ill make sure it has lowest impact on daily business! As for the guarantee of the refund by waiting your changes don’t decrease as funds are anyway frozen. The only chance that increases is of you getting your V as we get more funds unfrozen. We are sure that we will ship your V out and its a question of time. But of course we don’t want you to wait any longer. And when I place myself to your shoes I feel super bad… Sorry man! We will work it out!

@Nirut, Thanks for compassion buddy. Customers who have no shipping estimator should write in to support and we will put it in place. We have them in our ERP system but sometimes there is an error in the code in our website that comes due to the conflict of tokens. What I am trying to say is that we got those people order and it will be shipped out but to see the estimation they would need to contact the support so we could update their tokens

All cusotmers should get V’s by the end of Aug. We wanted to keep the estimate as conservative as possible.

@Darkgable IWe are down to top 1 now. We can’t disclose the name yet. But we are in the final stages of Due Diligence stage. That’s why we are expecting for the investment any moment

@Erater they are the most conservative dates we could make. We really hope to ship faster! Refund process is not for a limited time you can ask for a refund as long as you ordered your V before 4th of April. No matter what happens we will be working on providing you a V or a refund despite what you will choose.

@Victoriys thanks for the summary.

@anon68415131 Your money are frozen. I am very sorry to hear how you feel. I will make sure your family hard earned money does not go to waste. Your frustration is justified.

@ownerer we will focus on providing the refunds from the funds we have frozen. We can’t access them before we ship but our customers can. We will send detailed info once you fill in the survey and we identify what payment option you used as a customer.

@mneimeyer thanks bud. Claiming refund today or 2 month from now won’t affect anything (apart from you having the V by then:) ) Refunds will be issued from the frozen funds. We will send out detailed instructions in the email

@TheDestiny if there is a delay to few people its cause by the same reason. For us it’s the choice we make daily of whether to ship V to a new customer or to issue a refund.

@tenkay We are not forgetting/ ignoring you! Guys I think about you guys every night. We will provide you a workable solution as soon possible. I know we said it before but please have trust in my words we have a clear plan internally how to make sure everyone get’s what they want!

@Dragonixjin looking to hear your suggestions on the compensation. As for the survey it helps us track the amount of refunds better.

@anon34487383 Good point! We’ll bring it out with our next team meeting this week!

@Fred I understand what you are saying. I get the point of frequent communications. We will work on improving. Only commitment I can give now is this post and my word. We are in this for a good cause and we expect to have difficulties!

@roy2882 yes we host it on SurveyMonkey as it’s pretty good. We would have to pay 500 USD more a month to get fully custom branding. We don’t really need it. We are fine in having it say SurveyMonkey instead of Eve.

@Dascotis I hear you. It’s your choice in the end of the day. All I can say is that today in community you can see only the issues. Majority of Eve customers are happy and get responses in time. Some people don’t. It’s our fault and we will fix it up. I don’t want to “convert you” to believe in Eve. All I am saying is that if you read those press reviews and customer reviews they paint a picture what owning Eve V is like pretty well! For example here you can find a bunch of them: [SPOILERS!] Official Collection of Eve V reviews Wiki

@anon68415131 once again. Frustration understood. I am sorry to hear it.


Thanks - If you sent something like that once a week I think we would all be with you …


take care and look after yourselves


@Konstantinos okay let me be alter the question: how long would it take to get repairs or missing assecories and how active is that part of support, as in cases being resolved, been recently?


You most likely already sent out the V, that i sent back for a refund, after a factory reset and proper repackaging as it was in perfect condition. Still I have yet to receive a refund.


Thanks @anon68415131! We’ll work on it! You can’t imagine how much your response is appreciated! Thank you!

@Dascotis to be 100% honest it really depends. In some cases customers get V fixed up and replaced within a week time. Few customers had to wait substantially longer. What I am trying to say is that if you ordered a V most likely you won’t have any issues with it as our QC team caught them if you do get issues with your V most likely you will get them fixed in around 2 weeks (replacement) in some unfortunate cases it might take more than a month. We try to make sure that never happens. What I am trying to say is that most likely everything will be fine with your V and if there is a problem it will be easily fixable!

@TheDestiny can you PM me in what’s app and i’ll look into your case. I didn’t know you have shipped your V back. I’ll have a look!


How are news about faulty design on Mozo magnetic sleeve (pen scratching V), you promised reply couple month ago?


I just received your email postponing again the shipping of my item…to end of august…Are you kidding me… It’s been 7 month since à I bough this item… Even the wort chinese compagny would have send my item by now…
Why would I beleive you? I think in august I will received an other email telling me that shipping will be in september…
You are only good has your word, but now your word means Nothing… You not able to deliver…

I am sad to say it but this is the end. I’m Calling Visa tomorrow to make sure that Eve compagny won’t be able to charge my credit card anymore and for ever.

Sadly goodbuy