Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


Thanks for the info.

About another 2 months, I think I will wait, already wait for like 7 months already.

If they keep the promise…


Neither this update not the email answers any of the important questions, some have already been asked here but here are two that concern me:

  • Why will it take another two months for the reading few 35% to be delivered when it’s ture as your email states that you have all the components in you’re warehouse and can we trust that estimate this time?
  • I’ve filled in the the refund form, but how long will it take to get the money back?
  • After the form was filled in it said that you’ll get back to us this week. Do you honestly think you’ll manage to do that?
  • It only talked about canceling the order and never a word about receiving back the full price paid, including the never used shopping fees? please urgently affirm that all of this will be a given or else people will have to go the ccc route.


Hi - thanks for the update. I am willing to take your explanations for real because I still consider the Eve-project to be ground breaking in many respects .
But please provide us asap with meaningful and reliable data concerning the shipping of the prepaid V’ s


Zero confidence the money will be refunded - zero confidence I will get these V’s if they exist.

I hope you happy that my families hard earned money is letting you play this shitty game with us.

Everything you have said in eveyr update is too late - you knew all of this way before your informing us.



I really appreciate sharing this info.

End of August is too late for many (I bailed when they sent out “end of June”). Was there any info on refunds for those still waiting?


Just received the email.
However there is very little information about how the refund process will work, what to expect and what assurances you can give the ones who would like a refund that you will be able to do so in a timely fashion.

Honestly, I don’t see how you could refund any sooner than you could produce and ship the Vs? Seeing as you don’t have funds…
Please do elaborate in case I’m missing something here.

I would love to get my V man and remain sympathetic to your hardships. Unfortunately time is simply up for me as an August delivery is too late.


I’m really sorry but I think I will have to ask for a refund.
I wouldn’t if I wanted a new device, but I need one. This slight difference makes me have this decision, which I will fulfill tonight.
Now what I want to ask is, how does the refund process works? How much time before the funds are given back to the customers who ask for them?


I agree, if we’ll be waiting until the end of August to get our refund we may as well just wait and get the Eve V right?


And at the end of August they will postpone delivery/refunds till October … And “show” will go on and on …


The refund process/timeline is also my question. I don’t want to “hurt” Eve by doing a chargeback because I do, still, believe in the “dream”. But I’m pondering if that should be MY dream anymore. @Konstantinos any more details on how that will work?


@Konstantinos When can the ppl. that ordered during the IGG campaign and opted for a refund expect that very refund to arrive at their accounts ?

The last promise was by the end of June.


Did they specify which year?


@Konstantinos @Team can you stop not updating, ignoring, forgetting, whatever it is the people who returned Vs and are waiting for a refund including HEBs. What are we waiting for at this point? Better not be for you to send out the Vs you have in the warehouse.


I’m sorry to be that guy but this needs to be said. Konsta this isn’t a real update. the ONLY new information is the 65% orders fulfilled.

  • We have been successfully shipping Vs according to customers’ estimators. As of now, 65% of orders are fulfilled. so in other words we cant currently honour 35% of orders

  • We will keep shipping Vs at a steady pace as more funds get unfrozen. Shipping estimators will be updated to reflect the latest schedule. what is the schedule? end of August? how is this estimated?

  • Components and other parts needed for production are all in the warehouse, fully paid for, and are ready for assembly as we get more funds unfrozen. how many devices (as a % of the remaining devices) can you assemble each time funds are unfrozen and how long does it take to ship the batch for the next unfreezing?

  • We have promised you to provide a refund option in case if your V has not been shipped by the end of June. how long will it take for refunds to be honored? if the answer is two months then I think we have a serious problem because that means you guys have run out of money and are basically waiting for an investor to bail you out. hence you cant honor refunds.

Goodwill will only get you so far, Indegogo backers suffered through waits because they knew what they were getting into, December buyers are customers, you cannot expect them to wait another two months when you took their money 7 months ago


Feelsbad, after waiting 7 months just got emailed saying I need to wait 2 more. Applied to cancel my order. I hope to be a customer in the future when things are steady, best of luck.


to all who are reading this:
I will go less and less on the FORUM.
I understand fully people getting frustrated.
But I am getting VERY frustrated with negative comments.
I know that EVE team probably COULD have done things better in the beginning. We are where we are.
I only will go anymore to look for updates.
I only hope that EVE is not drowning but getting the upper hand of their business some day… (I am not saying this b/c of my order, of course I want my V to be shipped, but I am saying this b/c I would find it sad…)


@Konstantinos @Mike @Valeriya



Sorry Konsta,

May I ask the end of August means every customers of December 4th flash sales will get their V?

Thank you anyway.



thanks for the update… finally…

What kind of compensation will you guys provide with this issue since the V is pretty much outdated
when it ship on august? surely not with $50 credit… lol
You mentioned about compensation last time.

As for refund, how long the ACTUAL REFUND will be processed? All i see from the email is another freaking survey… lol… is this another way of scam???


I would suggest eve to give everyone a discount for 25% for next generation.