Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


September seems like forever I want my money back so I can put all this to rest. Really hard to understand that you guys got my money frozen for 10 months for a product that was supposed to be shipped in 2-3 months tops.

I guess I’ll just have to wait it out.


@Konstantinos, just received the notification that refunds are delayed for the second time. Now with even more months above.

Overall, the waiting months would become 5 at the end of September! Even that new time frame is now not to be taken serious any longer!

As there was mentioned taking frozen capital for each refund. I am sure the accountants at Eve Tech have already assigned internally a certain “frozen captial ID” with a certain “customer ID that waits for a refund”.

There is also an internal time frame for shipping new products. As was mentioned:

new products get shipped = funds get unfrozen = refunds send to waiting customers

Please, provide each of us personally with the approximate dates for getting refunded. Saying plainly, by “The End of September” sounds again vague and not serious!

Thank you in advance!


Is there any new information? You have been working on financials for 3 months now, and in my experience, you should have had an update for us about whether one of the 3 investors is working out for you? It would make us all much happier if you would push your lawyers on document review a little harder to give us these reports a little sooner than bi-monthly. $1600+USD is a significant expense, and most of us who made that investment in your company would have liked to get the devices or some information, as your shipping states August, and that is less than 1 month away. Shipping is in August, how long will that take? 1 week, 6 weeks? For the high shipping cost that you added to the cost of the tablet, it should only take 1 week or less, can you answer that?


Historically, shipping took EVE anything between one week to over one month …


I bought a Surface yesterday as I’m desperate for a work laptop - Imagine my surprise when it arrived today :exploding_head:

Enjoy my families money @Konstantinos - I’m sure your company needs it more than my family …


Hi Kel

I’m also in the “waiting for a replacement keyboard under warranty” camp. After three months of being ignored, I received a boiler-plate apology for the lateness of my V. After another week of hassling support asking if my UK keyboard to be scheduled, I got another vague response. So, I still have no idea if anything is heading my way.

I would be quite happy to order a new keyboard as a spare if the web store was open.




I may be late to the party on this but,

It sounds like all the components are in-house but they cannot be assembled until your tier 2 suppliers are paid?

I’m not positive about the definitions of your Eve-V sub-assemblies but wouldn’t it be possible to open the web store and allow the sale of accessories (incomplete assemblies::: or at least should have more profit per unit) to supplement some of those frozen funds and also take care of numerous warranty issues in the short run and issue a rebate following the impending fingers crossed investment?

Hope all is going well, can’t wait to get the EVE!


I read update and all comments and I am wondering why no one is mentioning this.

If Konstantinos told that 65 percent of all orders have been send - why funds are still frozen? Like why there is a problem with no money if most of the orders sent ? Banks should unlock them and company should have plenty of money after sending most of the orders. I don’t believe that bank unfrozen like 500$ a day or so. If you show a bank your full ability of sending most of your stock all the rest money should be back already in their hands, am I wrong ?

July 6th Update 2018