Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


Not really. My inquiry was sent to Support more than 3 months ago already.

So I guess I would like to know if my only hope, now that you decided to de-locate even more assets from the support (which was already totally overwhelmed), that I will have to wait 3 months more before even getting an answer from support probably stating “to wait even more months more”.
To summarize: do I have a chance to get the kickstand replacement before the end of next year xD

The fact that you are not answering on how many people work full time for support is very worrisome in that sens.


I recommend you contact support for that so they take a note !


Just initiated chargeback investigation with my CC.

And just as I thought, after some push, the initial ‘making it sound like refund will come soon so people are less unhappy’ has become what? END OF SEPTEMBER + TWO repeated survey forms to sway people who still cannot decide. Oh and that seems to work because now people are already saying: “ah given refund comes later so I’ll wait for my device then, great”.

Except I’m not going to be that naive, not anymore.

And the specs of V is nothing compared with competitors now.


I wouldn’t count for any driver update with all these issues. I’m waiting for the fix to use LeftShift+Fn+ArrowLeft/Right to select to Home/End of the line since months :frowning:

Again, sounds like a Ponzi Scheme - a refund for a store which can actually not deliver anything in a reasonable time including even more credits if you decide to not have your money back. Oh I forgot, you can only deliver units when new funds come in :see_no_evil:

Well, they might take a note but currently it seems nobody at the support can solve anything :frowning: See post above. It bugs me like hell that devices are shipped out while other users still have to wait for repaired devices.

You are telling upset customers that they should wait for a refund just another 3 months so that currently frozen funds are not used up for direct refund, but can be used to produce more units and thus buy again little more time for Eve. However noble that is for still waiting customers, all the upset ones who don’t realize that they might easily file a refund with their banking companies instead of Eve directly are effectively paying for that (in interest rates). And even further, they are taking the additional risk if Eve is going down.
After all these hard weeks/months/years - with hard learning for both sides - you are still playing with your customers like that? God damn, I’m finally out of here - even if I would need support it seems I am much better repairing it on my own than sending you that piece of filthy fraud.

Very sad!


very eager to hear more about the lead investor. Getting investors on board is the only feasible solution I see to get your working capital problem solved in the near future which in turn could be a plausible way to shorten my waiting time - so please keep us updated on your investor relations.


This is the part that is so difficult to justify. 60+ days to get a refund is well outside the industry norms.

The terms/conditions of the purchase agreement give customer very little encouragement in continuing to do business with EVE.


Are you joking ??? This is how you justify 4 months waiting without any answer from your support team including you???

Be serious and give me a real estimate to ship my accessories!!!

July 6th Update 2018

Check this out, and it would be great to write there if you all have more tips and tricks…

From my experience, it manages to get 3x the SP4 and rMBP15 on similar use cases, thats good enough in my book,

Thats why the other options exist. Of course it would be disastrous if everybody is asking for refund. Theyre banking on the estimation that only a small portion would actually ask for a refund because lets be honest, 200 is a large sum of money, its easily 20% off the base model. Otherwise, the other option exist if you would rather get you money back in cash.


I was waiting for such an update, honestly it doesn’t add any new information, but an apology is always welcome. I’m an early bird backer and I’ve got a ticket opened with support (faulty keyboard) from months, no answer. Is this the right moment for opening a new one? Up to now I’ve used my V as a tablet and I’ve enjoyed it a lot, it hasn’t any major issue, but I’d really love to use all V potential and without a KB that’s not possible.


I feel you man, exactly the same here. I have an awesome tablet which I love but with a functional keyboard it would be even better.
Support cannot give clear dates for a replacement. Waiting since February…


Add me to that list. No working keyboard since march and no word from support for over a month


now i am waiting for my money. I opt in for order canceling. i bought a surface at the end of April and i love it.


All the emphasizing on Fortress in the mails and questionnaires is very suspect. It is by all means European law and nothing else.


After two questionnaires and one mail tof cancellation the status of my order has not been changed. Great organisational efforts!


Emphasising that payments were made to Fortress avoids refunds being denied due to providing incorrect information.

Though the questionnaires ensure that all customer decisions about their order are organised in a single place, each entry does still need to be processed manually by our support team. This does not happen instantly, and we prefer it happens correctly.


Dear @Helios, how can I file a refund request? I have been checking email, but no such email reached me.



Did you receive an email that was received on Tuesday (at least that’s when I got mine). In that email you should have received instruction to go to the link where you can do refund.


Lukas will lose his damn nipples if everyone but him has an engraving. Lol.


If you were supposed to receive the e-mail but did not, please check your spam folder, the mails sometimes end up in there. If that’s not the solution, you can contact our support team through the contact form on our website. They will be able to look into the details and make sure you get the right information.


Oh look, HEB refunds are now also on the September time line instead of June. Fantastic, why does your company even use the word promise @Konstantinos @Mike - at this point my only good wishes are for this to exist long enough for someone to get money back.