Dear Eve people, this is where we stand


Dear Eve People,

This update is for you. In this post I’ll go into more depth of what has been happening behind the scenes and why some of you have had a terrible experience with us.

But before I jump into the details, here is a very short version for those of you who don’t have time, are not in the mood, or are not so interested in reading the whole thing:

Current situation as short as possible:

As you might know, back in April we shared with you that our main shipping bottleneck issues were caused by funds frozen in payment processors. We expected some funds to be frozen, but not in the amount that actually got withheld. The agreement we reached with our payment vendors was that as we ship devices out and provide tracking numbers, more funds get unfrozen to us. Frozen funds dramatically decreased the speed of production and shipments. As a result we have been shipping Vs out but at a slow rate. In short, your funds are not lost but frozen.

In the meantime, we have also started looking for external funding to provide working capital and avoid problems with frozen funds once and for all. We have had a lot of investor meetings and now we are in final stages of the discussion with them.

That was a quick recap, so now let’s look at the current situation:

  • We have been successfully shipping Vs according to customers’ estimators. As of now, 65% of orders are fulfilled.

  • We will keep shipping Vs at a steady pace as more funds get unfrozen. Shipping estimators will be updated to reflect the latest schedule.

  • Components and other parts needed for production are all in the warehouse, fully paid for, and are ready for assembly as we get more funds unfrozen.

  • We have promised you to provide a refund option in case if your V has not been shipped by the end of June

We understand that some of you may be frustrated with the delays and our slow support responses. We are very sorry.

To those whose Vs have not been shipped yet we will send out an email newsletter with the latest schedule and information about the refund.

Now the longer answer:

First of all, we understand how bad you must feel about our delay and slow support responses. We are very sorry. Your frustrations and justified anger over the situation, dominating our community lately makes all the sense in the world. The fact that we have not fulfilled our promises in terms of delivery to some of you, justifies anything you have to say towards us. I can’t emphasize it enough, we feel it and we are incredibly, straight-from-the-heart sorry. I feel and I am responsible for all of this. I don’t want to run into excuses why this or that mistake was made as no explanation will justify you not having your V yet. I want you to know that I take every responsibility for this. I am working with payment processors and partners daily, to get each and every V shipped.

Every time a once super enthusiastic buyer (Let’s call him Sam) turns into a frustrated one, I keep thinking about him. How can I get the V to Sam? How can I help Sam? You are all a Sam to me and we are not gonna let you down.

At times, community and our customers (not people but rather the expectations we’ve set of ourselves) have been the source of the worst and darkest moments of my life. Three-quarters of my insides were frozen solid when I learned about screens not making to the warehouse while all of the components were ready for production. Being radio silent at times when we didn’t understand what just happened ourselves, being ready to ship out to flash sale buyers and finding out that bulk of funds got frozen up, not fulfilling promises we made— have been a source of anguish for us. Depending on other partners for shipping Vs to you is the worst thing that can happen as we don’t have much control over it. And we are sorry for this!

At times, most of the times, our community, our customers were the source of the best, most joyful and meaningful moments of my life—seeing the community grow from 5 to 8000+ plus members, breaking crowdfunding world record as fastest campaign to reach 100k USD across any platform, community meetups. Oh the community meetups! Those are absolutely the best. Seeing people from all walks of life passionate about the product our team has created.

Our community is family to our team. (Community was first to know I am getting married after my parents and best-man) Some community members are even making it to my wedding.

I realize that I suck at these posts, and instead of trying to find excuses, what I am trying to show is that our
honest intentions are to do everything we can for you!

I know that in terms of customer experience and other aspects we are not yet on par with Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. We are improving. The point is, you get to define us! Every wild idea you have, every support request you write shapes our team!

Today your support means more than ever. Hopefully this update we are writing today shows that we deeply care for each one of you and we have only the best intentions.
We’ve spent more than 4 years building Eve. All of you mean a lot to us! We literally live for this and we are very committed for delivery of what you deserve.

Some people live on Planet I-got-my-V-and-I-love-it. Some live on Planet My-V-Hasn’t-Shipped. No matter what planet you are from, my message to you is this:

Our funds maybe be frozen, there may be delays,and yet… and yet we will prevail. We be will making the best products out there with amazing community of ours. Why? Because we LOVE what we do. And we LOVE our people! We are committed. None of the responsibility is on you. It’s all on us! We deeply care about you folks even if it doesn’t show at times because of the fast pace of our business. We will make it right. This is our promise to you! It will take time, there will be bumps and mistakes ahead but every community member and customer of Eve will eventually get what he/she deserves!

July 6th Update 2018
Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers


Thanks for this update. :slight_smile:


Happy to answer questions now. I know I haven’t been answering them lately. Truly this is because most of the time is spent getting funds unfrozen and Vs shipped.


Thanks for the update Konsta!
When are you sending out the emails?


When was the last time V’s were shipped? How many? How many have been shipped in total? How many outstanding orders are there? When will people with defective V’s get the refund that was promised or a working V?

How are you going to provide refunds when you do not have the capital to manufacture product? What is your business plan when more funds are withheld because their are more chargebacks because you are not providing refunds in a timely manner?


We are putting it up together right now. You will get it in 30min - 1 hour. It takes time for Mailchimp sometimes.


Firstly, thank you for the in depth update! :slightly_smiling_face:

Secondly, realistically speaking, if I were to stick with you guys and the fantastic looking device you’ve made how long would I actually be looking for delivery? A couple of weeks? A couple more months? Carrying on from this if I don’t want to wait for my V how would I get a refund if the funds are currently frozen, hence the lack of shipments and V’s being produced. Would that mean I’d be waiting a similar length of time for my refund as to waiting for the V?

Hopefully you can answer, once again thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update, its been somewhat depressing lurking on the community forum. So the obvious question is what is the next delivery estimate?


thanks for the update… finally…

What kind of compensation will you guys provide with this issue since the V is pretty much outdated
when it ship on august? surely not with $50 credit… lol
You mentioned about compensation last time.

As for refund, how long the ACTUAL REFUND will be processed? All i see from the email is another freaking survey… lol… is this another way of scam???


@Konstantinos The message of apology is appreciated, but it could have been there long ago for what has happened - not only when you are forced into the corner and have no other straws, you know?

Can you explain why you are still selling tablets that you can’t deliver on your webstore with absolute impossible shipping estimates? It is sickening.


When you send out a revised estimate to buyers, why should buyers believe that estimate any more than the June one that was missed, or the promises before that were missed? i.e. Can you provide any assurances that the next estimate will actually be met

Also, does the 65% fulfilment include indiegogo orders?


Hi @Konstantinos ,

Glad to hear from you. I come from the

I-got-my-V-but-there’s-issue planet.

I just need to replace my enter key that is loose…

And buy some accessories.

Are there any schedule for opening the accessory store?


How will we, the 35%, be compensated for this additional wait if we don’t opt for the refund? And please don’t offer us another voucher for a shop that doesn’t deliver and where the delivery costs are way too high in order to receive a microfiber cloth or cable.


Seriously you are telling us you haven’t cancelled the wedding!!!??? (Joke :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

I’m sure many of us understand the problems you have had and truly want this to work. I’m happy to sit it out a little longer, but I think the main concern for myself is the risk that my £1200+ will be lost. I am a start up company myself and I am having to borrow various PC’s from family members and use very old android devices which doesn’t run the software I need for my line of work. I need powerful machine to run Sound prediction software and a low spec PC is taking hours and hours of my time up.

I really hope this is now only a matter of days / weeks to wait?


Hi Konsta!

It must be really nerve wrecking with all the problems pour together and blended into some horrifying monster labeled as dissatisfied customer. :japanese_ogre:

I hope you can make it through in short time.

However, what happened to some of the customers which have no even the delivery estimator?

Will they need to help themselves and ask with the support weekly? Monthly?


A refund would be great.


Hiya Konstantinos, thanks for the update. Maybe not the update I was expecting but an update never the less.

Just the one question here, what state are you at with the final 3 investors?

ps. All the best for the wedding.


@Konstantinos the new estimated dates for shipping are they fix now??
And does the refound process is just for a limited time?? Like in the next 2 weeks or opened till shipping??


Offtopic: Errr… The Eve V isn’t exactly powerful. Getting a refurbished Dell Optiplex with an i7 CPU or something similar would be only a couple of hundred pounds and should outperform the Eve V by huge amount:

I don’t know what resources the sound prediction software uses but if it’s mostly CPU, then I would get consider getting something with a beefier CPU.


For those who didn’t receive an email.

I received it.

It says end of August.

Your choice what to do now, fellows