Dead pixel warranty


So my V has turned up… :smiley: Not to spoil anything but the opening experience was great.

Love the build quality, everything felt great. Pressed the power button then reality struck, a stuck pixel glaring out of the black background… :disappointed:

The screen bleeding not too bad, but eyes just dragged to that pixel! What is the limit on stuck pixels for an exchange? It’s ok on a coloured screen, but I know it’s there.


look around online for those self-remedy for stuck/dead pixels first, might save you the time sending the V back and waiting for another one

AFAIK HP Dell and others seems to have a “No More Than 3” policy, unless they specified No Dead Pixels


Same thing I do have dead pixel as well.


That sure is a shame! Especially when the display itself is in general considered to be great! Are these fixable by software etc.? (I have no idea). This kind of problem seems expensive for eve-tech to fix. :confused:


If it’s a ‘stuck’ pixel it sometimes can be, also sometimes just pressing on the screen can fix it. I don’t think dead pixels come back to life, and knowing the difference can be tricky.

There’s also this website to help with finding dead pixels, though I’m not sure how good it is.


Well, its written on the website

5 529 600 PIXELS

Since you got one less, I think it counts as false advertising if they didn’t honor your exchange. But either way, you have 14 days (?) return window.


I like that quote … since the time that LCD came on the market … I’ve never had a monitor or laptop with a dead pixel … ever … regardless of the age of the machine … I have a 8 year old monitor with no dead pixels (Full HD) and also a 10 year old Dell Studio 1735 with no dead pixels (also Full HD)

I’d return it.


On anything but a totally black screen you can’t see it and part of me wants to get it exchanged. But then the other part thinks if you do notice it then it looks no worse than a piece of dust and doesn’t want to a: go through all the hassle of returning it and b: be without it for a week or two…

I’ve but in a support ticket so I’ll see what the outcome of that is and go from there!


You didn’t have it for nearly a year … so I doubt that an additional week or two would actually matter :slight_smile:


Joining the dead / stuck pixels group: